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  1. Oh, thank you Sony, that looks lovely. Is this really likely to be the last Hi-MD recorder? Guess I'll need to buy two - one for now, plus one for the future after the first has broken. Hmm, will need to buy a stack of batteries as well by the look of it! It will certainly be splendid to upload all of my precious old MD recordings.
  2. Thank you for this, it is very much appreciated!
  3. * Sony MZ-R70 and MZ-NH700, five years worth of discs. * Daily use: NH700 connected to car stereo. Hi-MD is a great in-car format. The discs are small and robust - much more ‘car friendly’ than CDs. * Favourite (and frequent) use: In-car jukebox, recording radio transmissions via line-in, recording concerts via microphone. * Professional use: Recording of band rehearsals. * Alternatives?: None really. I greatly value the PCM recording mode of Hi-MD and the fact that I can have separate physical discs for different events. Also, I archive all my photographs to both CD and Hi-MD, in case one format proves to be more reliable in the long-term. Dear Sony, please continue to support MiniDisc. I’d love a Hi-MD head unit for my Volvo...
  4. A fresh install, Windows 98SE CD straight onto an empty hard drive...
  5. I’m a big fan of MD. However, I don’t like all of the DRM baggage that comes with it now. The HDD argument is quite persuasive, but I won’t be buying a Sony (nor an Apple). iRiver make devices that seem to be pretty much DRM free, so for me that seems to be the way to go. I still find it hard to accept that, having made a recording of my band, playing our own songs, on my Hi-MD Walkman, Sony only allow me to make one copy onto my computer.
  6. Well, it took a while but I've got it sorted. Sadly, upgrading to SonicStage 3.1 wasn't really an option as I have a dial-up connection. However, Sony customer service were able to help. Should anyone else have the same issue, the solution is: 1. Copy the SonicStage CD to hard drive 2. Change the following line in setup.ini supportos=0x78 to supportos= 3. Run setup.exe from hard drive Hooray! I can copy my analogue recordings to hard disk. Now, about all this DRM stuff. Grrr.
  7. Wow. Thank you, guys, for your quick replies. Cheers! Gavin.
  8. Hello, Last week, I bought a new MZ-NH700. It was supplied with the SonicStage v2.0 CD, which claims to be compatible with Windows 98 SE. However, when I attempt to install the software on my Windows 98 SE machine, it reports that my OS is not supported. I’ve visited the Sony website, but have been unable to find a customer service page. Could anyone here please advise? In fairness to Sony, they do state that the software is only supported on ‘factory installed’ operating systems. My PC is home made, but the OS is a kosher Microsoft product. Any advice would be very gratefully received. One of my reasons for buying the MZ-NH700 as a supplement to my trusty MZ-R70 was it’s abililty to digitally transfer recordings made from a microphone to my computer, so I’m quite narked at the moment . Cheers!
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