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  1. Hi All, Have any of you ever had the following problem? A couple of weeks back I went to use my MD player, pressed play on the remote and nothing happened. Thinking the hold switch was on I checked the remote, it wasn't on but I noticed the battery indicator was on (reading full), but nothing else was displayed. I pressed play again several times and nothing kicked in. I then tried the unit direct and it still wouldn't kick in. I took the disc out and then reloaded it and all was fine? I didn't think anymore about this until yesterday morning when I went to play my MD player but the battery was empty which was strange because I had fully charged it overnight (it was charging as I always check it after being caught out once). I screwed on the external pack, that was loaded with a fresh battery and all was fine. This morning though, the battery in the external pack is dead? I only used the MD for 1 hour yesterday so the charge has gone somewhere? Any suggestions? I will look out the receipt tonight as the unit is only 11 months old, but wondered if the MD Oracles knew of anything similar? Is it likely just to be the battery and not the Unit? Thanks in advance!
  2. I would suggest burning to Audio CD and re ripping in SS.
  3. What next! I came home last night, switched on the TV to see the tale end of a Sony walkman advert on British TV. The amazement and slight dizziness have only just passed!
  4. On my NH900: +2, +1, 0, +1, 0, 0, (Sony standard issue headphones) Like Kurisu said, I just set this to my personal preference (whilst listening to a favourite song). I have never changed it.
  5. Gold star greenmachine! Thanks!
  6. A while back someone post a link to a website like GNOD that you put in a band name and it gives you other bands that people think sound similar. The band names appeared like they were floating on the screen? Can anyone remember the URL please?
  7. Thanks a great Album Kurisu. A friend gave me a copy a few months back and I love it. Really good for listening too on the train I think.
  8. Difficult one... I would say altime wise would have to be The Beatles/Rolling Stones. Of recent years: Oasis The Bluetones, The Charatans Madness Phil Collins Genesis
  9. Superb! My friend and I did something with business mail once. He was made redundant from a job because 'there wasn't enough work' but found out the week after that the bosses son had been given his job. Rather than trying to sue, (it was only a summer job), we took to cutting out of the papers we could get anyhting that gave you a free sample, free trial, free brochure etc.... We really went to town! I'm sure his old boss really appreciated the 7 free hedge trimmers, numerous adult DVDs, 12 different lingaphone tapes (his Native Indian dialect came on a real treat!), craftmatic beds etc etc etc!
  10. You may want this in the news section? Sky News
  11. Haybrd


    Hello and welcome. I recently upgraded from Sonicstage V2.0 to 3.0 by simplying running the new version which was on CD and letting it install itself over the old version. It would be worth running the sonicstage backup tool first though (Tools>Sonicstage Backup) just in case something goes wrong. Hope all goes well!
  12. At the moment The Charatans 'Tellin Stories' But I've just been given Jack Johnsons 'In Between Dreams' which I'll be puttting onto MD ASAP when I get home!
  13. Another reason for SS being a pain is that it only runs on Win 98SE I think? I have it running on WIN 98SE and had to download the new direct X plug in from Microsoft (v9?) and like you Media player 7 and codec 9 etc. Best of luck with it!
  14. My understanding is that is does not get charged. The MD player becomes USB powered i.e. does not take charge from the battery but from the PC, but no charge goes into the battery.
  15. Haybrd

    Apple, Doh!

    Tried to post this in the news section but I done have access. Apple Vs Microsoft
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