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  1. I tried the advice from some other members, setting the mode in Sonicstage to SP, and it actually played on my MD car player. thx guys. But the only thing is the disc sometimes played other times it displayed "BLANK". Straight after I tried a old disc and that played fine. Just wondering if the problem has something to do with lens, the player is about 5 yrs old and hasnt been cleaned. Is it worth buying a MD cleaner to see if this is the issue? Cheers>> Nick
  2. Thx mate. ill give that a go tonight.
  3. I've got the MZ-NH900 model. The MD car player is SP. I'm sure i've tried the SP mode to record b4. So your saying i should be able to transfer tracks from sonicstage to a MD SP disc and it should work in the car? Cheers,
  4. Hi All, I've got a HIMD portable player and am wanting to record to the old atrac format to play in a car headunit. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so could you let me know that would be fantastic. Cheers, Nick (Oz)
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