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  1. My vision of the future is 'everything conecting to everything'. Pata2001, if M$(hehe i like that) pull off what you are suggesting they will have a very strong device indeed. Obviously it remains to be seen though..
  2. Damned thing won't even start for me!, i keep getting the message ''Cannot locate files related to windows media format exiting SonicStage'' Anyone know how i can fix this? EDIT - Reinstalled Windows media player, then reinstalled SS 4.0. It now works
  3. Hahaha, pretty HUGE mistake to make really, fools...
  4. Just one before bed (it's 1.43 am here :s) Harry Gregson-Williams - Man On Fire (Hybrid Remix)
  5. Havn't posted in a while... Still toying with the idea of buying a pair of these. The pictorial and review is very much appreciated, ny sound is tiny even at hogh volujmes do you mean tinny? or just quiet (i find this to be the case with my EX81)? Still don't think i'll be parting with my cash anytime soon for a pair of these. (partly because i have very little atm)
  6. Richard_p

    New iAUDIO 6

    I'll give them credit there, 10gb from flash is pretty impressive, though still not enough for me to move from HDD
  7. Sasha - Involver, usual bitrate 192kbs Atrac 1. Grandnational - Talk Amongst Yourselves 2. Shpongle - Devon Perception 3. Petter - These Days 4. UNKLE - What You Mean To Me 5. The Youngsters - Smile 6. DJ Spooky - Belong 7. UNKLE - In A State 8. Lostep - Burma 9. Felix Da Housecat - Watching Cars Go by 10. Ulrich Schauss - On My Own
  8. Don't think i'd beena wake that long, but i don't really remember. For fun i'll give people permission to photoshop it and make me look funny they want!
  9. Another of me, just for Kicks n'all.
  10. Well, first time i've heard it. It sounds absoloutely terrible, Since the invention of the CD the industry has survived without all of this rubbish, i know for one i'd actually feel more inclined to NOT buy anything with such corporate protection on it. So many problems: Take a CD, for example, i'm sure many own or use multiple CD players, perhaps one in the living room, bedroom, kithchen, car, portable... etc. Play it in any one of those and it is instantly restricted to it, furthermore if the player stops working then that CD and every other one with the 'protection' on it become waste!! Surely sony have foreseen these issues?? Pata2001, i surely hope you are right. I for one am on my 5th PS2, so concerning games the same problems are present.
  11. Listening to the following in atrac3 192kbs. J. Scott G. - Summer Beckons 2006 Date 2006-03-08 Venue summerchannel.com Source Encoded by J. Scott G. Info Disc 1 1. The Beatles - Because (Shiloh Remix) 2. Coldplay - Talk (Junkie XL Remix) 3. Freza & DJ Flash - Air Trip 4. D-Nox - Seven Hours 5. D-Nox & Beckers - You're A Star (Club Version) 6. Shiloh - Dream On (Luke Chable Remix) 7. Infusion - Natural (Extended Mix) 8. Damien Heck - Alicante 9. Mario de Bellis - How Does It Feel (Main Mix) Disc 2 1. LP & Shiloh - All Those Things 2. Summer Channel - A Thousand Miles (LP Remix) 3. Backdraft - Bassblaster (Burufunk Remix) 4. Melting Ice Caps - Stone Lions 5. Andy Page - Serpent 6. Sound Alliance - Sub Regression (Traffiks Hexed Mix) 7. The Rogue Element - Let Me Breathe 8. 30hz - All Up In Your Head 9. Life Cycle - Carbon Copy 10. Metric - Leave It Pretty good mixes, in my opinion, available at www.hybridized.org Linkage in 352k MP3 so quality should be okay for most. I have made a .cue sheet for both if anyone is interested.
  12. Bought a 1gb MS pro duo of ebay the other week for like £25 inc postage, admttedly probaly a 'fake' but this is of little consequence as of yet. Thing is now i really don't trust Ebay unless it's cpming from within U.K.
  13. Admittedly not listening But ripping the following in Atrac 192 kbs kyau Vs Albert - Here We are now 1. Not With You 2. Velvet Morning 3. Falling Anywhere 4. Made Of Sun 5. Northern Star 6. Tell Me 7. New Gods 8. Save Me 9. Outside 10. Being You 11. Clarissa 12. Lost In Vain 13. Leavin' Dj Tiesto - Magik 6 Live In Amsterdam 1. AFTERBURN - FRATTY BOY 2. SUNBURST - EYEBALL (JOHN JOHNSON REMIX) 3. YAHEL - VOYAGE 4. FREE RADICAL - SURREAL (EN MOTION MIX) 5. FIRE & ICE - FOREVER YOUNG 6. THE SWIMMER - PURPLE CLOUD 7. DELERIUM - SILENCE (DJ TIËSTO'S IN SEARCH OF SUNRISE REMIX) 8. MOOGWAI - VIOLA (ARMIN VAN BUUREN MIX) 9. KAMAYA PAINTERS - WASTELAND 10. CLOUD 69 - SIXTY NINE WAYS 11. AIRWAVE - ESCAPE FROM NOWHERE 12. DAWNSEEKERS - GOTHIC DREAM (JOHN JOHNSON REMIX) 13. PUSH - TILL WE MEET AGAIN (ALBUM MIX) 14. VDM - NO HESITATION 15. PULSER - CLOUD WALKING
  14. So what does it actually do i wonder?? I certainly don't even like the look of it.
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