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  1. Hi, is there ANY sign that Sony will release a 32GB flash Walkman? Hopefully ...
  2. Hello again I'm searching the old Sony NW-E3 walkman. Does anybody have one laying around in good condition in silver color or does now where I can get one. I had no luck on ebay etc. They all seem to be gone :-( Any tips? Thank you
  3. Hi, does anybody know if Sony plans to release a 32GB Version? I PRAY for this! :-) And does Sony now use a reflective screen for outside use? I have a 818 and the screen is UNUSABLE outdoors if the sun's shining :-(
  4. Hi and thank you for your help! I've found the cable in my office!!! :-)
  5. Hi, thank you for the link and the tip. I thought, too, that I had to buy an old Walkman with WM-Port ... Have a nice weekend!
  6. Hi, it seems that I've lost my A818 USB-cable in the office and nobody has seen it ... :-( Where can I get a new cable, how much is it and which walkman USB-cables are compatible with the A818? thank you for your help.
  7. Hi, the display screens only work on Sonys: - NW-E4xx - NW-E5xx Shame on Sony because it was a nice little gadget
  8. T.W.G_

    nw-a919 question

    Hi, how about the display quality on the 9xx-series? I've just bought a A818 and the display quality outdoors is realy BAD!! What's up with Sony, don't they think about their products till end anymore? I've got an old Vaio pocket which has a transflective TFT and you can perfectly read it in all light conditions, even in bright sunlight!! The iPod is readable, too in sunlight and a Sony not? Shame on you. So, any experience with the 9xx-series quality? Thanks
  9. So my wishlist for a new Sony-Walkman: - 32GB flash - reflective display (like the one on the vaio pocket) for easy reading even under sunlight! - physical bigger than the current A8xx-series as they are a little bit too thin for my fingers - the same good physical controls like A8xx or high quality as on the very old NW-E3 (do you remeber that alu thingy? Great!) - Drag&Drop with MP3, AAC ... - Customization options (screensavers, themes, fontsizes ...) - timer function - alarm function (like on vaio pocket) - interchangeble batttery - high sound quality (minimum like nw-s7xx-series or vaio pocket!) - line-out-option for audio in menu - fast menu and system response (like on the current A8xx and S7xx) - perhaps a remote control like on minidisc walkman - those little jingles, beeps and menuanimation toys that we love the japanese for - USB 2.0 Highspeed! I know I'm dreaming but perhaps we have very very very much luck :-)
  10. Hi, why do they stop on 16GB? I hope for a 32GB Version! I would buy it even for 400 Euros! My vaio pocket is dead (it felt down to the floor) and as a replacement I bought an A818 yesterday: Sweet sounding device which make me smile :-) And come on guys: A native touch screen base player is simply crap! You can't operate them blind in your pockets as you can do with Sonys Minidisc-remotecontrols, vaio pockets remote, S7xx or A8xx. Physical buttons etc. are necessary!!
  11. I have the opinion that there IS demand for a good mp3/multimediasystem with 24 or 32GB flashmemory! See, Creative is launching a 32GB ZEN series device and I would love to see s.th. like this from Sony!
  12. Hi, my beloved Vaio Pocket 40GB thought's to himself "Hey, let's jump to the floor!" and now he's broken :-( Does anybody know if Sony will release a 32GB flash based walkman with "drag&drop" support? I don't like the lousy sound quality of the iPods and I realy need a GOOD replacement not just middle class ;-) Thanks
  13. Hi, here in Germany the players price is cut down in stores (this is always an indication of a new one coming) and the sonystyle store germany doesn't list the nw-s7xx-series any more. the nw-s6xx where never available here in Germany. Sure I made a good deal: 149 Euro for the 4GB Version (249 before!)
  14. Hi, thanks for the answer. I think sony will not support the S7xx any more as it is discontinued ... this is real bad on Sony products :-(
  15. Hi, I wonder if it is not possible to create custom display screens on the nw-s7xx-series walkman? I realy loved that feature on my "old" nw-e403 :-( Any software heroes here? :-) Thanks
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