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  1. Uhh...I'm a Mac guy and I doubt either one would work for me. No big deal really. Kinda of a pain, though. I'll just have to be creative with my titles. I think it was Stravinsky who said he was liberated, creatively speaking, once he began to impose limitations upon himself. I guess it's Sony that's doing the imposing. Uhh...thanks, Sony.
  2. I just got the RH10. Beautiful. But I've come across something that may be a bug. I'm trying to title the disc and when I go to the alpha-numeric page to start entering letters, numbers, etc., I notice that the right part of the screen is seemingly lopped off. I'll describe it: the first line is, ABCDEFGHIJ and then under that begins the second line which begins with NOPQRSTUVW. What happened to KLM? And the second line is missing XYZ at the end of that. And all the lines below are missing the same last three digits. Basically the screen is only able to show 10 out of a 13-digit line. Hmmm...am I missing something, other than these letters? Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hey Dex and Low, thanks for the responses. It kinda looks like the recommended models are discontinued. Hmmm... How does one find out if there is indeed an external add-on battery pack for any of the newer still-continued models? Does that bypass the rechargeable, I wonder? And Dex, were you able to continue beyond your 6+hours, simply by replacing the AA with another? Thanks again! And thanks for the "Quiet American" site. Right up my alley.
  4. I'm thinking of buying an Hi-MD for recording while trekking in Nepal. What this means is being on the trail for 3 weeks without access to electricity. The question is: Many of the MDs, like the Sonys, have a rechargeble battery in addition to the AA battery that you insert. Ok. What does that mean when the AA battery runs out? Do I simply replace that, or does the rechargeable battery need recharging as well, from an AC source (which out in the Himalayas will be VERY hard to come by)? Or does the AA battery recharge the rechargeable? Somehow that doesn't make sense. Is it possible just to use AA batteries without having to use the rechargeables? I had an Sony MD from '96 which was great but ate up batteries in less than an hour. Yikes! But I have to say this rechargeable battery thing has me concerned. Should I be? Thanks!
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