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  1. I´ve been trying to set up something similar but the one attempt I made at this never worked. So, do you just use a normal amp or what? And how is it set up?
  2. Okay, maybe I´m getting mixed up - how much does the RH10 output?
  3. This was a pretty interesting read for me in my current situation. I´ve been using Minidisc for 7 or maybe 8 years. A long time, anyway. But recently I´ve been looking to switch to an Ipod Touch. I really like Minidisc. I love having a concrete physical medium to hold in my hand. I like having the artwork as a sticker glued on to the disc. I love how easy it is to record onto the format. However, recently my RH10 has started to give me more and more issues. I´ve already had to buy a new battery for it a couple of times. It´s started to skip at times when I´m only walking with the unit in my pocket. The power gets randomly cut now and then, often enough for it to be annoying. All of this is leading me to believe I´ll have to get another music player soon. And minidisc is a dying format, I believe. It´s not dead yet since, obviously, we´re keeping it alive. But it´s getting harder to find discs and units, and the general trend is moving stuff into an all-digital world. So, I just don´t know if it´s worth it to get a new MD Walkman if this RH10 dies. Because it is a hassle getting music from your PC to minidisc, at least compared to an MP3 player. And the iPod touch is very cool and easy to use. Then again I wouldn´t want to keep my entire music collection on my PC. And even bigger-capacity MP3 players have limited capacity. I´m looking at a 32GB touch, but that seems so limited. Then again, you could carry more music with you with a iPod touch - and you still have to swap out discs/music on an iPod at some point. Then there is the thing about sound quality... And the iPod outputs, what, 3mW to my headphones? Compared to the 5mW I get from the RH10. Can you tell I´m conflicted? I guess a switch would have to be made sooner or later, I´m not just sure I want to. Not yet.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I think I tried that awhile ago and even Windows had problems formatting the disc. I just moved so I don´t have the problematic discs available, but I´ll try to go by it the Windows way when I can.
  5. Jep, knew that, but I still thought a powerful magnet might cause the disc to be wiped. I was wrong.
  6. Yep, I did try that. The disc keeps spinning and the unit tries to format it, but it never leads anywhere. I´ve even tried to wipe the disc with the most powerful magnet I could find (it erased my brothers Zen HDD), but no luck.
  7. For me, after restoring the hidden messages, SonicStage just tells me it will transfer the remaining tracks (or something like that) and the only option is to click "OK".
  8. When I do that SonicStage automatically wants to tranfer any remaining tracks to the PC. Apparently that process cannot be avoided, and once the tranfer box apperas it jumps to 66% and never finnishes. At the same time the disc apperas empty and the free space reads as 961.9MB.
  9. A couple of weeks ago I was looking to fill up a 1GB HiMD disc with some music. I was in abit of a hurry and you all know that SonicStage isn´t always the most responsive program. So when it appeared that SS had crashed (and yes I did wait for it to respond) I terminated it and re-started the program. Apparently this caused some sort of write-error on my disc, since now it just spins along in my unit (the RH10) and never becomes available. I tried manually deleting the files on the disc to get a "clean" disc, but no luck. I also have the same issue with another disc, but this time the problem was caused by a power-outtage - resulting in my computer of course shutting down. Now I´m wondering if there´s anything to be done about the discs. Is there anyway to "cleanse" them so that they would essentially be like new discs again, making them usable? I´m running Windows XP and SonicStage 4.3
  10. Let me just get this straight before I go and make a mistake, the MZ-M200 is basically the same unit as the MZ-RH1, right? I´m really having truble finding black RH1´s - so I might just jump on this offer.
  11. I´m pissed of as hell right now. I think I just broke my Rh10 completely. I was trying to get some music onto a (apparently) problematic/corrupted HiMD. I finally gave up trying since the disc was giving me errors all the time. But then when I tried to switch to another disc, the eject wouldn´t work. It´s like the clamshell is locked somehow. I tried taking it apart, not a good idea. Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix this?
  12. I know that the MZ-M200 is directed at the Macintosh crowd, but reading the description on Minidiscos product page (they seem to only carry the M200) I can´t really see what the difference is between the Rh1 and the M200. Could somebody with more knowledge enlighten me?
  13. I´m going to take a couple of more stabs at trying to find the seller A440 was talking about, and if that doesn´t work out - go to our main Helsinki department store and buy an official Sony gumstick. I´m actually a bit surprised more people don´t have word on reliable sellers. Since the prices are a lot lower, I would have thought more people would have bought batteries from eBay.
  14. He´s reputation is pretty good though...
  15. A440: Couldn´t find the seller you mentioned, but what about theese: battery-007. The seller seems to have a good reputation at least.
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