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  1. and how much sir are you willing to part with it for? i can get it new in canada for USD 288$
  2. akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (happy new year). i think we do not have christmas here, but if you want: happi kurisumasu! god jul!
  3. happen to have both units, from japan, old batteries, but in excellent shape. i would want 60$ usd per unit.
  4. I bought this MD recorder thinking that the MP3 playback would work for just drag and drop. Being a user of normal user of MD since 1999, I was not prepared for the windows-only software. So, it became my concert recorder, but that faze of my life is over. I'd like to sell it (in wonderful condition) for USD 200$ (open to suggestions). I have of course a couple of Hi-MD blanks and the cables, charger and Japanese Manual to send with it. As well, anyone interested in microphone pre-amp as well as the sound professionals stealth ear-mounted mics, that I'd like to give off as well. Thanks and cheers. Contents: The Unit itself Audio Technica case (fits pichy pichi) rechargeable battery battery pack iPod earbuds 2 HiMD blanks as well as as many 80min (new) disks as I can fit into the package For 75$ (also open to suggestions) extra Sound professional's ear-mounted stealth mics and battery preamp *** Extra pictures are available at www.beware-of-the-leapard.blogspot.com
  5. well, i am sure that many have responded to this already, but i am at school, just finished an exam and do not want to bother about reading the whole thing. for 'proof' you cannot take evidence from a company's website about any of its products. have you stuge read the articles individually? they say that sony sent the studios, not md's with the sound recorded on it, but cd's with uncompressed md info and uncompressed mp3 information. thus, sony picked samples, then game them to the studio. it was not random, not blind i that case at all and not fair. apple has done the same, claiming g5 as the fastest computer in the world, it is not and was not. md users claim ipod is rubbish and will prove that is sounds better than mp3 via the above mentioned methods. i am both apple user of osx and md user for much longer. my fanboy for md days sort of dwindled with the release of atrac3+. it is certainly better at 48kbps or 64kbps than the similar atrac3, but it is not that great. pcm is the only reason that md has to brag now other than atrac lossless and 352kbps. 132 i have found to be to my ears and many others far inferior to a well encoded mp3 or vorbis for that matter. now, if md opened up a bit, i hate sonic stage, cannot even use it on my parents windows computer because it does not have a sound card and thus always gives me errors of directsound. that sort of integration is rubbish. having said that, i am glad that the market is crowded now... the weak ones will pass and the better ones have only one way to pursue: up. i will not purchase the new r1 based on any sort of belief that it sounds better, that it is more portable or that it has unlimited storage ability. i can upload for instance a flash recording from an iriver to any computer in about the same time it would take for me to finalize my md recording, wait for the bloody thing to finish its writing onto the disk and reach for another one, plug into the machine, set my recording settings and go. md is not anymore much of an advantage in the portable recording world. i will buy it because i like having md; it is nostalgic, looks cool, has fanboy written all over it and... if do not have one and comment on it here, i get flamed. that is the reason md must stay around, for my insurance in and about fanboys. in hydrogenaudio, mp3 is the best... other sites have their favourites and here, atrac and md are the gods of portable audio. we are all wrong somewhere. just, the 'proof' we each have is full of holes.
  6. Well, I have heard some decent sound and not quite so decent sound from the sony HD amps. Really, at this time you may not want to worry about amp quality when it comes to SONY and rather focus on recording quality concerns. I have owned 4 different SHARP Auvi products, two of which are players, one MD HIFI unit and a recorder, the DR7. They do sound great and I am not sure if it is really do tho their auvi amp. I do know that as soon as the Auvi came out, the battery was lasting very long, so that indicates to me that if anything, something in terms of true quality has been taken away. That said, my DR7 sounded soo good and was absolutely silent. Even if I use my creative ep-630 or my friends shure earbuds, there is no audible hiss on a good recording where there is with my iPod and every other Harddisk unit I have tried. I have used Panasonic machines in the past as well for MD and they were okay, but as you said, the old megabass in the old MD's by SONY were great with detailed treble and a sound that was not too bassy and certainly not cold. They still have my vote over the newer sharps. But for playback sound, today's MD market is owned by none other than the auvi units. I own the Sony RH10 and it sounds fine, but if you adjust the eq for bass, it quickly gets boomy, so I usually leave it alone. But, this is an MD recorder you are talking about no? Rather than playback of songs which you have the original of anyway, why not concentrate on good recording features? The DR7 is great for recording and delivers crystal clear even with a mic amp, but of course you have to put up with normal MD, no upload, no MP3 support and no chance of "lossless" PCM recordings. As MD is currently not the best platform to listen to music with, get it for the recording capability of which the top is till MD's world for the price.
