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  1. Hi all, I've not been using my Sony MZ-NH1 for a while- I'd even unistalled sonicstage, so when I had need to record on my Hi-MD unit tonight, I re-installed the program (v4.3) on my Vista machine (It had run fine on there previously). After rebooting, I opened SonicStage, connected my recorder- the drive was found but instead of the red light on the front of the unit flashing and the recording on the disc appearing in the right panel, I just get a message "Cannot use this disc as an audio disc because it was initialised by a program other than SonicStage Click on properties on the device/media panel and initialise the disc to use it as an audio disc" I never saw this before- all I'm trying to do is transfer the atrac files onto my PC so I can convert/combine them into WAV format Anyone got any ideas why this is happening? SORTED IT.. Needed to be opeing SonicStage as Administrator... all ok now!!!
  2. Cheers Bob.. trouble with that is the word 'solder'.. not something I've ever been able to master, I'm afraid!!
  3. Hi all, I've been using one of Greenmachine's excellent battery boxes for alost three years now. I've noticed recently that the socket for the mic seems to have 'loosened' or become a little wider and the mic plug does not 'click in' like it used to. A live recording I made on Wednesday had some slight and very brief dropouts on the left chanel only and that is all I can think it is that caused this (all plugs are clean). Is there anything I can do to the socket or am I looking at a new box?
  4. You know, I've just posted an identical question myself!! Did you get anywhere? I first noticed this when I recorded several bands on Saturday over a 7 hour period, some came out just fine, but a few had left channel only. Same thing happened to me the following night - support band recorded fine, main act, left channel only. I've now cleaned the lead from the batt box to the recorder, also cleaned the jack from the mic into the batt box and I'm recording again tomorrow and will see how it goes. Was also considering whether I could pop the lead into the MIC socket (with the batt box also in the loop) and record from there but I guess I might get distortion (Though that is only a guess!!)
  5. Been recording with my Sony MZ-NH1 Hi MD in both stealth and open taping modes at all manner of gigs for about 3 years now. I use one of Greenmachines battery boxes, recording via the line in with manual recording levels and get great results. The last couple of recordings I've made 'something' is happening to make the recording come out only on the left channel - the thing is, it's not happening ALL the time so it's hard to pin down. I tend not to touch the recorder when it's in rec mode, so it's not that that is causing it- I've also tried my mics recording onto another unit through the battery box and those recordings work just fine. I've tried to recreate the 'one channel only' problem by recording onto the MD recorder at home and I've found that I can replicate it. It seems to come from the line in socket. If I stick the mics through the MIC socket, no problem at all, line in, I get an intermittent and seemingly random failure on the right channel. I guess in the three years I've had it, that socket has taken a bit of a hammering, so what I'm wondering is, would I still get the same results using the mics through the batt. box into the MIC input? If so, would I need to reduce the recording levels at all? I'm making a recording of one of my favourite bands on Tuesday (4th) so I'd love to get some feed baack before then. Cheers folks
  6. I saw those but they said 'currently out of stock' I got a 3 pack from a company called K K Electronics on Amazon Marketplace for £9.99, they arrived the day after I ordered them too! I take it there is no physical difference between these 2nd gen blue discs and the original ones? I've formatted all three of the new onws so I assume they'll be ok in my MZ-NH1? Hope so, they are going to get some 'hammer' over the next 3 days!!!
  7. Tried Trafford Centre and Cheshire Oaks.. neither had them
  8. Anyone know of anywhere that is still selling H-MD discs- preferrably around the Manchester/ North West region. I suddenly have a need for s or 4 extra blanks for this weekend and couldn't trust an on line purchase at this stage!!!
  9. No, I don't have the original discs- I only work with 2 Hi-MD's as I only use the recorder for live music - get home from a show, transfer to my HDD then erase the disc for the next use... What an absolute pain..talk about overkill!!! I'll just keep the DVD in the hope then...but won't hold my breath
  10. So, I assume the recordings I've already backed up to DVD are totally useless then?
  11. Here's the situation- I had a failing hard drive so I backed up everything I wanted to keep onto DVD - this included my library of Hi-MD recordings I'd made over a couple of years. I've needed to go back to one of these and, using Sound Forge, imported the file I want but then when I try to do 'anything' with it, I get some 'digital rights' message on my screen telling me I can't do anything with the file??? So, am I unable to do anything at all with these files? Luckily I've got WAV files stored of most of these but there is one where the wav file was corrupt and need to go back to the source recording
  12. A while ago, I recorded a performance onto my MZ-NH1 in Hi-MD mode. After playing it back once, I then started to transfer it to my PC via USB and SonicStage. At that point 'something' must have happened, the transfer stopped and the disc would not read-it just displayed an error message. The thing was, I could still 'see' all the files on the disc and could drag them all onto my HDD, but there is no program for conversion/playback that I could try. That all happened over a year ago now, and I'm wondering if there has been any 'developments' with software to handle the raw .oma file ? Many Thanks
  13. A bit embarrasing really...I have just two Hi-MD's...and that is plenty!! I only use the unit for live recording-record it to disc, transfer to PC, wipe it clean and start all over again!! How many record/wipe/record cycles do these things last??
  14. Well there you go..you know..that had never even occurred to me!! I wondered why a brand new Duracell had run flat on me after only 4 or 5 shows spread out over two or three months...hadn't occurred to me that the battery was draining with the mic plugged in..DOH!!
  15. I'm about 18 months down the line on my 'stealth recording' career and this place has been an absolute godsend. From positioning mics a few inches apart (You can't believe how sceptical I was about that at first!!)to using a battery box/line in instead of attenuator/mic in, the help advice and even hardware I've got from here has turned my recordings from 'ok' to 'wow' ('wow' is not only my description but also that of the people I've shared my recordings with!!). Case in point I recorded a band in a club on Friday- this band always played loud and have a real 'wall of noise' type of sound. I've recorded them 3 times before-all prior ot me getting Greenmachines battery box and some nice good quality lapel mics- and there was always some distortion and lack of clarity on those recordings. On Friday I was close up to the stage (about 10 feet) when the band started playing and they hit this really heavy chord that I thought would have sent the reocrding into severe brickwalling, but no...no sign of any distortion anywhere. In fact the whole recording sounded far better on playback than the show did 'live'!!! What's the point of this post? Well, two fold really- partly as a thanks to all the helpful folks on here and parlty as as a help to anyone new to concert recording who reads this. My complete recording set up only cost me just over £100-ok I did get the MZ-NH1 for an absolute steal of Amazon, but the mics and battery box are giving me results I never dreamed would be possible... ..Now, if we could only come up with a device to stop people talking at gigs when they stand next to you .... :-)
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