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  1. Why do ATRAC/Sony enthusiasts have to suffer the software so badly? First the unit worked fine on my laptop running WinXP Pro/SS 4.0. Then I left it connected to my main machine for a few hours, and next thing I notice is that it cannot play the ATRAC tracks on the unit itself (DRM issue?), but only when connected to my main machinen (Win98SE/SS3.2). It can play the only MP3 album on it fine? So I thought "what the heck" and formatted the unit and now it works fine with my main machine running WinXP Pro/SS 4.0 but refuses to work with the same machine's Win98SE (dual boot) and SS3.2, but r
  2. Thanks for all the posters, fellow contributors (I know some of you from mindisc.org already ...) The suggestion about region may have some merit, but as I run three different computers (actually the 3.2 I referred to and the 4.0CP giving the error message are on the same physical machine but dual-booted with W98SE and WinXP Pro) and I have a mixture of downloads from the internet via links on minidisc.org and the standalone downloader from that same source, I am not too sure which region/version is what (is there a good way to tell?) Although the HD3 is less than 5% full, I am NOT going to
  3. I upgraded my SS to 4.0CP recently, and tonight I wanted to to dump some mp3 files onto my NW-HD3 for evaluation. (I am more of a MD user, btw ...) Connecting up the HD3 I was greeted by the following message :- Connecting the same unit to a different computer with SS v 3.2 is fine. Anyone any ideas? Surely this is not a DRM issue?
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