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  1. Hmm interesting, I guess maybe there is something else that sony is not providing for it to be modified and then saved. Looks like one is out of options for now, unless one keeps tinkering with the service menu.
  2. def not prototypes and more or less looks like the final product.
  3. Huh, interesting, well I would wonder myself, but my old A3000 was bought in canada and it did not have the vol problem. If you are brave enough to try it, do go ahead and try it
  4. question did you do this to change it?, in the attached images.
  5. hmm really, well someone was able to remove the block from a greek E-series model, odd.
  6. much appreciated for the photos, I was wondering if you can change the AUDIO --> SN one from 25 to 30? because if you can perhaps this is what is needed to be changed. Since reading the service manual it appears one can change it. again I caution you here, if the device breaks or stops working I take no responsibility btw some users have reported that the radio now is only like the Japanese one with freq up to 90 not the full 108 one for EU, so if get this problem then it worked but before this happens the radio should stop working, a reset should fix this.
  7. hmm hellow again, I was wondering if you could provide photos of both the A-series and S-series in their respective menus with the settings which you mentioned, since I do not own either model and I don't think this works on the X series, because it is hard to see anything if I do not have the device in front of me. btw please be careful with this since it might brick your player if you are not too careul
  8. Hi there, this is taken from teh E series thread Back 1,5 seconds Hold ON Right Left Volume UP Volume Down Right Left Option Back Option Back Now it should restart, then set Hold to Off. Under Audio you can change the settings. can you try this to see if it works?
  9. what is the resolution of the videos? the X only supports max video at 320x240.
  10. unfortunately if the device was purchased in the EU then the volume limit cannot be raised and it is stuck at this low level. Rumour has it that the limit can be removed since someone has been able to remove it on a new E series, but I am not sure if this also applies to the X.
  11. Yes the device has been discontinued in most markets except the US. It is no longer on sale in europe or canada as far as I know. If there is to be a new S series, an announcement should come soon, end of august, early september. If anything, perhaps sony will unveil something at IFA this year.
  12. Ascariss

    NWZ-X1050 Problem

    so it does not charge at all? have you tried another computer? perhaps the cable is the issue, since if the player is not showing up on your laptop and not charging, yet the device works, my guess is the cable is not working correctly.
  13. I own both the nokia 5800XM and the X series, the nokia is no where close to sounding as good as the X, even my older A818 sounds better than the nokia.
  14. yup so it has disappeared from the sony websites here in europe, at the sony store, the sony rep said they don't have anymore new stock and the old stock is being discounted soon. does this mean a new model is due soon?
  15. this new model is waht hte original should have been, already seems to be on the european sony sites along with the new B.
  16. well zune is not available in my country nor anywhere else outsdei the US. I do not want an ipod, sandisks players look cheapo, samsung players usually have firmware issues that then need upgrading, ditto for creative, case in point their new player, the X-F1 2, then there is cowon, sure it is nice, but I do not like the design of it nor the UI on it. for me this only leaves sony, they make great players with great build quality, and great sound. plus most walkamns have a better design than other players on the market. If I just wanted a player with gapless, I'd get something else by now, but I want a sony, what is wrong with that?
  17. well amazon has not changed the price by much 32 gb is at 379.99, 16gb model is 291 US, the X is cheapest in the UK if you import it. perhaps amazon is waiting for the new ipods to start shipping before any price drops but I would be shocked to see sonystyle dropping the price to match the new touch. one can hope.
  18. i'd rather have sony implement cue files for long mp3s so you could just skip to another song, like with winamp or other mp3 players for the pc
  19. great idea but this will never work 100%, unless sony implements mp3 gapless playback. the only gapless playback on sony players is using wav files.
  20. you can force the new walkmans into UMS in windows since they run as a UMS device on other operating systems.
  21. Ascariss

    iTunes 9

    Never used itunes on this pc and never will, was forced to use it at uni where our lab had macs. I buy my music from other sites and not itunes, since I do not care to support apple and their company. apple is slowing getting to big and will eventually face issues like all major software firms no matter how hard they try to resist. besides steve jobs is evil
  22. there is nore to the mp3 player market than just ipods with many of the companies out there sounding quite good and even better than some of the sony units.
  23. the new sony mp3 players continue the tradition of great sound and you can use playlists on the new devices so you can easily make 'packs' of songs if you wanted to. minidisc is dead, it was a nice medium and had potential but unfortunately sony got it wrong with atrac and minidisc, this is not what people wanted, people wanted mp3 and hdd/flash, ie apple
  24. Ascariss

    Connector Chaos

    hmm 65 bucks for aussie dollars is still too much, it costs 22.99 here without taxes and this is in canadian dollars. on the USA site it costs 17,99 US with no taxes so there is no sony premium here 65 AUS dollars is 60 canadian so no way should it cost this much. check your sony website http://www.sony.com.au/productcategory/pa-accy-uni-wm-port-cable 29.95 which is not 60 bucks, so I am not sure where you are buying this from but don't get it there, you are getting ripped off.
  25. Ascariss

    Connector Chaos

    well mini-usb were on many of the older network walkmans and i know the US NWZ-E34x uses a mini-usb connection but the same model in europe the NWZ-E44x uses the wm-port. perhaps once sony moves to androind in their walkmans maybe then they will re-adopt the mini usb plugl
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