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  1. Hi all, I have had problems with installing downloads with Sonic stage in the past and the link to Sonicstage 4.0 is no different. I get a message saying that I need to find a disc with C:\DOCUME~1\Steve\LOCALS~1\Temp\pftB4.tmp, I click ok and then the install won't go any futher, has anyone else experienced this and how did you solve it. I also can't get my gracenote to recognise my registration, I clcik yes to register but nothing happens, any clues? I have downloaded the Sonic Stage 3.4 from this site and that has at least updated my Sonic Stage, will prob just wait for the full .exe of 4.0 on here. Still doesn't solve the gracenote problem, don't want to be typing in names of each song if they can be had off Gracenote automatically. Cheers Steve
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