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  1. Problem is SONY are expensive. My previous MD recorder went back to them once under warranty, then again out of warranty - something like £75, and then it broke again. They have a min. charge of around £60 + transit. On the third time it broke I decided it was better to invest my money in a new machine with 1 years warranty considering the difference. At the time Amazon were clearing out MZ-NH1's for around £100. No brainer really. I wish I'd bought two now.
  2. Looks like it's not the remote that's the problem. Any recommendations for service in London area?
  3. The remote (RM-MC40ELK) stopped functioning on my MZ-NH1 – not control over playback no LCD data. The MZ-NH1 continued to work fine. I just received a new RM-MC40ELK and the problem still persists. I'm wondering if the problem isn't with the remote but with the MZ-NH1? Anyone ever had similar problems? Does seem either unlucky with replacement or unusual. I don't have a spare machine to test the remote on and don't know of anyone else who has one. Also, anyone know where I can get the machine serviced in central London if it needs to be repaired? Preferably somewhere cheaper than SONY. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've just try to initialize using Sonic Stage. Please remember I'm on a Mac. (I managed to get SonicStage to work when I first purchased the NH1). however this time SonicStage can not see the media! Weird!
  5. Hi 1Kyle, I'm on a Mac, although I believe I can use the disk as a data disk through USB to! I can't see what benefits you would have by putting some new data onto the disk and then formatting. Is'nt a reformat a reformat however you go about it? The problem is only happening on the other disc, the new disc is perfectly fine for recording. Also, as I'm on a Mac I can only get Sonic Stage to work under Virtual PC but it really is very, very slow. I can't see why the NH1's internal formatting is it not up to standard!
  6. I just took another used HiMD disk reformated it and so far have recorded 2 CD's no problem and I'm currently recording a 3rd with so far no problem. It looks to me that the other disk became corrupt and even reformatting it does not fix the problem. That's bad news if a disk that costs £5 becomes easily corrupt – maybe be I was just unlucky. Does anyone apart from SONY make HiMD blanks? (And where can I get them cheaper than £5 in London?) I do hope this is just a disk problem and not some weird problem with the NH1 which comes and goes as it feels like!
  7. Hi, That sounds like the same problem. The machine just stops recording. It seems to be happening after I've recorded 50 minutes of music or so. In other words I recorded one CD fine and then trying to record the next one it just stops after about 5 minutes. I reformatted the disc but the problem is basically as before. I know for sure now it is a problem with the NH1. I have the NH1 plugged into the power supply so I don't think this can be a battery problem. Plus this a very new machine so I think it's unlikley to have abattery problem so soon! The link you gave me didn't really answer the problem. I am going to try recording with another HiMD disc. I am just wondering if it is a corrupt disc problem. Thanks for your help. BTW: Did you send (or has anyone) ent the machine for repair, and if that fixed prob.?
  8. I've had my MZ-NH1 about 6 months. I made some initail recording using the optical so I could get auto track marks - and they worked absolutely fine. I ahvn't made any recording for a while, but last week decided to record (using optical in) some new music off CD. First CD recorded fine. The next CD which has about 15 tracks on it recorded the first 4 or 5 tracks and then just stopped recording for no reason. Then I tried to record a DJ mix CD which I'd downloaded off the net (this had only 1 track, which is around 70 mins long), basically recording starts fien - but about 30 minutes into the recording the NH1 stops recording for no reason. I don't know if there's a problem with my recorder or the problem is with the disks I'm trying to reocrd from? i reformatted the Hi-MD incase there was a problem there. Has anyone else had this sort of problem - any advice please. Do I need to send it back under warranty or am i just doing something wrong?
  9. I don't think we have to worry to much yet. I don't think mini disk is going to die over night. Sony still make DAT recorders and look what a small market that is. But it's inevitable that the future of recording will be hard drive based. That Nano is very appealing but I'd sooner have a NH1!
  10. It seems that NotMD has been written for PC! I can connect my NH1 to my Mac and use it as a back up device. it transfers fairly quickly – so theoritcally it shouldn't be to hard for there to be a Mac Utility for sound files to MD. SONY should really got on the case here!
  11. I'm using SonicStage with Virtual PC in OSX. It works but is very very slow. I upgraded to SonicStage 3.1 and that has made a slight improovement — but honestly it is far to slow. Could it be that hard to write a transfer utility for Max OSX?
  12. Amazon have just cancelled my order fo the MZ-E10, 11 days after I placed the order! > Dear Customer, > > We are sorry to inform you that we have been unable to obtain the > following item: > > "Sony MZ-E10 Silver MiniDisc Walkman" > > This item has now been cancelled from your order and we can confirm that > you have not been charged for it. Oh well.
  13. Looking specifically for JMJ mini-disks or any private retailers/delaers who deal in pre-recorded mini-disks.
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