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  1. amen to that! I would like to buy that collection but I would digitized it. I have a very large collection and my Great Uncle has a larger collection..... correction very small in comparison but, a collection like this should not go unnoticed. Thanks for posting this, it was touching and very cool.
  2. A few years ago I was telling everyone about this day. Eventually all media be purchased in a digital format whether on a card or some other form. Ten years ago I want to do something like this for the trucking industry. Since this kind of medium relies on no moving parts, which is death in a Semi-Rig. Truckers could get audio books and movies at a kiosk and truck stops along the interstates and highways. This is now becoming a reality. When I can go out and buy a 2GB card for less than a Hi-MD this makes it more feasible than to buy a Hi-MD. I not a big fan of the idea of 320 kbs Mp3 or any compressed media for that matter when you can easily put WAV files on a 1GB card. Some the reason for this is battery consumption but technology will catch-up this in time. This trend of selling us compressed media as good fidelity is a crime. I for one could not support this kind for product unless like TBR says "WAC or FLAC". Don't sell me an inferior product!!!!! I want Fidelity!!!!!!!!!
  3. How can he say the back scratcher is useless? I use mine everyday! Dude must be high.
  4. First let me say, iPods have there place. Second, if you have a good stereo system or somewhat good one. I say plug in your unit and a iPod to it. A Hi-MD even at 64 kbs will have better soundstage, imaging, naturalness, and an overall more balance sound than that of a iPod at 192 kbs, 254 kbs or even 320 kbs. (Note: Most of my older recordings are in MDLP and Hi-LP but in the my older recordings are in SP and in the last couple of years all my recordings are in Hi-SP.) Least this is my experience. I can't listen to a iPod when hooked up to a Stereo for long without it wearing on my ears but I can listen to a MD/Hi-MD with enjoyment. I really wish Sony had made a Hi-MD deck. I like my iPod because it allows me to travel light and carry alot of music with me. The sound with headphones is good but "MD" is better. The electronics in MD units are more solid have better battery life. If it wasn't for this stupid Homeland Security crap that you have to leave your luggage unlocked.I would have not bought a iPod but, I glad I did. Also I don't want to damage any of my MD units since you can't replace them. So for work I have the Shuffle. I have a Shuffle and an 80 GB. I find that the shuffle sounds better than the 80 GB. I have never hooked the Shuffle up to a Stereo though. You should let your ears be the judge on this one. As for me I choose MD/Atrac over AAC/iPod in the sound dept..
  5. I saw this with Hi-MD but Blue Ray would be so cool. To have video capability with a MD. Hell, I'd ditch the iPod in a flash. I had dropped a Hard Drive yesterday and lost about 200+movies I had ripped for the ipod. I would have never lost them if I could have them on a disc. I can always get a new player but that data would be safe.
  6. I miss Ray, I hope to see you soon.
  7. I though I read from their website last week the response is 20-16,000. In my opinion to answer that you need to add to your collection, no. They are nice but not that good in sound but, I will say that replacement parts are cheaper than Sony. If the wire goes bad you can replace the wire for $20 instead of buying new headphones, which is nice. I own a pair of the super fi. 5's and have listen to the 3's. I didn't hear a noticeable difference. I cost to me was $130 for the 5's and $100 for the 3's. If you like loud volumes this is your headphone. On just about any device I own I can only turn the unit half way before hurting my ears. Which makes them good for drowning out noise like when in airplanes, kids, or other machine noises. I will say they are very comfortable to wear.
  8. I'm glad somebody posted this. I was wonder what happened. When will it be fixed? Oh,yes it is like a reunion.
  9. In the early days disc were not cheap. I held on to cassettes for at least 5 more yrs. after my first MD purchase back in 94. Only by 1999 disc were getting affordable where I live at the Best Buy. For a moment in time I though MD was the future. I was only a matter of a couple of years before it was shattered. If it wasn't for the TSA swiping my disc which are not so easy to obtain these days; I wouldn't have went iPod this year. MD's sound so good when plugged into a Big Rig home stereo. I can't say the same for the iPod. Sony had their opportunity and dropped the ball.
  10. Fascinating, I used my Ultimate Ears but found out they are only good 16,000 Mhz I was able to 21.1 Mhz and I am 43. I am surprised due the the fact I have listen to loud headphones since I was 16. I have been asked to tune house, rooms and evaluate Hi-end stereo equipment. I haven't listened to test tones in about five years though. I was surprised to find out that the frequency one hears diminishes with age.
  11. Just because Sony stop supporting Atrac doesn't mean it is dead. For example the record industry quit making vinyl to sell CD's. But loyalist kept it alive for years. Vinyl enthusiast choose vinyl in belief of better sound. In Europe record companies are releasing old vinyl and new releases on vinyl. Last year Vinyl sales in Europe grew 50% and in the USA about 30%. The point here is that one day if we stay true to Atrac it my survive and have a resurgence.
