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  1. I am no rookie nowadays when it comes to recording, but i got very suprised when i listened to a recording i made a few days on my MZ-NH700 (at 18/30). The sound is distorted but not in the usual way, it only seems to concern the bass (one channel when listening with earphones). Real weird. Have used exact same setup earlier this summer and it was fine. The only thing i can think of is that i accidently put the Battery Box into mic-in. My questions. How would it sound ? and can it hurt/overpower my mics ?.
  2. A440: I do experiment from time to time when buying new gear, but in the past i´ve often regret this when the concert was better than i expected in the first place. This Saturday i know radio was taping the whole show so i didnt have to worry if playing around some with my new RM-MC40ELK. I used the Delta mic (also to test out some more) and extensioncord to mic in off the NH700 (not RH700). I got it quite steady at -12 db, but when i got higher up i noticed the meters became more unstable and harder to control. I didnt noticed any buzzing either btw. I know from another thread i started long time ago that its important to leave headroom, comments on this when using the remote, safer or the opposite ?. What concerts do you prefer to record using the remote ?. Its ashame the units do have more marks for leaving headroom, would be much easier to set up.
  3. Hi !, recently purchased this item on Ebay and tried it out yesterday. I know how to operate it but i am a bit curious how you others who own it do when you record live. Like on Sony units it has a first (-12 db) and second mark (0 db). Noticed when fiddling around with it that it was easy to get around -12 db and get it steady there but raising it was more adventurous. I have also red that that the remote can send out a small buzz on recordings, is this true ?. Use it with my RH700 so no way of turning the display, but it stays dimmed and doesnt seem to drain more battery than the unit itself.
  4. I would like your opinon, got an important gig coming up and i usually use a pair of BMC-2s to record. But one thing thats been bugging me is that even if headmount sound good, the baffle also have more signal on one channel than the other. I also own a pair of RS Auris which are sturdier, have more SPL but harder to mount. If i place them on my shoulders i will get equal sound on both channels but i know it will result in some lack of highs. Is it worth it ?, anyone else owns a pair of bigger mic capsules and have any tips for mounting them to ears/higher up ?. I will check older recordings with both mics, and also chech the BMC-2s isnt damaged.
  5. Please tell me how to do that ?. Since i have finally learned to use headroom i can live with a little more s/n ratio.
  6. I own both the Auris and SP BMC-2. Soundwise the Auris sounds better (to me) better SPL and deep bass (doesnt distort easily even if levels is set to high) got a nice warm sound. But its hard to get near your ears, since the capsules are bigger than the BMC-2. It feels well-built but lately i have mostly used the BMC-2 cause its easier to set up. I am working on ideas to try diffrent positions with the Auris, cause i really want to use it a lot more. I also owned a Boostbox, but it were a big disappointment since it was hard to setup and the recordings often got weak and distorted. So rather go for a batterybox and set your recorder at a fixed level with a lot of headroom.
  7. I tried A440:s tips tonight regarding using a remote. My first Hi-MD was a MZ-NH700 i never bothered to unwrap the remote since i felt no use for it at the time. It went smooth but i didnt feel quite comfortable with it either, leaving it on pause. I mean, i only had to rely on my fingers, pushing the right button once and switch to hold. Wish there were someway to actually now the recorder starts without actually take out the MD and have a look. Nervousity (as many know) also can blew a recording, thinking you start and then discover you left it on pause. Anyway, fun to try something new, and the remote didnt take much space either.
  8. It didnt work, SS 3.2 said it was prohibited . Ashame since 1 GB discs feels safer to have if you dont know exact when something starts or how long it will last. When recording in Hi-SP i think ordinary Hi-MD formatted discs giving 2.20 is just as good. But when a file ends up 249 MB, then its a waste of space.
  9. If you got long hair, SP-BMC-2 are ideal to put on eartips.
  10. It was an acoustic amped double bass, playing rockabilly. So the music sure had a lot of dynamics.
  11. richyhu: Thanks. I thought of using an old MD formatted as Hi-MD. If i want it playable, will i loose audio in the process ? (does Sonicstage have to re-encode), will i be able to transfer from the disc again if i need to ?
  12. I was wondering if anybody knows, if a amped double bass outperforms a standard bass ?, and aproximately how much DB a bass could go up to.
  13. Is it possible, to take the *.oma file and lay on an ordinary MD disc instead as data ?. Also is the new blue Hi-MD discs better than the old black ones ?.
  14. Does anyone know what material the suiters SP sell is made of ?. Tried to compare their EMC-3 with suiter models on http://www.croakies.com/. They have them both in cotton and lycra. In the downloadable manual for EMC-3 it says cotton, http://www.soundprofessionals.com/instruct...P%20EMC%203.doc but lycra seems more logical(seems thinner when looking at the croakies site). Anybody who can enlight me on this ?, what to go for.
  15. rayzray: If you ask me i use Reactive Sounds Juicebox and it takes a standard 9V battery. greenmachine: Thanks on the enlightment. I have a pair of Auris and SP BMC-2. Do you know if the BMC-2s are made out of Panasonic VM-61 ?, found a infosheet today about them and the consumption (0.5 mA) so they shouldnt drain that much. But still when buying a fresh 9V battery (if you want to be on the safe side) you shouldnt buy the cheapest unknown brand, right ?. Also, i am buying croakies for my BMC-2, suiters style, they have them in cotton and lycra. Guess its lycra i should go for ;-), right ?.
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