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  1. Digging through my electronics scrap heap, I rediscovered my Panasonic Shockwave cassette player that's totally dead/fried. The interesting this was that it had a remote and external battery compartment, like many MD recorders out there. I also had a Panasonic cassette "recorder" much like this unit but I sold it a while back. It's kinda' funny and sad that these units never make it out here states side. I've seen a couple same brand units but they were "fat" compared to this compact unit. I was wondering whether anyone still uses cassettes or, know of places in Akihabara where they still sell these..
  2. Anyone interested in trades of dark ambient? This supposed genre can be generalized with these artists: Lustmord, Nordvargr, Desiderii Marginis, Iszoloscope, etc. I'm looking for other dark ambience that I haven't heard of or are just simply hard to come by (most of the distributions/labels are based in Europe). Will be doing mostly SP recordings (other encodings can be requested)..
  3. Can you name a few artists for the general idea of the genre?
  4. Yes, those.. except I don't actually have them. Here's the ebay (gahh!!) listing: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=330290906974 --- updated my list yet again..
  5. Out of curiousity, has anyone tried sticking a vintage MD Data disc into a HiMD unit and pull data off of it? I think I read somewhere that an MD Data disc's dimensions are slightly different than that of regular 60/74/80min MDs..
  6. Anyone interested in new/sealed TDK-RXG Pro?
  7. 45 UNITS........!!!!! Nevertheless, eagerly awaiting some MD pr0n..
  8. Levanel

    The end of the MD

    I'd probably get a HiMD deck as the final solution to my MD needs. But unless Sony (or any other company) release a new MD unit, I'm quite worried about my RH1 breaking down as it is the last unit made..
  9. What about HiMDs? Do you use ATRAC3plus (at 132Kbps) or regular PCM?
  10. A few years ago, I surpassed 100 but then traded half of them away. But since them, I've been slowly accumulating more..
  11. Myself, I've got close to 150, a third of them blank. They encompass various styles in music as well as different designs/styles of the MDs themselves. I've got 5 HiMD's and a few more regular MDs that use the HiMD format. I'm pretty adamant about converting my entire collection to HiMD, even though it provides more storage for standard MDs.
  12. He's already messaged me about it. ------- update: In the process of shipping to sinus.. Listed available blanks have been revised.
  13. I just move on when people don't respond in a timely fashion. If they have their reasons, I'd probably understand rather than blatantly do the finger pointing.. For example, I'm doing a trade with someone and it hasn't concluded yet after a month or so (due to REAL LIFE). My suggestion would be not pouring salt on open wounds like the three of you are currently bludgering about.
  14. Do they still sell MD in Japan? I thought I read somewhere on the boards that MD was permanently not being sold anymore except in those back-alley hard-to-find stores..
  15. Got a shipment of more MDs. Look at updated list..
  16. This reminds me of a story going round last year about the Japanese government forbidding the sale of "used equipment". So finding something second hand is no longer a viable option. Not sure whether "obselete" stuff that were never sold can be categorized as old and used equipment..
  17. Does anyone still use the fabric pouch that normally comes with Sony recorders?
  18. You sure you waited long enough for a response? Real life can sometimes get in the way you know.. But yeah, general rule is pay and recieve, not vice versa.
  19. Have you tried doing this with a PS2? I've done this before and the audio is crap (via toslink).. sounds slightly on par with MDLP's LP4..
  20. I'd opt for soft "transitions" between songs. That crackle/pop after a song ends and the next one starts gets on my nerves sometimes. Yeah, trivial solution would be gapless recordings but what about adding a feature that detects gaps and eliminates them without going gapless? I'm sure there are other more audiophilic wetdream features that people want.. list 'em! --- (meh, totally didn't see this thread before posting this one.. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=21785)
  21. Refreshed my collection of MDs to include the TDK XS-iV line.. got a couple more to make this collection complete. Other than that, bought myself a 20-pack Verbatim DVD+R DL.. best writeable media with low "coaster" ratio compared to other outsourced brands..
  22. Dude, just put it on ebay or something..
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