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  1. hi -- i've downloaded a couple podcasts which transfer to my hi-md player just fine. but when i try to play them it says 'CANNOT PLAY'. when i examine the file from within sonic stage, and i click 'properties', it tells me the mp3 file is 'mpeg-2 audio layer 3', but the manual for my recorder (910) says it can only play mpeg-1 layer 3 files. i've searched all over for a converter that will convert mpeg2 to mpeg1, but no luck. any ideas??? many thanks. jacob
  2. i've searched for about an hour and can't find the answer -- on the newest hi-md players, is it possible to plug the device into a computer without sonicstage software installed, drag mp3 files onto the drive, and then listen to them on the player? if not, is there any way to get music onto the player which can be listened to, if the computer doesn't have sonicstage? thanks. jacob
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