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  1. THANKS WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. OK I hope this isn't a stupid question, but how do I change the Media Player settings to convert to MP3. I have a bunch of songs (over 600) in my Media Player library already so I'd rather change them there than download another program. Sorry for the computer illiteracy. I think this will work tho. Chris
  3. Hello all, I just joined yesterday and I've searched all the threads in here but have yet to solve my problem. I have a SONY NW-E103 MP3 player. I imported music from my Windows Media Player (I am running Windows XP). All the music appears in my Library and sounds fine when I play it. However when I try to put it on my MP3 player I get the error " SonicStage does not reconize the file format" I've tried transferring with all different bitrates but nothing has worked. I'm running SonicStage 3.0. However, I installed the program on my computer at work, to see if it would work there, and it runs fine. Having it just at my work is obviously not an option. But does someone have a suggestion as to what I should try next? I downloaded the file converter and converted some tracks and that never worked. I also tried taking songs directly from a regular cd, in case it was a problem with downloaded songs, but I still get the same error message. I'm not very skilled with computers, but I'm thinking another option would be to completely wipe SonicStage off my computer and start again. I've tried reinstalling before but I don't think I completely removed the program. Maybe someone could give me a step by step process of removing everything involved with SonicStage. Including the driver. I think if I can install it as if I were doing it for the first time it would be ok. I don't have any tracks in the library I need to save to there's no worry of backing it up. Basically I just want to start over if there is no other option. Thanks and sorry if I'm referring to another thread but I just bought it and it doesn't work, and I'm going to throw it out the window soon!!!. Chris
  4. Sorry I'm running Windows XP and SonicStage 3.1
  5. I am having the same problem regarding the error coming up. I have the Sony NW-E103 Model MP3 player. I thought I might have gotten a lemon and brought it back but I am getting the same problem with the new one. You mention the write protected, where do you check that? Any help would be great.
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