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  1. Hi! Let us omit the obvious part. Most of us are able to and know how to boot successfully from USB flash drives, USB HDDs, USB FDDs, etc. In my case - FDD. Well, it's in the Removable drives category along with Teac USB FDD. Let us not omit the most important part. Would you tell which one works for you? Here is a list of utilities I tried, none of them seems to work, returning different errors: 2 utils from HP BootDisk2BootStick mkbt MBRTool Also, could you please give us the details? Is Sony driver installed on PC where you format Hi-MD? Do you use utility to format and copy bootsectors, or just to copy? When you create bootable Hi-MD, what do you end up with? File system, size? Regards.
  2. Tokend, reading your post one can draw a conclusion that you haven't succeeded in booting from Hi-MD (or even haven't tried to). If so, this is a measure of how helpful and useful 1kyle's information was. IMHO, this information was simply misleading.
  3. Well, I thought the point was booting, not running an OS from minidisc. I mean, booting DOS or even Windows setup CD would be great to install OS on PCs with no CD-ROM and FDD (I have a lot of such machines). One can use USB flash drive for that, but (1) I don't have one and (2) with flash you have to backup its contents, reformat, put boot image, then vice verca.
  4. Hi! I'd say this is at least not polite. Claiming it's possible and instead of answering very certain questions providing links to vast and very loosely related subjects. Anyway, anybody had more luck recently? I guess it's still up to the question: how to format HiMD and how to transfer bootsectors onto it? (I tried mkbt, HP utils - no luck) Regards, Vitaly
  5. 4 x 1.2 V = 4.8 V. Will it be enough? If so, one would also be able charge from USB the way I do with my cellphone when I accidentally find the battery low away from home (However, USB is limited to 500 mA vs 800 mA of the 6 V adapter) Still confused about 6 V lead... Is it inside USB cable?
  6. Let's sort it all out Well, the proprietary connector has something like 10 pins. Inside USB cable there are 4 wires, right? I guess that you mean that the same wires (black and red, could you tell USB or proprietary connector pin numbers instead?) are used to power the NH1 when it senses 5 V (500 mA, that's it fact USB standard) AND to charge the battery when it senses 6 V (@ 800 mA). I don't understand why cutting off the USB connector would make any difference from not connecting it. How can you be sure that there are just wires inside the cradle? Those who opened the cradle say there's a circuit board inside: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=9066&hl= There is a possibility that the circuit board is connected only to the OTHER pins of the proprietary connector (e.g. to monitor temperature, current or smth. to be able to intrerrupt 6 V in case something goes wrong. I am afraid this circuit board is also there to stop charging when the battery is full) But then again there must be at least relay switch on the 6 V lines, which means not just wires.
  7. I don't understand this part. 3 V? NH1 uses 6 V for the charging cradle. Morever, I thought it was possible to EITHER power the unit from USB OR to charge it on the cradle (takes 6 V external PS, has circuit board inside and likely uses completely different pins of the proprietary connector, charging Li-Ion is not a routine task. On the other hand, LIP-4WM has only 2 contact pads, but who knows).
  8. vitvip

    3 Times?

    Hi! Finally got my NH1 and it sounds great. Some said it's not an mp3 player but up to now I don't understand why. I have no intention to use My Library, all my mp3 files are already well sorted by folder and file names. So I just drop a folder into SS and then it transcodes everything on the fly. Hi-SP is OK for my ears, PC is fast enough. Then I delete the folder (group?) from My Library. I read somewhere that SS will let me transfer only 3 times in this way and to avoid it one needs not to delete the tracks from Hi-MD but to "transfer" them back to SS which I don't want to do, of course. However, I could not reproduce such behaviour. Copied and deleted several times PCM WAV's, mp3's, virtual CDs. Does it only apply to real CDs? Don't get me wrong, I do have many of these Just hate to swap them. Sorry if this was asked before. Thanks everybody!
  9. How much is the short cable in Japan and what's the part number? Thanks.
  10. Volta, come on, I didn't dig deep, but there is no reason to. Before one tries BOTH there is no way to be sure which one suits better. And I am very surprised you as a music lover (musician?) want it all explicit. You also don't want me to be kidding and exaggerating (what I WAS doing saying "we all know"). But I'll try (for the last time, as I really like when people think themselves) Right, but wrong in our case. You are very likely not to find NH900 and NH1 (especially, because top models are always fewer) very soon at all. So 2 months ago I would seriously consider NH900. But at the price of NH1 it would be a pity. Exactly and you must agree that you were wrong about the price. Also, in your opinion BOTH cheap and expensive NH1 is bad for NH1 . This is called double standard, right? I cannot add anything special here, why do you want me to? It's all about the balance of pros and cons (on ones personal scales), I was just defending NH1. It's up to Freud and others who will read the thread to sum up all the arguments, including yours and mine. And do you really believe all your arguments are well thought-out? When you say Freud prefers NH900's remote what do you really mean? In fact he said he likes the design more but worried about lack of functionality (which is apparent btw). So to recommend NH900 based on this point is a bit strange.
  11. Volta, you are very polite, thanks! There was nothing personal in my message and I didn't and don't take anything personally from yours. Especially as I am not a NH1 user, just ordered one for my wife's birthday present. But my choice was not blind. Well, I thought that it takes just a few keystrokes to find out that NH1 is currently a steal at J110 from Amazon UK. I saw several posts here that mention it. The price on discontinued models very frequently has nothing to do with pros and cons of the model. It's just clearance sale, as simple as that. And I don't think I was just saying "you are wrong". I think I gave real arguments in favour of NH1 (never saying NH900 was bad). Probably my arguments were not that explicit.
  12. Well, we all know NH1 is cheaper than NH900 from Amazon UK. Which is the reason #1 to seriously consider it as the choice #1. (In)convenience with charging depends your lifestyle. If you don't travel light, it should be OK. Yes, not everything is perfect with NH1, but surely it doesn't deserve being told NO. Strangely enough, I didn't come across posts about charging NH1 without cradle (hacking cable/connector). I am new to the forum, though.
  13. Actually, the question was about your own suggestion that the filter could be applied by Sonicstage. Sorry, I have to quote better. I will learn with time. So the question holds.
  14. Well, Russian Sony support (I think there is no global support, right?) pretends to be deaf and stupid. But this was expected. "Quality is subjective, the unit conforms to the specs, frequency response is not quality, and of course, we don't have to read forums". No comments. BTW, is there really a way to apply a filter without transcoding mp3?
  15. No reason to wait. Just let people know. Consumers' interests should be top priority. I was about to buy RH10 and I have tons of mp3's... Sony did it on purpose. Will be very hard to make them change their mind.
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