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  1. Dont go for the EX51s ot EX71. I have a pair of 71s and the cable is a piece of junk. I've really take care of them, I've used them only for walking, and still the plastic of the cable is "melted".
  2. thanks for all the replies boys. Silly me I didn't think of ripping the cd with EAC and then import in SS. Thanks for the tip Volta.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. I was thinking: What if I transfer the album in PCM via SimpleBurner to my HIMD and then download the PCM files to SS so I can encode the files to ATRAC 352 and then transfer again to the HIMD? Would it be a "clean" transfer process or encoding the songs too many times will affect the final quality of them ? (comparing to import a cd in wav in SS and then transfer it to himd at 352kbps)
  4. Hello I'm trying to import the Interpol Antics cd (original) into SS 3.4 but it doesn't recognize that the cd is inserted in my computer. I've tried to transfer the CD to my Himd using Simple Burner and everything goes ok. So it's a problem with SS. Any of you have had this same problem?
  5. Hello I was wondering if any of you uses a headphone amp with their HIMD portable. I had been reading about headphone amps and I think I'll probably getting one. I need to know your experience with headphone amps and please also recommend me a good amp under $100. Thanks
  6. Hello guys: I've noticed that when using atrac 352kbps, battery life decreases significantely in my mzdh10p. So I want to know if anyone has tried a battery life comparison between HI-SP and Atrac3 352kbps in any HI-MD player or recorder. It doesn't matter if it's not an exactly hours vs. hours comparison, just your view of it. Thanks for your time
  7. Welcome to the forums! First of all do a clean install of SS 3.4 available in the download section fo this forum. Search how to do the clean install in the software section of the forum. After the upgrade to SonicStage 3.4 post your results in here. * Here's the link for the clean install instructions: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=8071 *
  8. I think that Radioshack has 1GB discs in stock.
  9. I don't know where you can get one, but I have a tip for you: test the AC adaptor before you buy it. I don't know why but years ago I tried an AC adaptor (not the original one, of course) on my old mzr900 and it didn't worked, it said something like "hi dc in" , it was the correct voltage and all that but it didn't worked. So try before buying.
  10. Good tip Raja about those windows sounds. I made a mp3 in Goldwave but you have find smaller files, nice tip man! BTW guys, what picture resolution should i use to get the better results using album artwork ?
  11. Is it possible to "fix" the problem with the highs of a mp3 transfered to a 2nd gen HImd just using the equalization in the player?
  12. Ok Richyhu I've tried both methods. Both of them works fine but Raja's one is faster. One note I have to make is that it's not possible to create a blank folder in "my library" in SS, so I had to import a single file, put the artwork in that folder, then transfer the entire folder to the player and then just move the tracks to the new folder. Do you know how to create a blank folder in SS? Thanks for you help man
  13. thank you very much Richyhu. I'll try both methods and I'll post the results in here.
  14. First of all you should try HISP transfering if you want better quality (IMO 132kbps it's ok for voice recordings). About the volume thing you should increase the volume of the original mp3s in some software like Goldwave (maybe audacity would work too) and then save it again.-
  15. Hello everyone: I've just received my new mzdh10p and i have a question. I have lots of himds recorded with my "old" mznh900. When i put them in the dh10p there's no cover art in any of the discs. I know how to transfer recording to the dh10p with album art included but the thing is that i want to add album art to my old himd recordings. Is there anyway to do this with SS or the only possibility is to take a picture and add it in the player? I don't want to re-record all my stuff again just to add album art , so help will be really apprecited. thanks you all
  16. Happy birthday Volta! thanks for all your help. Cheers!
  17. I asked the same thing once. I cant remember who told me that SS codecs should always work better, don't know why though.
  18. I don't understand a thing. This new feature of uploading SP recordings is possible because of an improvement in the unit itself or because an upgrade on SS?
  19. you shouldn't have any problems if you follow the instructions CAREFULLY.
  20. Since you live in europe I would recommend you to perform the volume hack to your new player. Search the forums for the hack.
  21. I always use atrac 352 to transfer CDs to HIMD, and 256 to transfer Mp3s to HIMD. Actually I didn't know that now it's possible to record at 320 bitrate, but i don't see the point of it.
  22. ohh that! Now I understand. Totally right. But converting the mp3 to atrac actually doesn't "restore" the highs, they were always there in the original mp3 . You can say that when you transfer a mp3 to himd without convertion it "lacks" highs.
  23. I can't remember very well but I'm quite sure I've seen a portable minidisc on a movie from early 90s . It was about a guy who went to the future to capture the bad guy from the film that was already in the future. There was a scene where the good guy got into an office and the bad guy was there sitting on a desk listening to a portable MD. Anyone remeber these?
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