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  1. HELP my new sony NH900 doesnt seem to work properly with sonicstage 3.0. Tis getting really annoying now it doesnt seem to register the fact that the player is pluged into the usb. I was wondering if this is a common problem and if there are and fixes.
  2. Well after some net surfing i have decided to go for the sony ear plugs, i will post my thoughts on them when i have tested them.
  3. Well i dont really want to spend too much on phones but would like to get the best i can upto about £40.
  4. Hi all, i am after some new head phones for my mz-nh900, as i am only using the stock phones that came with the player. I have been looking at a few different head phones between £15-£35. Just wondered if any of you know which are the best or can give any other phones that are better?? my choices so far:- Sony MDR-EX71SLB Fontopia Headphones Sennheiser PX 10 Vertical In-Ear Headphones Sennheiser MX 500 In-Ear Headphones Any advice would be greatfully recieved.
  5. Hi ya, i am thinking of getting a new set of head phones, at the mow iam using the standard ones with mz-nh900 but i was wondering wot u lot though of the Sony MDR-EX71SLB Fontopia Headphones, i also like the fact that they have a short cord for use with remote products. ANy thoughts would be greatfully recieved.
  6. HI all, just wondering what u lot think of hi-lp vs LP2. From some of the information i have seen hi-lp is meant to be equal to LP2, but iam sure some people will say that lp2 is best just becuase it has a higher bit rate of 132 vs 64. Which i can see what ur saying but hi-lp is surposedly using a better compression format atrac3plus, so plz dont just reply on the basis of bitrate, becuase iam interested in see what comes up from this post. I have not as yet tested lp2 vs hi-lp, so have no personal opinion on this as yet, this post is based on information off the net etc....
  7. HI bug80, my post was in reference to listening to audio not the production of audio tracks, where the use of extremely high quality sound is a must. And yes my ears are fine, but i must admit to not using the best of head phones £100+. It seem to me that there is no need to bring PCM sound into the md arena until such time if ever that md become the standard for pre-recorded music. Also iam sure pulse code modulation is not a lossless compression of CD audio but an exact copy, but i have heard of lossless compression of around 60-70% of the orginal PCM recording. Surely u dont just throw ur cd's away, therefore u can do higher bit rate copies if needed. And to make use of such high precision music recording iam such u would have the sense to not use a standard md portable. More likely a high quality digital computer system, but anyway iam going off topic slightly, becuase most md user i should think dont use there md player in such a way. So far using the equipment i have at present there doesnt seem to be any degredation in sound between PCM and atrac3plus 256kbps. But i we try them on better phones as soon as possible, and can see where u are coming from sort of? I will post my final conclusion later after properly looking into the matter. I do agree my comments do not fit all scenario's possible and i am not trying to say other wise, they are just my observations and opinions.
  8. Hi all, i do agree with matrulesok that hi-lp is fine for those of us that want good quality music in a jukebox environment (using 1gb hi-md disc's) and that hi-sp is certainly the best choice for high-quality listening. It seems obvious to me that sony have not done a great deal of useful research into the listening habbits of the md pubic, and that as far as i have seen the type of people that buy md players ususally want a good quality sound over a high number of files, therefore this forces me to yet again agree with matrulesok for the need of hi-mp and the removal of the lower bitrates. I read earlier that some of you use pulse code modulation PCM to record ur music, well this seems total overkill as hi-sp is equal as far as the human ear is concerned. PCM is an old method of storing optical data and goes back to the origins of the compact disc, therefore why are many people persistant in the fact that this format is best when surely after 30 years+ there have been many developments in recording technology. ( LOL just thought i would create a stur). Also iam not sure of the purpose of the poll above as it is obvious that most people will have there music libuary in the older formats such as sp, lp2. I believe the question should have been which format would you choose if you were starting your collection!!! Anyway somthing to think about And a very interesting thread.
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