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  1. fuck. i was having a great day, now this.
  2. ok, im freaking out here. just got back from a concert last night.. recorded the show (Hi-MD disc, PCM mode), and everything came out fine. tried to erase the first track (just misc. crowd noise) and accidentaly pressed "ALL ERASE".. now the whole disc is wiped! it hasnt been reformatted, so ive heard that the information can be retrieved. is this true? if so, how?? PLEASE let me know as this was an important show for me and i'd really hate to have lost it.
  3. after i posted this, i tried marcnet's program, worked like a charm! thanks
  4. uploading via my usb (ss 3.0) went fine, but on the last track it would not let me save it as a .wav file?? what can i do to fix this???
  5. ok, so i recorded a gig on my nh800 tonight. i was going through, editing the annoying trackmarks, and i came to one that will not me remove the mark? it just so happens at this time in the recording, my mic was unplugged from the unit. when the new track starts (the one that wont let me remove the mark), i had just re-plugged it in. could this be the reason for the error? if so, why does it do this?
  6. ok, thanks.. well, is there a general time (ie: around 3 hrs, etc) i'd be using Hi-MD discs, brand new from the wrapper
  7. how long can you record in PCM mode on the hi-md w/ one AA battery (2200 mah) ?
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