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  1. Price drop! NH900 + accessories now $250AUD.
  2. I sold a player to whatsleftofj, all went smoothly. A good communicator and speedy payer, I look forward to dealing with him again!
  3. I sold a remote to indeego. Excellent communication and prompt payment meant a very smooth transaction. I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
  4. Sold a player to Jflaco1. A great buyer, top communication and prompt payment. I would deal with him again anyday.
  5. Well, I'm relocating overseas this year and so I'm downsizing all my possessions. Unfortunately that means my MD gear has to go. NH900 still to go! Now includes Sennheiser PX200 headphones. 1 MZ-EH1 + accessories - SOLD1 MZ-NH900 + accessories - $250AUD1 MZ-E10 + accessories - SOLD1 RM-MC40ELK (never used) - SOLD123 assorted blanks + 2 prerecorded - SOLD Prices do not include shipping - send me a PM for a quote. Payment by Paypal or optional bank deposit if you're in Australia. MZ-NH900 Specs on the unit can be found here. What it comes with: MZ-NH900RM-MC38EL remoteAA battery holderCharging cradleAC Adapter (Australian style, 240v)USB cableTOSlink <-> TOSlink optical cableTOSlink <-> mini (3.5mm) optical cableECM-DS70P stereo mic (+ manual)Carry pouchManual Also includes Sennheiser PX200 headphones, excellent condition and perfect working order. In travel hardcase. This is a seriously great recorder. The addon AA battery holder means you can get some really long runtime out of it. It's also no slouch as a player, and I used it as such before I got my EH1. Same amp as the EH1/NH1 etc. Good condition, there are very minor wear marks on the label on the back of the unit and a small patch of paint has worn off the corner of the battery door. Works perfectly. Click for larger images.
  6. Woohoo cheap discs!! If only they were the blue ones... Any news of if/when we're getting them, secret Sony spy?
  7. So we buy an iPod, run the battery on lots and lots of shallow cycles so it only has about 30 minutes playtime when fully charged, load some songs on it and send it Mr Howard. 2 months later we send him a brand new RH-10 with some pre-recorded discs, and 2 brand new high capacity batteries
  8. Ok, someone go do a double blind test. Don't forget to test it without any cable attached at all. That way we'll get a fair and even response In all seriousness, I think the differences are more practical than anything else. For instance, coaxial can go round sharp corners without damage easier than optical. And you could run optical cable a lot further than coaxial for the equivilent signal loss, but that would only start to occur once you had cable runs of several kilometres. Meh, just enjoy the music
  9. Sony might be implementing this feature, who knows. If they don't, once someone get linux going on the PS3 (which should be about a week after it is released ), then once someone cracks atrac and maked a general purpose driver for MD units, then possibly. Or if it runs windows, like the XBox (probably not likely), then maybe some clever fellow will be able to get a haced up version of SS running on it as-is
  10. I guess it's all a matter of what you're going to be doing the most. As far as I see it, the RH10 is slightly better as a recorder (better on-unit controls, better battery life) while the NH1 is slightly better as a player (smaller, more remote orientated). If you hate remotes, get the RH10. If you like metal, get the NH1. They're both escellent units.
  11. It should work, so long as your mboard/bios allows you to boot from usb. There's actually a discussion about this very issue here.
  12. From what I recall, the NH1 doesn't actually have a euro spec model. Hence you don't have to worry about euro volume capping etc. It would also explain why your warranty is a US one (interestingly enough, I bought my NH900 from a major electronics retailer here in Australia, and the warranty on the back of the manual is for the US only). Can anyone else confirm this?
  13. that would actually be a really cool advertisment
  14. Free beer. They want free beer.
  15. Yeah they are all adjustable on the fly.
  16. Actually I'd say the battery life is better with the 910. The 1st generation HiMD units in general don't have spectacular battery life. Yeah that's right, the 900 can't play back mp3 files natively, you have to convert them to atrac first. I'd say that if you're going from 128-192kb/s mp3s to LP2, then you're definitely going to notice the difference and it won't sound all that good. So from that point of view you might be better off going with the 910. Also, if your old MD unit died (and so backwards compatibility isn't important to you), then you're not restricted to LP2. You can use Hi-LP, and fit just over twice as much audio on a disc for comparable quality (see this chart for more info on HiMD and MD codecs and how they compare). Note that the RH910 CANNOT record to old MD modes (SP, LP2, LP4) by itself, to do this you have to have it connected to your pc via usb and record THROUGH SonicStage. The NH900 on the other hand can record in all the old MD modes and the HiMD modes on its own.
  17. It's an unfortunate fact that 1st gen HiMD units are very power-hungry. I really like my NH900 but battery life is one area where it is definitely lacking (I came to HiMD from a G750, which has ~48 hrs playback off 1 AA). That being said, with a better battery than the 10WM the battery life isn't TOO bad. I'm currently using a no-name brand 1350mAh gumstick and I can get a fair run out of it. Even when the battery indicator starts to flash I still have over an hour of listening (using Hi-SP) until it dies on me.
  18. I think "back in the day" the sold ok, prolly not how Sony would have liked them to though. I remember in school (~1999) there were 2 guys with MD gear, they had both prerecorded and recordables. I guess the introduction of online music stores has largely killed off prerecorded MDs, and the format is now been given a purely "make your own" attitude. I'm of 2 minds. On the one hand I wish prerecorded MDs were as widely available as CDs. But at the same time, part of what I love about MD is its underground nature
  19. Woohoo!!! When I can get a hold of these I'm gonna buy up a whole lot of empty slip cases for my existing HiMD discs (what was the point of those huge HiMD cases anyway?).
  20. I can also recommend minidisc.com.au - good prices, prompt delivery. The have HiMD blanks for 5AUD each, and if I remember correctly they currently have a deal going where you can get 20 HiMD blanks and a MD rack for 99AUD
  21. Nah, that's part of the charm Be proud of your MD!!!!
  22. Wasn't there a guy once that hacked on old NetMD to be able to play back mp3s? Don't take my word for it, as I only heard it second hand myself
  23. Congrats - I have the NH900 and I love it. All I can say is replace the battery (with an NH-14WM or higher capacity) ASAP!!!!
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