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  1. Every previous firmware updade for NW-A6xx includes all regions in one fail. I can't see a reason that this one doesn't. I've already updated my european NW-A608 with this 2.01 japanese release. Works fine. But anyway 2.01 version isn't to useful. No AAC support, only crappy Flower2 screen animation.
  2. To my mind, when you do the firmware update, the old version is overwritten completely. That's why it is dangerous, if electricity goes off during the process, you lost your device, and it can be repaired only in service center. Actually i got the idea, how to cheat the player detection thing. In the archive with the firmware update are 3 types of firmaware. Something like NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG, NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG and NW_A600_2.00.00C.UPG. The .ini fail looks like this [PAC_FWUpdater] Target=AURA(F) Comment=NW-A600 2.00 Firmware Update (Web) [DEVICE01] DeviceName=NW-A608 ProductInfo=NWWM MEM AAD2 ClassifyType=5 DevicePropertyProductInfo=NW-A608 SubIdentification=00600000 BootstrapVersion=2.1 CommandType=0 Signature=roga Version00=2.00 FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG FWPackageWritePathName=\MSFWUPGR.UPG StorageMediaFormatType=0 PBRFile=PBR2G.dat Timer=7:00 [DEVICE02] DeviceName=NW-A608 ProductInfo=NWWM MEM AAD2 ClassifyType=5 DevicePropertyProductInfo=NW-A608 SubIdentification=00600000 BootstrapVersion=2.0 CommandType=0 Signature=roga Version00=2.00 FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00J_BOOT21.UPG FWPackageWritePathName=\MSFWUPGR.UPG StorageMediaFormatType=0 PBRFile=PBR2G.dat Timer=7:00 .......[skiped part] [DEVICE05] DeviceName=NW-A608 ProductInfo=NWWM MEM AAD2 ClassifyType=4 DevicePropertyProductInfo=NW-A608 SubIdentification=01600000 CommandType=0 Signature=roga Version00=2.00 FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00C.UPG FWPackageWritePathName=\MSFWUPGR.UPG StorageMediaFormatType=0 PBRFile=PBR2G.dat Timer=7:00 .......[skiped part] So, it is impossible to know, how to make you player be detectet as device other than European, but it is still possible to change that line FWPackage00=... in .ini fail. The original .ini fail contains three type of this line: 1. FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG 2. FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00J_BOOT21.UPG 3. FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00C.UPG ,but if you do all this different lines the same. Like this: 1. FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG 2. FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG 3. FWPackage00=NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG it makes the updater to choose NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG for all versions of the player. So, basically this operation must be done three times. First we change all the lines to NW_A600_2.00.00J.UPG, than to NW_A600_2.00.00J_BOOT21.UPG, and after to NW_A600_2.00.00C.UPG Open .ini fail. Change the lines. Save .ini fail. Device updating process. In theory, with one of the version of the firmware the player must be much more quieter, than with others two. I hope my thoughts were clear enough... So now we need a volonteer brave enough, to update his player for three times in row and tell as results I don't know, may be i will try it by myself. Only have to collect a bit of courage. I just bought my nw-a608. I'm from Europe, and player seems to be a bit quet compare to Creative Zen Nano.
  3. It's really interesting... If you Extract a European firmware update and Japan one, inside they are completely the same. So all versions of firmware are packed in one archive. That means, when you do update, FWUpdater.exe detects somehow your version of the player. All the settings are stored in the AuraF100.ini fail, if only knew exactly the meanings of all those options stored in .ini, it probably would be possible to change this .ini fail. Replace the code of european version with code of japan one, for example, so FWUpdater detect your device as japan version and put japan firmware with no volume limiter. But, of course it is all theoretically. In fact we need a sony employee or service center worker here, to tell as all the secrets. Anyway, it is not fair. If i want to make my wolume louder, i must have such possibility. Is it really hard for Sony to do? Just allow us to remove this ridiculous limiter? Like Apple did, they also released new firmware with loud limiter, but they said that it's optional, if you don't want the limiter, just dont install this new firmware.
  4. McRenckov

    Got a working NW-E003

    5 line EQ! Nice! That's what missing nw-a6xx!
  5. Hello wisemen, i just wondering what AC adaptors are compatible with SONY nw-a608? What SONY models? And can be any third party adaptors used for charging this unit?
  6. It really helped. Thanks a lot. It's a pity, that such a brilliant and usefull software as GYM had stopped in development. It could be really amazing alternative to those crappy SONY Sonic Stage and especially Connect Player. If only GYM could transfer music to device as well...
  7. Hello everyone! Nice and useful Forum you have here! I've resently got Sony NW-A1000. Of course, possibility to transfer music not only to the player, but back to PC as well is very important, so i decided to try GYM. I downloaded GYM version 1.2b_beta, followed all the instructions of the wizard. GYM seems to be working, at list i can see all track within the device and can play them, but when i'm trying to save tracks back to PC, something goes wrong. GYM asking me to choose destination folder, but don't give me any possibility to do that, see screenshot i just can't see any of my computer drives, to choose a place where to save the selected track. And simple Drag And Drop also dont work. Does anyboy got the same issue? Any ideas wht could it be? I run under Windows XP SP2 with Microsoft NET. Frameworks 2.0 installed.
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