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  1. t's been a while since i posted here but this problem is really getting to me, and I don't know what to do!!! sad.gif My Senn PMX-60's are really great headphones. The sound quality is awesome and they are very comfortable, However, this morning when i went to listen to my HD1, the quality just dropped to sounding like a crappy 48 kbps MP3.huh.gif To make sure it wasn't the player, i tried it on a D-EJ2000, my laptop, and my bro's no-name MP3 player and the same result. unsure.gif I tried playing with the cord (at the base, near the jack) to little effect, the quality went back to normal, but then went to sounding lke crap What is going on here!!!??? Is it a loose wire or something else? Can i fix it myself or get new 'phones? HELP!
  2. I have the PMX-60's and love them soooo much, too bad there;s sumthing wrong with em....
  3. You mean SonicStage? Works the same for me
  4. Well, that time has come...no more MD for me but, before you all yell at me, at least listen to my circimstances for leaving (and where i'm going) I was in microcenter earlier today with my bro, and saw a contest that store was running...drop your name in the box, and win your choice of MP3 player! I said "WTF, not like I'll iwn anyway" Well, apparently I was the only one who entered! They call me at home at around 8-ish, saying what happened, and I have free range over any (well, sub $200) MP3 player I go in, thinking I'll suprise the GF with one. But then I see it...the NW-HD1 Screw the GF...IT'S MINE!!! It's charging right now, and I'm dancing with glee!! So, I haven't completly left the ATRAC fold, just MD.....my brother is getting my NF-610, and the GF will get my NH-600d It was since while it lasted! THNX A BUNCH YOU GUYS!!!!!
  5. what about using the 3 volt charger to charge everything?
  6. Okay, so I have a 3 volt charger that came with my NF610 and CD player, and I just got a HD-1, and the charger is 6 volt Question is, can I use the 6 volt charger to charge the MD and CD player? Or will i fry both of them?
  7. Well, does anyone know where? Preferably for under $150, but I'll manage with whatever I can muster
  8. I totally agree with you on that...but for different reasons. If Sony could make it a little bit easier, it could go a long way in making MD's succeed, there stll is time!
  9. So far, every review I've read for a sony DAP (md or hdd) has said how aweful SS is, and the reviews always suffer greatly becuase of this IMHO. personally, I never thought SS sucked, I thought it rocked all the way from v 1.5! I guess it's because ppl can't be bothered to learn how to use a new piece of software? I mean I hate iTunes because it's too easy and simplistic...i like options! If people just took their time and sat down w/ SS 3.xx, I'm sure they'll be singing a different tune... what do you guys think?
  10. only use mp3's, so im even more confused as to why this is happening!
  11. I have an mz-nf610 I tried burning an MD and got the following message: "Transfers not allowed [track name]" Is there any reason to this? how do i bypass/stop this error?
  12. not really actually... like i said prior, Hi-MD was very easily explained to my customer friend (he didnt seem too computer literate BTW) just tell them that it requires a little bit of patience(sadly most ppl odnt have this nowadays), and is a great alternative to iPod (they seem to like that), since if they know how to operate an ipod, making the leap to Hi-MD isn't a big one, especially since SS has vastly improved in 3.2/3
  13. believe me the apple store aint much better: gf: hi, i want an ipod nano rep: okay, are u interested in the ipod video? gf: no, i have no use for that much space or video capabilities rep: u sure? I'm sure your collection will grow in time gf: it will, but i want a nano! rep: any accesroies? a dock perhaps? u definitly need a case! gf: i actually can make my own for about $5 so no. no use for a dock wither. Sorry! ::pissed:: Can you please just sell me the f***king nano!! and it went on from there. At least the rep knew what he was talking about
  14. i wanna record my college classes(all my professors are okay with it) w/ my nf610, but it only has a line-in port. Can i just plug in a mic and record, or am I SOL? (BTW, I DONT want to get extra stuff, if possible...to bulky)
  15. okay, a SonyStyle store just opened up near me (roosevelt field mall on LI), and I decided to (read: dragged my gf) go in They have nice stuff, and i found my self playing with an hd5 when i overheard this conversation: customer: what this? ::points to an RH10:: sales rep: oh, that's an MP3 player as well (d'oh!!) customer: what makes it different than that one? ::points to hd5:: rep: well, that one has less capacity (okay...), and has a better screen(true), other than that not really much customer: whats the difference in capacity? rep: oh, that one ::pointing to rh10:: has a 1 gigabyte hard disk and the other one has a 20 gigabyte hard disk (huh, did he just say that!!???) customer: oh, but why are they the same price? rep: the screen, and that one :: rh10:: has an backlight LCD remote inculded. I wouldn't get it, since they are cancelling support for those models soon (??) customer: thanks ::walks away:: so, i take it upon myself to talk to the customer and explain that the rh10 is a Hi-MD player, and can record stuff live, and uses cheap removable mindiscs. The customer, confused, seems interested in this and askes more questions about MD. I tell him all i know, and he ends up purchasing it. Moral of the story...never listen to sales reps cuz they r idiots!!!
  16. got the senn PMX-60's..will post a review ASAP
  17. earbuds/canals are the same thing to me...dunno they are just uncomfortable to wear for me
  18. what about the sen PMX60? those looked pretty decent
  19. I used to have the MDR-G42LP 'phones until today when the cord was rippped outta the phones themselves I liked them cuz they where lightweight and sounded really good for $15. I commute to NYC w/ an nf610(radio for howard stern) [gonna get me an nhf800 soon as a have more $$], and D-EJ2000, and people are constantly amazed by the EJ2000's size, and the minidisc players themselves Well, time to upgrade...here's what I need: -lightweight/ultraportable -NO EARBUDS, god i hate earbuds -good sound quality, the only problem with the G42's was a slight hiss on certain words on higher volume levels - ~$20-30 USD -pref. behind-the-neck style -wireless(? if it exists) can anyone help me?
  20. yes, this is the case with my 600d...as a side rote, if you end up really likein gour player, consider getting it a remote, such as the rm-mc40elk or 35elk
  21. try radioshack...just in there a few days ago and they carry a suprising number of MD units, just call befoire you walk in...they had and NH-600d for $100
  22. well, scratch that remote, lsot two of em...oh well.... however i came across the RM-MC37LT remote can i use the radio feature on this for my NH600? better yet...can i even get a radio function on this MD?
  23. so lemme get this straight.....I wont be able to use this remote?
  24. hey i found it on ebay for like $1.26, wouldnn't you jump at that oppurtunity!?
  25. I was just wondering, does this remote have a buitlk in tuner? I want to get it for my NH600D, but i wanna make sure it does beforehand... thnx in advance..
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