  7. shigzeo

    **April Fools**

    i have to say i was almost excited. most likely will buy the new machine next year or so for my recordings as then i would not have to borrow my friend's pc to upload... say why cannot sony make compatible firmware for all their machines. hate to drag the poor iPod through this crowd, but every single firmware update adds new compatibility and or features for nearly every iPod, though the oldest is now working on 5 years. sony of course has abandoned every single recorder from before well who knows, but they don't care enough to hope that customers will still use their machines after a few years. in order to add a new feature, forget software updates, open your wallets. if it were dropped, perhaps they could figure out how to coddle up a new machine that was drag-and-drop compatible, friendly with other formats and not sheered with infighting. oh well, it is an april fool's joke. baka
  8. Well, as for this m-audio product being ugly as hell, I do not know, but it is very small: http://www.transom.org/tools/recording_int...microtrack.html As well, there is no mechanical noise that we all know has plagued directly plugged in mics to sony units. Any unit in fact will make some sort of mechanical noise. Couple the 89$ per blank media with the fact that it can record 24 bit and into MP3 without transcoding and really the cons are swallowed up in smoke. The rh-1 looks sexy and very much a reminder that sony still has some good designs, but a new design with very few proper feature enhancements is more expensive in the long run than a compeletely new machine that is over-the-top revolutionary. I am still the only person I know who has a Hi-MD and even in Japan, I have seen no one buy them, it was all iPod or old MD. Sexy looks are just not enough sometimes.
  9. finally sony brings back the refinement of the mz-r37 front-plate controls. uploading is a must for mac. still, sonicstage will be the death of all my patience.
  10. Just keep hoping for some life for minidisk. I've had it for so long and praised it blindly for longer, I just keep hoping for a tidbit of good news. 3.4 was almost an eye-opener... but then it requires that windows has no problems at all. My computer is osx, so minidisk is out except for file transfer (300 meg per 10 min anyone?), so i use my parents which does not have a sound card driver in proper alignment, so sonic stage will refuse certain important functions. I bought the mzrh10 in high hopes if heaps before much was known. It was my first Sony since mz-r37 (the best looking unit i reckon). Falls short, sound is... fuzzy. lots of noise in both ear channels when listening with innear-ear monitors, transfer of mp3 in ligtning fast bursts of... why not just do realtime? Ripping on my parents' not yet antiquated p4. 1.6 was dismally slow, about 20-30 min per cd while it takes 6 or 7 on my slow ibook 1ghz. Certain songs would still not transfer from my MP3 collection to sonicstage as if sonic stage hates CD's not from certain stores. I have used and uploaded all my MD's via analogue connection (100 or so) in the recent years, recorded many concerts, sound effects etc and enjoyed it, but really - how long can this pain go on?! Why not a speedy connection, compatibility across all MP3 borders, functionality in one programme not several, native aiff or wav recording or mp3 recording? It is like carving out a wonderful chicken breast and placing it in a large freezer bag, stuffing into the oven and baking it for 3 hours. Sure, if you pick for 2 days, usable meat will be found, but it is not worth the effort when in market you can get a better tasting one with spices all-ready for 5$. I have been part of this forum for yonks, just a looker and sometimes a writer. Hoping since 2002 or so for something truly good to come of MD. Have waited and in the meantime, found comfort in a smaller nano which while boring in its popularity, at least works and sounds like bloody hell froze over.
  11. Well, MD users are very much like iRiver users, very sure of what they say without so much backup of hardcore data. I'm trying to sell off my last MD unit basically because of bulk, quality of output (sony units) and it is not nearly as useful as my iPod. My friend has 5g iPod which can now record analogue line in with 16bit 44.1 hz, the same as minidisk. Yes, I can remove my disk and give it to a friend after a recording, but where in Canada will I find another user these days of minidisk? No where. It is far easier and more useful to just usb an iPod to a computer and upload the high quality recording rather than waiting for all of the problems with Sonic Stage to "help" you get your songs to your computer. Of course there is a price factor as well. If you use a portable HD capable unit, the price nearly matches that of a high-end MD unit, but you do not have to buy disks. For me and many others who would like to record in 16 bit 44.1 hz, you can record for 94 minutes on hi-md or pretty much endlessly on a comparably prices HD unit. No, minute or so cut of no music while changing disks etc. Game over MD.
