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  1. hey, also, which Hi-MD should I get? I'd beel looking at mz-rh10, but i was also thinking aobut mz-rh910, to save money. and which battery, too... anything, recomendations would be much appreciated
  2. thanks much, so anyone got any recomendations on good hi-md recorders for les than $300?
  3. ssooooo yea, I've been trying to decide, aanndd... I can't really make up my mind, here.... I like the Hi-Md stuff and all, But i can't imagine i'm going to buy any $7 mds, and i have an ipod, so if i want a lot of music with me at one time, i have that. what i really want this thing for, is digitizing my vinyl/cassette collection, i've got aobut 50-100 counting both, and so possibly to record me and my friend's band, and um.... *cough* bootlegging... you know.. LOCAL bands.... so i mainly just want this for recording from other sources, so what do you recomend?
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