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  1. That's funny! I was too emotional over lost time that night, but the answer is still "No". Actually, I never supported SONY music/thaters division; only MiniDisc technology was something I was willing to buy from them. But I might show signs of weakness if a HI-MD deck will appear;)
  2. Thanks, it worked. It's an odd and akward way, but it worked. Thanks again:)
  3. Have to admit: it worked. First things first - thank you. But talking about convinience: why did it added DRM to my own recordings and then looked on the the net for the the license?
  4. Will test this in few minutes... Have too many computers at hand;)
  5. Have no idea about the discussion above, but: RH10 can work with a single AA battery, since it was designed for 1.4 V battery voltage; RH-1 can not, since LI-ION batteries produce about 3.6 V. However it's just a matter of creating a case that will fit RH-1 and accomodate at least 3 AA batteries;) (May be 2 will do)
  6. Technically it would. But what if you want to keep your tracks in original format but move them to another computer? So, if your recording is in HI-SP, for example, you will need to convert them to .WAV then back to HI-SP just in order to move them to another machine. And the process of decodind and then re-encoding will degrade the qualitiy of original recording. All I wanted to do is to keep my own recorngs in the original format without loosing recording quality - and that proved to be impossible... Thank you SONY. Again.
  7. Total freedom? Try playing your tracks on another machine...
  8. Well, it turns out that you CAN NOT play your tracks on different computer at all... And it does not matter what recorder did you use - I have RH10, RH910, and, as it turned out, completely useless in this matter RH1. Yes, you can download SP or LP2 tracks with it. But what's next? I spent a lot of hours transferring my OWN! recordings (done in SP, LP2 and HI-SP) at work machine (it worked flawlessly) then I burned a CD with those tracks. All that just to learn that SonicStage (3.4 or CP, - used both) WILL NOT PLAY THEM on another machine! It trying to download a "license" informatin from Internet (and guess what - there is none available there), then it says: "Can not load the rights information for this track" (but of course!). So I spent hours and hours downloading my own tracks, lost few discs of my own work because I was stupid enough to erase them after making sure that all tracks are playing fine, just to find out that they are not usable on any machine except the one I used to download to! (And yes, rights management was turned off). Enough is enough. Good bye SONY and F-you. I'm geting rid of all of your handicapped MD recorders - which I have 9, no less! I'll NEVER, NEVER buy anything made by you, I'll never go to SONY theater, I'll never buy a single CD produced by SONY label... It's time to grow up.
  9. Check if you have "Quick Mode" on. That's what usually discharges battery even when unit is not used.
  10. Another thing is interesting here - that while collecting more copyright taxes than on any other media (which in theory supposed to allow a user to legally copy anything) it's the most copy-protected technology that makes impossible to create 2nd digital copy of your own work...
  11. Pipe cleaner? Oh my... Please, don't. Headphone jacks have a tendency to oxidize with time; it's a common thing, like old "scratchy" pots on an old stereo. First, clean a headphone jack "pole" with alcohol. Then put some lithium grease on it and insert it into your MD headphone jack. Then - ROTATE IT- few times, until sound becomes normal, then few more turns. After that it should work fine for a long time since a thin film of grease will prevent contact with oxygen - the core of this problem.
  12. As far as your recordings can be converted to .WAV files (via SonicStage) you can burn an audio CD with practically any CD-burning software... But only if you use Line-In (or Mic) input, if recordings are done from Optical-In - there would an extra step to record them to computer real-time using Total recorder or something similair...
  13. Seems like Sony copy-protect their CDs by installing a hidden malware onto user computers... And they are wondering why CD sales are down! http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,123362,00.asp
  14. Quite closely? I wouldn't say that - ATRAC3+ @ 64kBs sounds close (and a bit better) to mp3 @ 128kBs while plain ATRAC3 @ 66kBs sounds unnatural with "metallic" artifacts and even barely useable for a speech recording.
  15. Another thing to check is if your turntable is plugged into a "phono" input vs. line input, since most (but not all) turntables have output signal level much less than needed for a "line in".
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