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  1. Yes, that´s the problem. I used a low bitrate first time I converted them into atrac. The quality of the music in atrac is great but if I convert it back again I have problem. I have tried to change the settings in Renderer but with no good results. I don´t have my music in any other formats left, so convertion is my only way. I have done some own recordings with mic in SP and with the highest bitrates, but the quality still turn very poor after convertion. So these recordings are useless for me. Any suggestion how to do a recording with mic that will conserve the good quality in mp3? Thanks! /Ida
  2. Thank you so much for your help. Now I can convert the files into mp3 but the quality of the sound is so bad so this is not working for me. I´m giving up at this point. I bought my MD (several years ago) to be able to do recordings of my self (I´m a classical musician). I understand now that my music is locked in SonicStage. Of cours Sony wants us to use their products, but I think it´s very bad that they give us no choice. /Ida
  3. I have now installed SonicStage 4.3 and Hi-MD Renderer. Still I don´t know how to to. In Renderer when I am supposed to browse I can´t find my music. I have tried to find it in SonicStage but I think that is impossible. I have also tried through my MD but still I find nothing. I am really confused. In SonicStage my music is Atrac3+ If I check what is on my MD (not through SonicStage) the files are ending .HMA If I burn a Atrac CD in Sonicstage and then check the files are ending .APT All is just a mess for me. With the new version of SonicStage am I still not able to burn a mp3 CD. To burn a Audio CD is working but the quality of the sound is extremly bad. Still in need of your help... Thank you so much! /Ida
  4. It was from Audio CD. But now I only have the music in atrac3plus in Sonicstage. Maybe I should upgrade Sonicstage. Where can I find a later version? I think I already have done it once from an even older version. I remember I had a lot of trouble with it. But it is maybe worth it. Should I use a upgrade version or should I reinstall the whole new version. I think I did the first last time and nothing worked out. Maybe I did something wrong. I also have another question. I have some music in mp3 in Sonicstage. I have tried to move it to another place but I don´t know how to do. I have also tried to find the music through another program but it seems to be hidden in Sonicstage. I really appreciate your help. Thanks! /Ida
  5. Hi, I have a big problem. I have a MD Sony MZ-NH700 and I have recently bought a mp3-player (not Sony). Now I want to transfer music I have in Sonicstage 2.0 (in atrac3plus) to my new mp3 (in mp3). When I put the music into Sonicstage it automatically converted into atrac, is it possible to convert it back in Sonicstage, or how should I do? My first idea was to to burn a MP3 CD to convert, but it was not working with the atrac files. I have search for ripping programs but I don´t find anything suited for my needs. Please, I really need your help! Thanks! /Ida (from Sweden) ida_k_svensson@hotmail.com
  6. I have done a lot of live recordings with my MD. I have never thought about that the format gives me bad quality because it is sounding great on my MD. I am going to do safety copies on CD (in CDa). Is there anything I can do then they already are recorded in Atrac3plus? Thanks! Ida
  7. Where do I change the bit rate? Is it better to use another format than Atrac3plus from the beginning?
  8. Hi, I have problems when I burn a Audio Cd with Sonicstage 3.1. It is working but the result is not god. It is a terribe quality of the sound. I am burning from Atrac3plus into Cda with Sonicstage. I have been testing the writing speed and normalizing sound, but it is still very bad quality. Hope someone can help me! /Ida
  9. Ida

    Sonicstage 3.1

    I have recently upgraded my Sonistage to the version 3.1. But I can not transfer any music to my MD. The program does not find my MD. I suppose it is some trouble with some options, but I can not find out how to make it work. In the option-transfer meny I should be able to choose what device/media I am using, but there is nothing to choose. Hope you will help me! Ida
  10. Hi, I am a musician and I do a lot of live recordings with my Sony hiMD. It is working great, but I want to do copies for my CDplayer (in CDa). So do you have any suggestions for how to convert ATRAC3plus to CDa? Hope you can help me! Ida
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