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  1. My MZ-RH10 got its first scratch A nice ugly one across the front. Some idiot put (me) it in my bag without its protective 'sack'. It was just a short trip but.. alas .. But.. Geek to the rescue.. "Hmmmm.. where'd I put that stash of PDA screen protectors" Cut.. cut.. cut.. <... over one hour later...> My MZ-RH10 - is covered from head to foot in clear self-cling vinyl! Not quite as pretty.. kinda ugly actually.. ... and cutting around those buttons was a pain BUT .. now we're safe from the occasional contact with a rough surface. It took 2 to cover a side, had to cut out around buttons and such. If you attempt such a feat it may be helpful to first photocopy/scan your player, and use the scan as a template - I used my device as the template which mean I had to be very careful with the ol' xacto. Pictures to follow. 'Brian
  2. Hmm.. I'd be willing to do try the noise floor analysis in cool edit, but I'm not sure if you can make it think it has a mic connected unless, there is a mic connected. I haven't tried pulling it out while recording.. hmm.. That said, I'd be hard pressed to see any real issues with the RH-10. Records well, sounds great. The mp3 playback issue, can be made most livable with an eq tweak. I have many gb of mp3's and the thought of conversion to anything.. atrac included is just crazy. The time is realtime or slower near as I can tell. Okay - it may not be but I was in a hurry and wanted the stinking file on the player and the converson took what seemed like forever. The SonicStage app (as you well know ) is just wierd. And ugly. And completly non-intuituve. There should be a dope-slap penalty in place for guys who come up with new and bad gui's. The direct transfer of mp3's doesnt take very long, and you get all your id2/3 stuff. I've said this before, and so have others.. but it bears repeating.. the remote is worth it. First time you put the md player in a pocket/case and want to switch songs or pause You'll be glad you have the remote. '--Brian
  3. I recorded some stuff on my RH10. Copied it to my PC via SS. Now listening to the track on the RH10. Its a long track so I thought I'd fiddle with the track marking/editing. "TRK FROM PC NO EDIT" now thats just silly. they've chosen to err on the side of stupidity. 'Brian
  4. MC Hammer - Pump it Up Rarely Herd - Go Tell John Iceberg Slim - Don't Touch That Stereo Elvis Crement? - Suave Bob Marley - I Shot the Sheriff +and a bunch of other stuff..
  5. The Display on the RH10 is fine. It 'emits light' - its not a reflective kind of display - that said I've never had any trouble seeing it .. outdoors or in. It seems to have a 'bright' level - when you're fiddling with it and then a 'dim' level - after a few seconds of no use, and then it goes dark after a long time sitting there. The remote control is "Very Handy". Wasn't sure about this feature, but the first time using the thing as a walkman while mowing the lawn, and I was very glad I had the remote.
  6. I got the 'merican model. That is any color as long as it's black, earphones, software, usb cable, a remote - without an LCD, and no cradle. I am happy with it. I am happy with price and the purchse process. That said, I chose: http://www.compuplus.com MZ-RH10 is currently - $242.95 my experience.. I had it fed-ex'd - turns out there was a flight-delay for fed-ex and some other snafu - and it didn't make it by 11am the next day. (did come a day later before 11 am). I told the folks at compuplus about the shipping issue and they refunded the shipping difference. -- off topic - does anyone know offhand which retail stores stock Hi-MD's?
  7. ick. :-) I like the text stuff. - pictures are cool too.. just not at the expense of information.. imvho.
