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  1. I have a Sony NetMD MZ-NF810, I was transfering tracks from my PC to it when my PC locked up, and also in the process rendered my MD unit unusable. I've been working through the service manual to try and reset it to the defaults and have got upto the part of the CD / MO Overall Adjustment Mode but it shows on the 'CD RUN' :- 324 NG 00 which I assume it doesn't like the setting 00 for item 324 Could someone with this model or the 710 check what item 324 is set at, then I can see if setting the same will get me passed that point. Thanks Dave
  2. Got the latest Argos catologue (major UK store) yesterday and they've reduced the number of Hi-MD models they are sellling to 3 taking up half a page of their 1500+ page catologue, compared to harddisk/flash type units which take up 5 pages. They still devote 5 pages to portable CD players. So has Sony lost it's chance with the Hi-MD format?
  3. have aread of this thread :- http://forum.digitalspy.co.uk/board/showthread.php?t=197895 In short - Use NetTransport (http://www.xi-soft.com/default.htm) to download the bbc listen again programme - generally using 10 threads it'll do a 30min programme in 3 mins. The programme will be a real audio file (ra) Use Streamripper which is part of the beta version of Streambox VCR to do a batch convert from ra to wav (use the auto settings) Read this on converting ra to mp3/wav :- http://www.area450.com/softwaremods/ra2mp3-1.html A finally use Sonicstage to put the WAV's onto your MDNet recorder, it should convert to atrac with no problems - but this final part is frustratingly slow, probable due to Sony's crap software - anyone know a better way of doing this final part? I'm currently testing converting ra to mp3 and then using sony's mp3 conversion tool to omg (http://sonyelectronics.sonystyle.com/walkmanmc/mp3.html) to see if it is any quicker
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