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  1. London Drugs is clearing out all blank MDs!!! i think london drugs is only in western canada. 4.99 for 5-pack of Sony (standard multi-color pack) and some cheap maxell stuff too, different locations have different stock. i bought a bunch of Gold 80min sony for 0.99 each. i also saw hi-md for 6.99.
  2. JazzyBananas


    Check out the MZM-200! Shipping in August... MZM-200 at Summer NAMM check this out too! Sony Pro Website
  3. http://www.castudio.org/dvdaudioextractor/ you can get DVD Audio Extractor to grab audio from a DVD, and save it as WAV, MP3, etc. it works well and is really simple to use.
  4. if they could make Bluray-MD in the future, the 5gb would be possible... just dreaming.
  5. never seen that before. it's definitely a unique piece of gear!
  6. I agree on the advertising bit. Sony needs to let people know about Hi-MD... the right people. -recording enthusiasts/vinyl record collectors -musicians/singers/DJs -reporters/anyone else that regularly would use a tape recorder Imagine this for a tv commercial... A great concert. Everyone is having a good time, and instead of the usual waving of cigarette lighters... you see a massive wave of Hi-MD recorders! Market it as a High Quality Recorder, not as an MP3 Player! They should make a matching hi-fi deck for the RH1, and offer a package deal if you buy both.
  7. Looks like there are 2 metering options and... based on the caption I saw on the sonystyle japan site, you can UPLOAD TO A NETWORK WALKMAN!
  8. I have tried recording digitally from DVD player and DTS tracks will not work. Other DVD tracks (AC3) have worked. DVD player probably converts on output though to PCM. Check your DVD player settings menu!
  9. THANKS! i've never seen an MD commercial before. if they showed sexy/cool ads like this in N. America, i'm sure plenty more people would buy the units.
  10. I agree. I haven't had any real problems with SS in terms of installing and crashes etc etc. After getting used to using it, it's not all that bad... especially now that I have all my tracks properly labelled/tagged!
  11. I use Sound Forge for editing etc. and I just realized that I can export my files to a NetMD device! I have tried it once... a little dialogue box prompts you to title your track and then it records to your MD. You don't get to choose which mode (LP2, LP4). For me it transferred in LP2 mode. I think it may be because other tracks on my disc were in LP2. Also, I was able to delete the track using my MD unit. I wish Sound Forge could open ATRAC files...
  12. for you canadians in AB or BC, check out London Drugs... there's always deals on MD Stuff! in vancouver at the W Broadway location, saw the following on sale... all under $10CAD Sony MD-80mins 2-pack Red/Blue Maxell MD-80 4-pack Blue 1 Single Hi-Md also, Sony MD-80 5-pack multicolor, $14.99 and cheap NetMD units too.
  13. MEGA-SUPER-HYPER-ULTRA-TURBO ATRAC Type-Z -or- A.352 A-352 NuBit SP HiBit SP
  14. Here's another option... M-Audio Transit
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