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  1. Near the ocean?

    Salty air can cause corrosion.


    Well, we do have a huge coast, but unfortunately I don't live nowhere near the beach, so no, not corrosion either.

    And before someone asks, no wild Indians have played with it, nor did I drop it into the Amazon river.


  2. Well, I live in Brazil, and I had a friend bring me the unit from the US some 10 months ago. I'll have to check about the warranty, but it probably won't cover the shipping charges, not to mention the hassle of sending it abroad for repair etc.

    I was by no means a heavy user, so I doubt it's a problem of the OLED dying peacefully in its sleep... :P Nor did I drop it, as far as I can remember. As I said, it happened while I was recording a DJ set in a club. I left it on top of some equipment (amp or compressor, whatever), but again I doubt this has something to do with it. I had placed it in the exact same spot a few times.

    I'll try to check with local support, but I'm not having big expectations, as this model was not officially launched here.

    When I get home I'll try to record using the remote, but I don't think it will give me the level readings, which are sooooo important.

    Anyway, thanks for all the replies, and if I find something new I'll let you know.


  3. Well, I've been using MD for a long time now, basically to record my mixes and podcasts.

    My RH10 was very reliable, with great sound quality. I learned to deal with all the uploading restrictions and the extra steps of converting to WAV, editing, converting again to MP3 etc.

    Anyway. Just as I found out the new version of SS, and had my hopes up about the format, my OLED display died on me. I noticed some "dead pixels" (not sure if that's technically correct) and then, a few hours afterwards, it just went dead. The unit seems to be stil working, and I can hear the disc wheezing in there when I press play. But the display does not work.

    I used it mostly with the AC adapter, and this meant the display was on most of the times I was recording. Is it possible that this may have something to do with my problem?

    Has anyone had the same problem?



  4. I don't think you can embed protection or digital rights management in MP3s.

    I think it's more likely that the files are encoded in a very low bit rate. If it is below 48kpbs (I guess, don't have the actual specs right now) Sonic Stage will not convert to a higher bitrate.

    The solution was transfer them to the HiMD as NetMD. This way, the files will necessarily be converted to Atrac, and you will be able to listen to them.

  5. You have two options using SS. You can convert your MP3 files manually using the convert file option. However you must delete the MP3 file from your library and reimport the ATRAC version. Otherwise SS always tries to transfer the original mp3. The other option is to set a disc as NetMD in the RH10. SS knows that NetMD players can't play MP3 files and will automatically convert them to atrac when you transfer them. That's the option I've used more often. It's not as tedious.


  6. I just downloaded a few BBC podcasts. Transferred them all as MP3s to my RH10.

    "Cannot play", the unit said.

    "Bitrate too low", I immediately thought. "Let's do the good old convert."

    To my surprise, or should I say disappointment, SonicStage did not convert the tracks to Atrac. (I did click on Settings and opted for Atrac conversion.)

    What is going on? Will I have to get an iPod?


  7. Hello there.

    I've searched for this a lot here and elsewhere on the web, but couldn't find a definite answer.

    How many MP3s can I fit into a 1GB disc? And into a formatted regular MD?

    I ask this because in one table I found something like 4 1/2 hours worth of music in MP3 format, but that is a lot less than the comparable amount of Atrac-encoded tracks.

    If that is correct, how come there's such a big difference?

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