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  1. I would be great to have Blu-MD! But Blu-disc is only optical PB/R and MD magneto-optical PB/R, plus Blu-disc uses another laser diode to read, so 2 lasers would be joint to the unit....it's a little dificult but why not? I started into MD world at 2002 (which the MZ-N505) and now I just buyed my third MZ-RH1 unit...so I'll continue on MD for the years to come
  2. For me MZ-RH1 sounds much better than sharp....so, I asume that 24bit it's not equal to much betther sound quality, isn't it? (probably if I use the sharp unit whit a 4 pole phones the sound would be more rich, but I'm not sure).
  3. Hi to everyone! I'm a proud owner of the Mz-Rh1....but also a Sharp Im-DR410H...this last one have and 24 bit atrac chip. What's the diference betwen 24bit atrac chip and the normal one? it's any improvement on recording /playing feaure? thanks!
  4. I have the same unit MZ-RH1 for 3 years also but mine it has the blankdisk error...ervery time the unit records on a disc it errase it.....it's a shame that this unit that it's the top-line has this errors. I tried to cleean via minidisc laser kit but the problem continue... mayby the ribon cable it's broken again...like my firts unit MZ-N505 :-( Sorry for the error-reading error mayby 3 years of intensive use, like me, it's a to much for this kinds of portable recorders.
  5. voici la page d'amazon française avec quelques MD....mais j'ai vu que en realite presque tous les MD de cette page son dispobnibles par l'inportation vers le Royaume Uni...maintenant il n'y a que 4 disponibles. http://www.amazon.fr/s/ref=nb_ss_m_0_7?__m...sprefix=minidis Translated text: The french version of amazon with a few MD tittles on it. I have to say that really almost all are available via inportation of UK market and now only 4 are available. (sorry for this inpresice translation text)
  6. S'il y a quelq'un qui soit française at amazon.fr il y a plus! Ce domage que en Espange il n'existe plus le site d'amazon.... :-( je se pas si le cet type de materiel est possible de l'importer en Espagne......
  7. Woow, looking on ebay a just put md into the find box and It apered a large pre-recorded Md colection (even news). It's a good new to know that records studios also record on Md.
  8. More news about blankdisc error... I found that the unit it's not dead at all...it can record on Hi-Md disc and on Stad Md disc into HI-Md mode...mayby the laser focus was mis the power to record into MD mode...but it can't enter into service mode cause mi menu button is broken and missing...(yeah...the unit fall down sometines in this 3 years of heave use...) so, i can't fix it....it's possible to do this settings via remote? or It's an imperative to enter the service mode the buttons of the unit? I'm a little worried to buy another MZ-RH1 cause it not normal that a unit thats cost this wad of cash make this failures afther 3years (yes, 3 years of dayly use but at this price the unit must be more robust don't u think so? )
  9. Ohhh :-( My unit is dead afther 3 years of dayly use.....like old units when I try to record on a disc afther toc edit the unit makes the wellknow blankdisc error, or sometimes it records the traks (even I can listen a few secons of the traks) but normaly not. I've tried to record via usb, analog or idigtal but allways with the same isue :-( I wolud buy another one from audiocubes....
  10. Yes Psp sounds also great, but il lack of volume power ( on European versión) so it's imposible to lisent it when're on the bus/tub or similar. And its size, is very big to fit into pocket!
  11. Why I don't wanna by an ipod? -baterry intregrated (afther the bat runs out it's no possible to remplace) -Weak sound (yes even whit a dock-speakers that cost a huge price) -Cost, yes about 300€ (the new Ipod touch), is a huge price por a "gadged" that only play it can't record -No Ac-dc included, so the only way to recarge the battery is to plug into the usb port, or to expen more € and by an ac-dc to recharge the bat -Dependence of Pc ( is not possible to put music in it whitout pc)
  12. Just get an Mz-RH1, the last unit made. Whit this unit you can take the adventage of to have 2 units in one, cause, this unit can play/record in MD or HI-MD (so atract format is used) and can play Mp3 files (whiout having to transform in atract mode) , plus in Hi-Md mode you can store data,as an external mass storage.
  13. for me HI-Lp sounds betthet than Lp2.....and atrac3plus at 48kb sounds quitte equal to LP4
  14. Type R is only involved on recording mode, not to playback, on SP mode, the pure Atrac (292KB/Sg) A enhanced Version" of Atrac3 (132/64Kb/seg) + Type R is called Type S
  15. wow!! that's so cool! It's possible to import it to Europe?
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