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  1. Have you ever tried "Help", just out of curiosity? Strangely enough, I have used the help function several times using sonic stage. I am current with version 3.4. I do not have the drop downs you have so eloquently pointed to in your response. since this posting I have also gone back to look for the things you have pointed to, and I still do not have those things available to me. I downloaded the installer direct from sony and reinstalled and went through another database conversion and I still do not have these function. Please do not assume stupidity when a straight forward explanation will suffice.
  2. I am running 2 Samsung TS-H552U dvd/cd|rw 16X 8X / 32X 8mb cache. Sony DW-U14A 8X 4X / 32X 8mb cache. It is important to get one with a decent cache in order to not make coasters. Get NERO burning rom. I honestly think its the best burning software out there. it also has a dvd viewer and a sound playback device. when you create audio cd's it will equalize all the tracks so that you do not have differing volumes on tracks etc. really slick software.
  3. I wish there were a button that you could select when importing a cd that tells SS that it is a compilation CD and to treat it as such when storing. If that is not possible I would like to be able to group select and change certain fields in properties all at once. i.e. compilation, Album name, album art as a group. I have found that several different applications including browsers change the sound eq on my system during normal use during the day. then when I upload to the MD deck the eq settings that are currently set are used. I have taken to resetting the system to defaults so that I get a consistent recording. Would like very much to see SS have at least the ability to set some basic eq settings. perhaps SS could combine with soundforge? or at the very least add transfer ability to soundforge through the SS module? Would love to see SS layout able to be modified similar to how outlook allows you to set the reading pane on left or under etc. I find that there are several buttons on the face of the ss interface that I do not use at all. Further... there are several buttons that can be confused when doing transfer. the next >> button above the track list as well as the >> for the fast forward/next track / playback and then the --> for the actual transfer. would be way cool to be able to modify the interface to suit so that I do not confuse buttons. since we are wishing... would it be possible to click on a particular album in my library, and get a secondary screen where I can then select the track that I want to transfer? At the moment I select a whole album and then when its completely transferred I go onto the md player and select the tracks that I want to put back. would be a bit more efficient to be able to select the group and the tracks I want initially instead of having to then transfer back the tracks I did not want. I really wish there were a way to share the databases from all of my machines. I have a network in the house. I also have shared network storage in the house as well. would be really cool if SS would allow combining of the databases so that all the machines in the house had access to the DB without duplication of hard disk storage space. Thanks for this forum! Way cool to be able to share thoughts and ideas on such a great medium. Mike.
  4. Currently I am running a wireless router from netgear wg614 and a wireless multimedia MP101 also from netgear. I have a protected internal lan as well as a file sharing server for the media. I can play any music file from any pc/laptop on the home stereo etc. I am running Windows 2000 on all the machines currnetly. I am looking at the option of stringing all of the hard drives together as a single stack in order to get around the network share. I was able to map the drives from the main server as extended drives of the laptop. Where I still run into problems is when it comes to the physical file. I was able to share just the "OMGFILES" and the "OPTIMIZED FILES" folders and was able to get the music transferred to my 600D its a crude work around. I may have to change the systems around so that I run a single sonic stage from the server and have it as an application that runs on each device on the net. Its just a hobby at this point. I want to thank those of you who responded. It gave me some ideas to look at. I am not however willing to swap out all my machines for vaio's just yet. not that much a fan of sony products hehe.. Mike.
  5. Hey yall! Well no worries here about losing another MD addict... I am hooked on this format. Just to get a dig in.. I know someone with a (fruit)player and the integrated battery died after 2 years. only viable solution was to buy another. I will stick with my MZ-NH600D thanks very much. I even hae an MZ-G750 that I cannot bring myself to part with yet. On to a recent discovery. I have a wireless network that I'm running and I would dearly love to be able to plug in my 600D to the laptop and load music that way. however the hard drive is only a 20gb. I tried to point my database to the main footprint computer in the house running 1TB of hd space to save the 14gb on the laptop but could not get it to load the files from the house server. is there any chance that sony would consider making a home database accessible from the SS software so that all the machines in the house could share the same database of music? or is there a way to do it and I am just not seeing it? Mike.
  6. Hey yall, I have an extensive collection of music. Am looking for "The friends of Mr Cairo" "jon & Vangelis" I have some really smooth Schiller lounge/electronica, Pink Martini New Latin, Some real old music from herb alpert and the TJ Brass, Al Hirt, I think I have the complete discographia of Depeche Mode, Just ask I might have it laying around. Would be willing to trade in md-Hi-Md or HI-HI. Gods I love this format. I purchased the MZ-NH600D.. I love the minidisc but wish now I had purchased one that I can plug in. I am recharging batteries like they are going out of style. I think Im going to purchase a new one this summer. Mike.
  7. I would like to see SS with the ability to convert the format before transferring it to the Minidisc. Possibly able to batch convert in background. This would save a lot of time. I had a lot of problems with SS when I first started using it where I Would have to reload the database, effectively making previously recorded minidiscs unable to transfer music back to the computer. I had to re-record some of the music through a line in port and I lost a lot of music quality. Quite a few of the cd's I have are not in a cddb database and I had to enter the information manually. unfortuantely SS just lumps any information entered this way into one category/title usually unknown. it gets difficult trying to organize music. I too have a rather large database, nearly 40gb on this computer alone, and it seems that SS is having a hard time keeping all this music managed. Mike.
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