  12. I have got to agree with this almost completely. Maybe completely . My father the other day was talking about the new iPeg, and I am pretty sure he meant iPod. Certainly, it plays mpeg files and plays them well and iTunes' default encoder m4a or whatever AAC format it is, has been proven to smoke up what once was our pride and joy of high-compression MD codec, LP2. Certainly, as MD users, we don't really have much room to droll on about imcompatiblities as every single one of our units happen to be the most incompatible of modern/popular digital players. We are only getting the crumbs from under MP3's table, a table of which has been stabbed over and over by many MD users for poor sound quality. Haha, then came blind listening tests and now we need it. The preference panel is helpful in iTunes for sure, or 3rd party Lame Plugins etc turning it into a very powerful and compatible jukebox. Someone must tell her of the blood, sweat and tears we have all shed in titling, accidentally erasing disks, TOC errors, loss of remotes and most importantly, the inability to transfer any MD-recorded song to any non-MD piece of hardware and have it play... other than the toaster.
  13. I am not sure that 'forcing' a company to comply with 'open' standards is such a beautiful thing. it reminds me of several mishaps involving the wonderful 'free world' trying to impose its freedom on those who suffer intorably under a different type of government. at least it is all digital now, easy to move or play with, we are not reeling tapes together or tweaking our vinyl player's line out to move to 8Trac or something. i suppose that if i try to stick my memory stick in my toaster and expect the beatles to come boppin' out of my hi-fi, the problem lies in me the consumer. there has never ever been compatibility across the entire line of audio/video/cooking devices and why should there? if so, let's get all the cars in the world to drive american style, with big round buttons that everyone's grandma could read from 200 paces. that then is the beauty of 'free market'. whoever plays completely stupid and stabs themselves in the foot by trying to support too many formats will probably suffer in the end, and we as consumers just need to pretend that we are not really that stupid and can figure out that a slice of toast, though flat and crisp, is not food for DVD-Audio players. Nor is it an older form of biodegradeable MD. that line of thinking nothing but toast
  14. I recently bought the RH-10 for recording purposes as it seems the paired-down version is not available here in Japan... or at least I cannot find it. I must say... I am impressed with the hybrid crystals - if in the dark. I can see it even when shaking the bloody unit and in any angle it is as visible as if I were staring straight at the bloody thing. That said, It is invisible in the daylight, absolutely impossible to see, making this unit, the first MD portable that actually NEEDS the remote. I usually store the easily-tangled remote away safely for future fiddlying, but with this unit, if I leave the house, I need it more than I need my glasses or mobile telephone etc. Sound... a mixed bag. I do enjoy the regular playback of the device and the customizable eq. I have been a Sharp unit user for so long, I have forgotten what that was. I am able to get nice treble and bass equilization and am content. The problem exists with the output. It is weak and it sounds so. I believe it is 5mw * 5mw and after listening to my friend's iPod (30 * 30), I am a little underwhelmed. As well, wanting to ditch that and listen through my headphone amp and AT-AH700 headphones, I find not compression artifacts, but rather mechanical noise that filters through the headphone output of the unit. Slight insect-like scratching sounds. However, I got this mofo to be my portable recorder, not to listen to music. It is just not fit for that... at least not in a quiet-enjoy-the-music-only setting. Bus, train, hired car, fine, but room or house, forget it. Recording is its strenth. I love the ability to record in PCM mode and HI-SP is not too bad either. It is a loud unit, making connecting a non-remote mic a bit worrisome as it is bound to come up with engine noise. But, heading to concerts where it is dark and I do not want to show the world my remote unit, the screen comes in handy. Also, if connecting to a line (analogue or digital) the unit has very sharp synchro-recording... better than my auvi sharp's. If you are doing most of your listening through Hi-Fi, not using this unit's onboard sound-processing, you are in for a treat, but don't take this thing out of doors or use it to listen through good equipment, you will only reveal too much of its flaws.
  15. Regarding LP2, I was an avid user of it for some time before last year, I believe in December. I had been using my iPod mostly on the train etc and my MD very rarely because of a funk in the recharger. After listening to iPod's native mp3 playing on a very very beautiful 30mw amp, my Sharp MD-DR7 sounded a bit faint, but I cannot say I do not like the sound. But recently I purchased some nice headphones and a headphone amp by audio technica and was not surprised to find that just as those dubious reports that linked ogg, mpc, mp3, itunes aac and LP2 together, my LP2 was just running on the side of windy. Very windy in fact. I cannot at the moment say which I prefer, a 128kbps MP3, coded by who knows what codec or LP2. This was not a shock because when I use my SG11 to record from my computer, LP2 very rarely is used. But, for about 2 years, LP2 was my key to getting 147 minutes off my old scratchy SONY Neige disks. Shame. As for the essay chiming about recording fun, I have not had more fun that walking with earphone looking mics around town or in school and playing back the whole affair on my hi-fi. I would swear I was still at school, looking at some girls playing football or buying milk tea. It is a fun but fading world we live in.
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