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  1. Hiya Guys! I have a PRISTINE condition Sharp IM-DR80 in silver color. I got it from my trip in Japan and have only put about 4 hours of use on it. There are no scratches, dents, dings, playback errors, or sound quality flaws whatsoever! Everything is included! It is in the original box. It comes with the unit, docking base, carrying case, usb, rechargeable battery, extra battery extention, plug, earphones, and remote control with display, and instructions with software for windows 98-xp. I have NEVER used the earphones or remote control. The software can be downloaded from the minidisc.org forums. I am also including about 15 used minidisks and a 12 MD case by Case logic as a bonus. I am asking $130 USD + shipping (I do not charge rediculous handling fees). I am located in Toronto, Canada and I prefer Paypal. I have ebay feedback under the same username: km.3000 I'll let the pictures do the talking :580smile:
  2. Hey Guys! I recently got just an MZ-N10 unit, and I was wondering, what chargers and cables do I need to make the unit function. Do I need the dock? Can I just buy an AC adaptor and a USB cable to make it work? If so, what type / kind? Also, is it possible to change the battery? Thanks for helping!
  3. Hey Guys! I have up for sale is my silver Sony MZ-N10 MD recorder/player which is in PRISTINE condition ! It is in perfect condition cosmetically and funtionally. It comes with EVERYTHING except for the sony earbuds it came with (because I've used them and I doubt you want to put those in your ears.) by everything I mean (Remote, box, manuals in Japanese AND English, USB cables, AC adaptor, Cradle, and Battery add-on pack) as for the extras: I will throw in TWO remotes! and also TWO battery add-on packs shown in the pictures. * the catch is that the extra remote included is not working, however, it seems possible to fix. I bet the problem is a loose connection. If you can't fix it, no worries, the other one works perfectly and doesn't have any scratches.* I am looking for $115 USD shipped to US or Canada . I prefer paypal and the item is shipped from Canada.
  4. Hey Guys, I have up for sale my MZ-E10 MD player which I have kept in PRISTINE condition. It is the J-Version and furthermore, it is GOLD! which is a fair bit rarer than the silver. It comes with everything except for the earbuds. (box, manuals (I have them in Japanese AND English), Remote, Adaptor, Charger, and charging stand.) I am located in Canada. I am looking for $120 US SHIPPING INCLUDED FIRM! This is E10 is in Mint condition cosmetically and functionally! I accept paypal and I don't charge fees.
  5. Hey Guys! I'm looking to buy these particular Sharp MD player/recorder models! Thanks for all your help in advanced! Alternately, you could also help me out in my quest to find these models by telling me where I could pick one up Keith.
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