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  1. Recently I was trying to eject an MD, and it got kinda stuck. I got the disc out with out breaking anything, but now the discs don't eject. The spring mechanism isn't ejecting the disc. So with a little shake they just fall out, and it still reads, records, and functions fully. I can get the mechanism to move by sticking a little tool inside without a disc in, and it releases and would eject the disc, but it doesn't work when the lid is opened... If there is anyway I could fix this one, a little help would be nice. I got all sorts of small screwdrivers.. Any thoughts, or this one for Sony to repair? Thanks for anything. Aaron
  2. Thanks for your help! I really like this forum, and I hope to see more tweaks for my RH10 here.
  3. Is there a way to make it possible to record in the original MD and MDLP modes, along wiht the Hi-md modes for the MZRH10? And if it's possible can the service manual be posted? Thanks so much.
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