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  1. Hi I was trying to install SS3 on my second PC but it is giving me error. Does this software only runs on 1 PC or more? Thanks
  2. Cool Thanks for your help
  3. Maybe that's why!!! I charged it to have full battery in the morning. Last night it was still running kinda low. What do you mean "Break In"?
  4. Everything is new. Yes I used the supplied AC adapter.
  5. I fully charged my battery of RH10 throughout the night. But this morning I started playing MP3 files the battery showed 1/3-rd already being wasted (used) as I check the screen. Within 15 minutes drive it is now showing half of the battery already been used. I had Sound Equalizer in Custom settings with all the bass and stuff pumped up. And I fast forwarded about two minutes of the music. Is this normal?
  6. Hi I just received my RH10 yesterday. It is very cool by the way. I might write a little review next week. I'm using SonicStage 3 to transfer my MP3s into Hi-MD. Where does the music files gets saved while i'm transfering. I checked the Temporary "Package" folder of My Library, but there's nothing. Does My Library recognize where the music files came from?
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