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  1. Yes, they have all been recorded by me. Most of my studio albums from those bands I've copied the front cover artwork of the CD and made it into a small sticker that is placed on the front of the disc. All of the discs are labeled, and the songs are also. Most live shows are LP2 and the majority studio albums are recorded SP. I personally think MD's are a great alternative to CD's there are just so many more qualities. I'm selling my car MD deck on ebay if you would like to check it out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=ADME:B:LC:US:1 hope that answers your questions. let me know if you are interested
  2. nice offer. how much? I've got 207 left. If you want the whole lot I'll sell it for $380. I also have two un-opened 20 packs of 80 min. Sony Niege clear discs if you would like those also I'll throw both packs in for $400 total plus shipping. Let me know if that sounds good to you or not. (the discs i don't have anymore are personal recording discs so I still have most all of the music listed left)
  3. I have 223 Minidiscs that are all pre-recorded. Most of them are 80 min. only a few are 74 min discs. Most of them are recorded LP2 and a few SP (most studio albums are SP). If you would like to buy them pre-recorded here is a glance of what music I have: Dave Matthews Band (all studio albums, all live shows released, plus about 39 live shows) Pearl Jam (all studio albums plus about 23 live shows released (soundboard quality) Ben Harper (most studio albums and a couple live shows) Jack Johnson (2 albums, one live show) Radiohead (2 albums, one mix) Bob Marley (4 albums) Martin Sexton (3 discs) Cat Stevens (2 albums, one live show) Sarah Mclachlan (5 albums) John Butler Trio (all studio albums, few live shows) Johnny Cash (7 albums) Willie Nelson (3 albums) Widespread Panic (2 albums) Phish (7 albums) Led Zepplin (2 albums) James Taylor (2 albums) Chris Leadoux (3 albums) Garth Brooks (3 albums) Enya (2 albums) One or two albums of the following: Tool, Incubus, Live, Steve Miller Band, Rusted Root, Tori Amos, Sublime, Jamiroquai, Diamond Rio, Hank Williams, George Strait, Tim Mcgraw, Norah Jones, Dido, New Monsoon, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Hoodooh, Neverband, M. Ward, Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins, O.A.R, Metallica Soundtracks: I am Sam, Once upon a Time in Mexico, Napoleon Dynamite, That is roughly what I have and of course if you would just like to buy them blank you can do that also. I'm looking at selling them for about $2 a piece but if you make an offer on the whole lot or part of it I can do it cheaper. THANKS!! email: cherin.chapman@gmail.com
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