  12. From experience with Portable CD players in the past. The DAC in CD players didn't have quite the output and resolution with 1.2 V NiCads as opposed to 1.5 V alkaline batteries. The DAC couldn't process quality sound and output level at the same time in older portables and using a 1.2 V batteries didn't help back then. I don't know if it is true with MD but to be on the safe side (of output/sound) I have used rechargeable alkalines in my older players. With the new Hi-MD players your not really afforded such luxury.
  13. Hombre

    LP2 or LP4?

    LP2 is listenable and great for mobile conditions, LP 4 is not period!!!! I have found even in LP2 with EX90's the detail is incredible but, its flaws are also revealed as well. As said before let your ears be the guide. This is just my opinion that is all it is. I have alot of recordings in LP2 and it is ok. It allows you to travel with a minimum compliment of disc but, I don't really enjoy them. I'm satisfied with LP2 but not happy.
  14. So the Wifey is on to ya. I would recommed going to a Pier 1 of some type of home decoration store get some decorative Wine boxes or to cheesy storage boxes that look like oversized books, to blend in to the decor. Your disc will fit nice the wife will be happy and you won't be able to remember where you disc are.
  15. Pharoah Sanders "The Creator Has A Master Plan" on HD-5 @256 kbs
  16. Any news yet on whether the US release is going to be the crappy Silver model we always seem to get or the option to purchase one in black? I want the black model soo bad. I have too may silver models as it is. Why doesn't Sony give the US market the same options as the rest of the world? I hate Sony for this!
  17. The red one would have been pimp!!! I would like to have one to go with my red HD-5. Awww... too bad. I am still going to get the black one when it is released here in the US or becomes available to ship to the US. The black unit is still sexy. Damn Sexy
  18. Illegal immigration is a lose lose situation. It is not fair to the immigrants; exploiting their plight to save some bucks and get richer. It is not fair to the naturalized citizens that have worked hard to get where they are today. I would be fair to blame the rich that exploit illegal labour. Monday's boycott was nice. I was able to go to Mc Donald's and have someone understand me and I understand them.(Joking). I am a son of a LEGAL IMMIGRANT!!!!! The Chinese have had it the hardest to immigrate to America. Up til the 1960's there were laws to limit the amount of Chinese to come to the USA. Every nationality has had restrictions but not like the Chinese. Most of us here are not monied so this question is moot. I am not of fan of illegal immigration but, really the USA took lands from Mexico (about half of Mexico) on a illegal premise. (This not up for debate! If you have arguements; argue with a history book!) If you think of it, America's Wealth derive from the Natural Resources stolen form Mexico. America would not be the World power that it is today if it wasn't for the Natural resouces of the American SouthWest.So immigrants are only taking back what was stolen from them in the first place at the expense of the American TAXPAYER!!!!! I see Illegal Immigration as a perpetuating condition. If this tread continues America will become a EXTENSION of MEXICO!!! Many people immigrated here legally and made this Nation what it is. Other immigrants made Sacrifices and Intergrated themselves to America and other immigrants!!!! Other immigrants contributed to Society. They did not leach off Society. They adapted and learn to speak ENGLISH!!!!! They still have kepted their heritage and not forced their heritage on others. It is a shame that American has given in to the culture to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!! America has to change to kiss the A** of people that shouldn't be here in the first place. Many will say they do the jobs noone else will do. BUSH!!! When I was going up as a teenager I did many of these jobs so I could pay for a car and save for college. Teenagers used to do many of these jobs. I could go on all day about this but what's the point? I only wish that they spoke English!!!! My father learn English and when asked to go to Chinese School. He said if you want to work in a kitchen or do laundry for a living speak all the Chinese you want; but if you want to make some of yourself you'ld better speak English and speak it well. In short if you want to be a second class citizen don't learn to speak English. It is not fair to Illgals because they will never make enough to get ahead. Generation after generation nothing will change.
  19. It's Simple Rayzrayl: I couldn't find my good mic's and I used the Auto Settings on the MD (Big Mistake!!!!), also the unfimarity of MZ-RH10 in a recording live situation. I'm also listening to Wayne Hancock "That's What Daddy Wants"
  20. I know this will sound silly but did you connect to the right imput? I did this once at a lecture. I recorded a show last night (the first for Hi-MD). It didn't come out bad after a quick edit, I burned a CD and gave it the the band that night.
  21. A recording I did at the Sokol Underground in Omaha, last night. Is the first recording I did in three years and the first I did with a Hi-MD player. I doesn't sound great but it doesn't sound bad at all.
  22. Rayzrayl had fixed his EX-71's with some shrink tubing. I don't know from personal experience. I know he was happy.
  23. 1 What is the source of your music? Mp3's,CD's,Ripped Atrac files? 2 Were this files transfer for another computer? 3. Have you tried formating your MD play/disc? 4 Were you able to transfer with a earlier version on Sonic Stage?
  24. I have converted some files Mp3 files that converted horribly to my HD-5 and RH10 but the files I had made with WMA transfered well. I reimage my computer from time to time and Sony's DRM has kept me from play some of these files. I have for the past year ripped in WMA and had no problems with transfers or playback on Sony devices.
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