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  1. I'm currently using SS4.2 and simple burner. To resolve a non SS related problem I need to format my hard drive and re-install XP. If I install SS 4.3 is it possible to also use simple burner - I remember reading that simple burner is now discontinued.
  2. Looks like ATRAC will live on in Japan: http://www.atraclife.com/2007/09/11/atrac-...eries/#more-257 Recording features too!
  3. "Today Sony announced its intent to move to a Windows Media Technology platform for Walkman® products in the United States, Canada and Europe." Is ATRAC totally dead or will it live on in Japan/Asia?
  4. You can still buy them on the high street too if you look hard enough. I bought three HiMD disks from John Lewis on Oxford Street two weeks ago - £5.50 each. Strangely they weren't with the rest of the audio spares (tapes, cds, regular mds etc) but in the photographic section. I think most Sony Centre shops have a few disks available.
  5. I have been given some (copyright free) music in flac format that I wish to listen to on my Hi-MD player. It seems to do this I need to transfer the flac files to wav format which I can then import into sonic stage. My question is how to do this transfer - what's the best software to use? Is there an alternative way of doing this? Many thanks
  6. Thanks all for your comments. The files are in Hi-SP format already and are free from DRM - I'm perfectly happy with this level of compression as the source material is a tape of FM broadcast material so quality level is fine. Given this I guess my question is more specifically is any proprietary format suitable for long term (say 10 years) storage (ATRAC/WMA/MP3 etc) or is open source the way to go. Given its ubiquitous nature is MP3 close enough to open source?
  7. I have recorded a collection of 50 ten year old tapes of radio shows. These were good quality BBC FM broadcasts recorded onto TDK SA90's with Dolby S - state of the art 1993. These are now saved on my hard drive in Hi-SP format (with DRM stripped as helpfully recommended from this forum). In order to free up hard drive space I wish to archive these recordings onto DVD - my question is what the best format music file to use is? Although these ATRAC recordings are currently free of DRM I guess I am a little concerned that somewhere along the line Sony will unhelpfully make these unplayable when I come to use them again in the future! Thanks for your help.
  8. Sony Europe aren't sending 4.2 on CD as they say 4.3 will be out early next year.
  9. Having done a bit more research i seems all BMW 1 series come with a AUX in socket. It seems the real benefit of a factory fitted MD deck is that (I think) you get steering wheel control of the MD.
  10. It appears that the BMW 1 series has a MD player as a factory fit option (replacing CD player). Does anyone have any experience or info about this?
  11. I have a spare RM-MC40ELK remote with a faulty "stop" button. Whilst all other buttons and the imput dial work the lack of a stop button was so annoying to myself (and Sony wanted so much cash to repair) that I have got a replacement unit. If anyone would like the faulty remote please let me know. I'm based in the UK - I'll send to members in the UK for a modest donation to my favourite charity Sightsavers http://www.sightsavers.org.uk/
  12. One month after its guarantee expired the "cancel" button on my RM-MC40 ELK has stopped working. Everything else is ok - the offending button just doesn't work and doesn't have that nice springy feel. Does anyone know if these are fixable - can you open them up yourself easily to see what's going on inside? Thanks
  13. Hi-SP to Mac is great! Your inference is that you can't send music the other way - no simple burner style functionality? Any idea if this will work with earlier machines?
  14. I know you need Sonic Stage (or Simple Burner) to upload/download to an Atrac device. But are there any other media players you can use for playback only of non DRM'd atrac3+ files on either XP/Linux or Mac?
  15. Thanks - I think the real q is whether the player has the subcode as this gives the best sync? No info in the player's manual - has anyone got one?
  16. I am thinking of buying an Arcam Dica CD192 CD player - does anyone know if this will succesfully do sync recording with my MZ-NH900? Thanks!
  17. Thanks all - have now managed to delete the wav and keep atrac. A440 is right - the wav was a beast of a file which would have just clogged up my hard drive (1Gb out of my hard drive's 80Gb), I can always recreate from the ogg.
  18. It's 3 hours of stuff in one file. I know I can split it up into smaller chunks but I still have the problem of deleting the wav automatically deleting the atrac?!
  19. OK - I have converted the file to wav no problem and imported to sonic stage 3.2. SS can convert this to atrac but if I delete the wav file (over 1Gb!) SS removes my nice atrac file too. What am I doing wrong???
  20. Hi All I have been sent some music which is encoded as an ogg vorbis file 65k bit rate (*.ogg). What's the best way to convert this to atrac/atrac3/atrac3plus so I can listen to this on my Hi-MD player - sonic stage doesn't seem able to cope with this file type? Cheers 803cd
  21. I e-mailed connect europe to see if my MZ-NH900 would be supported by the new connect player. Here is the reply: "Although the new C2 Client is likely to support some legacy devices by the middle of next year, the list of devices to be supported at the moment is unknown. If you were however to buy a new Aura device this would also work along side your other player with SonicStage 3.2 or later."
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