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  1. Last time i've opened SS 4.2 a little window asked me if i wanted to register on gracenote for the cddb. I did and now i can't use SonicStage because it crushes everytime i open it!!! please help! how can i remove this cddb? I've tried to unistall SS and then re-install but it's always there please!
  2. i had one too... i put a gumstick battery in the bag with the MD... what a stupid... argh! i pretending that it doesn't exist but i can't...
  3. when you say EQ off what do you mean? you mean normal EQ? or Custom with flat eq at 0 level? or custom with flat eq at the most negative level you can? (i hope you can understand what i mean)
  4. i don't know... people don't want cds with more space i believe it depends only on the support that we are talking about... i think that fo the need we have that 5gb in a disc could be the best i could not have for more than this 1gb it's a symbolic size that does not fit to a real need
  5. ahahahahhaa yeah it's just good enough to a little travel... around the universe. anyway we don't need 2 terabyte but with 2gb we could record a music concert in pcm without changing disc!
  6. ahahahahhaha just wondering: how many days would be at 48kps atrac? ehehehehehh anyway, does anyone know if technically it could be possible to have 2gb in a disc?
  7. no, not so long. i use USB 1.1 and i think it's about twice the normal transfer time to another usb device. you have to consider also that there is a little time for the "system file writing" so less are the folder you transfer less is the time you lose maybe with a usb 2.0 you'll lose less time to transfer the files anyway the quality of mp3 it's not so bad and if you use the earphone that come with the unit you won't notice that big difference with atrac, using a custom equalizer (you can do it with japan model) you can set a good sound for you i'm pretty happy with my unit except for the lack of pitch speed, timestamp and line out but they not so "necessary" for me
  8. tried to combine tracks that were in .wav but the sonicstage can't do it because it's not a supported file format, it says... i can combine only .oma? can i use soundforge or another software for doing this operation? is nero a CD authoring software? i don't understand what exactly means CD authoring software
  9. yes, probably it's related to this because i put some marks and then deleted them... BUT the recording was not HI-SP, it was PCM. what to say about the gap on the beginning of the track? if i use soundforge to see waves it seems normal, no flat wave even if i zoom a lot what's the problem with it? anyway i understood that if i want to transfer long lasting recordings it's better to split them with soundforge and not with the minidisc itself; what do you all think about it?
  10. anyone experienced problems uploading recordings via USB? i had some sound artifacts in some files... anyone? i fixed them with soundforge. next time i will take a screenshot but it's like a little bar greek pi-shaped another thing! on the beginning of the track there is a little gap
  11. just wanted to know if there is software to play atrac instead of using sonic stage? there is some addon/plugin for WMP or winamp? (better first one) i believe that atrac is not so known and used because it's not so simple to play them as mp3's maybe sony is trying to pushing this type of files with hd5 and the other devices like that
  12. opinions about what's the best 80 mins MD? i have the sharp one and they seems good to me... somewhere i read that minidiscs last about 1000 recordings, is it true???
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