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  1. Hello Yes, I read the FAQ and it seems there's no hope but... Yesterday evening we organized a festival with 5 bands playing. I put my RH-10 on the mixing table to record it. At the end of the concerts I went back, it was still recording, good. I pressed stop. It went to the usual messages, but after "data save" it threw a "Disc error" message. I pressed play, it was written for a few seconds on the top left corner that there was 52 tracks then it displayed "empty disc". Do you have any clue on how to recover my live recordings ? Thanks! Geoffroy
  2. Thanks ! Do you know if the 40ELK allows going to record mode ?
  3. Hi I bought my RH10 in december and the crappy remote is broken yet! It doesn't allow volume change now I'd like to buy a new remote for it. Can you tell me which one works well with RH10 ? I'd like one with display of artist/title. There's a list of remotes but they seem to be for first gen unit. Thanks for your recommandation! geoffroy
  4. I have a MZ-RH10 and an Audio Technica AT 822 and this is a killer combination. The recording quality is great, way better than my old Aiwa AM-F70.
  5. Fixed. I desinstalled the drivers, reinstalled Sonic Stage and used another USB port. It works. geoffroy
  6. Hi I've just had a problem with my MZ-RH10. It's not recognized by my PC anymore. I've connected it and it's seen as "unknown peripheral". I tried to desinstall Sonic Stage and reinstall it but it doesn't reinstall the drivers How can I reinstall the drivers ? Thanks geoffroy
  7. That's great!! I missed that one. Many thanks!
  8. Hi I'm the happy owner of a new MZ-RH 10. I must say it's a significant upgrade from my old Aiwa F70 : the microphone input is waaaay cleaner, and it's really perfect for field recording. And the USB upload is fantastic. I am not so happy with the unit "user interface" and it's a real step down from the aiwa. The thing that annoys me is the vu meter while recording with the microphone. I can watch them while the unit is paused, but when I start recording, the display on shows "recording", without the vu meter. Is there a way to have the vu meter displayed all the time ? Thanks geoffroy
  9. OK, thanks everyone. I was posting the question again because the thread was several months old and didn't target the RH10 especially.
  10. I have experienced the "auto track mark" issue with my new MZ-RH10 as well. I can't switch off this "feature" which is quite annoying. Any hint ? Thanks geoffroy
  11. Hi again I imported my mp3 folder in SS. Now, if I had some files on my MP3 folder manually, SS doesn't see them, I have to import the new files each time. Is there any way to do it automatically ? Thanks! geoffroy
  12. g_montel

    Wav to HIMD

    great! will try that tonight. thanks!
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