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  1. I'm having problems after my failed attempt to install Gym, have decided to go back to my basic settings on my Sony NW-HD5 at the moment I have the following 3 items on there = Folders Folder 1. MP3FM 1.42MB Folder 2. OMGAUDIO 2.52 GB Folder 3. OMGAUDIO backup 3.53GB So how do I get it back to how it was before trying to install GYM ? when there was just OMGAUDIO on do I Delete MP3FM & OMGAUDIO backup ? Error message on my laptop = SonicStage = The connected ATRAC Audio Device must be initialized to be used with the currently installed SonicStage. I have removed Folder 1. and 3. But I’m still getting the error message on my laptop!
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