  8. Great news. Thanks :-) b_k_d
  9. ------------------------------ The State of the Hi-MD Hack ------------------------------ The following is a wildly apocryphal, and highly speculative attempt at unifying the information available on the state of hacking the current line if Hi-MD player/recorders to function as nature intended. Feel free to make suggestions and/or corrections if you dare. --------------- The Elephant --------------- The makers of these devices have seen fit to force their owners to make all music PC to Device transfers through what they occasionally refer to as a 'magic gate'. The idea is that you own the device, you may even own the media, but we will not trust you with the bits. And every transfer of 'sound' bits from the device to another device shall be mediated by a piece of software which imposes some arbitrary set of restrictions on what can, and when it can be transferred and in which direction. This is akin to GM installing a Chocolate Chip cookie monitor in every vehicle, to prohibit the rampant spread of interstate cookie piracy and distribution. There are numerous undeniably legal uses that would benefit from getting around this scheme, and many other most-probably legal uses that would benefit as well. Specifics: 1. We can only transfer files recorded via MIC or LINE-IN from MD to PC. 2. We can only transfer said file 1 time from MD to PC. 3. Optically recorded files are not transferable from MD to PC. 4. SoundStage is the the only way to access the music portion of the MD data. 5. Mac folks have no hope (that said Virtual PC should work). -------------- What we know -------------- 1. Light-side vs Dark-Side [ -samplehunter ] - When mounted as a USB drive, the HI-MD device shows a directory of files of the form -HI-MD.IND +HMDHIFI | |- 00010012.HMA |- ATDATA04.HMA |- MCLIST03.HMA |- MCLIST04.HMA |- TEXT_G01.HMA +- TRKIDX04.HMA This is the 'light-side' data, that is data we can touch and see. It is presumed (not proven just yet) that there is a portion of the disc that the player reads and writes to and is not exposed via usb - This is aptly called the 'Dark-Side'. Why do we care: 1. Research that points to this dark-side data being used as a part of the encryption of the data 2. A bit for bit copy of a MD would be nice for backup purposes. Examples: Folks have attempted to copy light-side data from one disk to another, or even old light-side data on top of new light side data. It works functionally, but the player will not play the data. -------------------- Technical Hurdles: -------------------- 1. Getting to the data - the meta-data (or most of it) is available through the HMDHIFI directory structure the question is how can we that into a list of music files? 2. Using the data - the data stored on the disk is encrypted and/or obfuscated - such that once we access the music files how will we get them in a form we can play or edit on the pc? 3. Modifying/Adding music data - the 'encryption'/verification scheme seems to depend on more data than the FAT data visible via a usb connection ------------------- Breakthroughs ! ------------------- ** Reading Tracknames - There are 2 programs that can extract track names an put them in human readable form 1. himd-idx - (alexoft) 2. himdlister - (marcnet) The both work by analyzing the file: TRKIDXNN.HMA and pulling the track names from it ** Reading Data 1. himd_xtract - (fishstyc) - will extract OMG files from a mounted Hi-MD player. 2. himd_renderer - (marknet) - will convert an OMG file to .wav, .mp3, or .ogg Hi-md renderer uses the SoundStage libraries to convert the files. Sony has also released a OMG to wav converter. ----------------- Ultimate Goals ----------------- 1. Tops in the unfeasible, but most helpful - would be to find a way to modify the device to record the OMG, PCM files in the clear FAT part of the disk, and to play OMG, PCM or MP3 files placed on the light-side of the disk. 2. Secondary but much more feasible would be to have an installable filesystem driver, that would mount the Hi-MD files as the device sees them, allowing drag-and-drop to and from the disk. examples: gmailfs : http://richard.jones.name/google-hacks/gma...filesystem.html gmail drive shell exension: http://www.viksoe.dk/code/gmail.htm Both cases extend google mail's storage system to make it appear as a regular drive to the client system (os-x does this with ftp, and .mac also) FUSE - seems a likely candidate for doing the same with the data exposed via usb connection on a Hi-MD device. ----------------- Misc. ----------------- Where's the work being done: Some amazing folks at the forums.minidisc.org Who wrote this: Some software geek who just got a Hi-MD recorder and suddenly has a an unusually keen interest in the details of Hi-MD.
  10. I've just received a MZ-RH10. And its wonderful. I was figuring out how to title a track when I noticed somethings not quite right with the input matrix thingy. Look here... As seen in the picture - the last three letters are not shown on each line. The cursor will go over there, and you can use the letters but they're not shown? I've only tried switching languages back and forth, and its the same. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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