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  1. Installed this a few days ago. Must be the sweetest and slickest install of SonicStage I've ever had. Thanks Kurisu and Daijoubu - I really appreciate the work you guys put into this. Now I can look forward to being able to burn digital recordings from my DAB radio onto CD. This is the kind of functionality that HiMD should've had from day one. Kind regards, Michael
  2. I've been reading this thread for a little while now, and what really impresses me is the PASSION that people feel for the MD format. People love MD (and HiMD). Sony, if you're reading this.... PEOPLE LOVE MD. They're attached to it - it's a great format - it lets them do things they can't do with any other format. Personally, I use HiMD quite a bit just to listen to my CDs on the move, at work, in the car, but I also use it to record live music, ambient sounds, birdsong, rivers, waterfalls, poetry. There is no other format that gives me the ease and quality that HiMD does. My own view is that Sony is in a bit of a muddle at the moment - I recently bought their XDR-S1 digital radio - it's quite a nice product : well put together, but it does have quite a few bugs in the user interface - things just not properly thought out. I wouldn't have paid full price (£150) for it, but my local supermarket was selling it for less than half that price - kind of sums it up really, doesn't it? It sounds good, but there are quite a few features which are just a pain to use. I expect better from Sony, and right now it seems they can't deliver. My NH900 is the same - glitches in the firmware.... But does this mean they should drop the HiMD format? Hell no! In some ways this isn't (or shouldn't be) about Sony capturing i-Pod territory, it's about Sony re-establishing themselves as a market leader, producing quality products that work first time - without glitches or software problems - products that do what what they say they do on the box. Trouble is, it seems that Sony don't have that at the moment. I'm not sure it's all doom and gloom for MD just at the moment - I'll wait and see what happens next... But I did by a few more blank HiMDs today. Well, you never know... Peace, Michael
  3. Hi Syrius, I've just had a quick look through the circuit diagrams for the NH700 and the Euro versions do have a hardware limitation - there are resistors in series with the output. It would be possible to defeat these with a bit of careful dismantling and very careful soldering - and if the 600s you've seen are cheap enough you may want to give it a try... but on the other hand, you may not. Peace, Michael
  4. Glad to learn that it helped you out. Always best to back up your library beforehand - can be time consuming but worth the while (apologies if you did this and still had it messed up!). Enjoy! Michael
  5. It is certainly very strange... My PC is reasonably standard: WinXP SP2, updated regularly, AMD Athlon XP2500+ processor etc... Can't think of anything which would be likely to cause SS to trip up, but it's as if the German version has some extra hidden ingredient which enables SS3.x to work properly. The German version installs with a different user interface - is it possible to see whether it installs extra components on the PC? I wouldn't know where to start, but it seems like you might know what you're doing... Clearly though, the standard SS3.2 install works well enough for most people . Peace, Michael
  6. This thread may help you here. No guarantees, but it's worth a try. Michael
  7. Sorry to hear it didn't work... If you haven't already done so, try the full clean-up prior to installing the German version as The Low Volta suggests - I always use this when installing any newer version of SS, and I kind of assumed that you would have done this already (which I had no right to assume, really). If that doesn't work, then I'm a bit stumped - but some of the others around here may be able to help you out yet. Don't despair - there is a serious amount of expertise here on this forum - we want you to really enjoy your HiMD. How many other places can say that and really mean it? BTW - even if it does work, no need to grow a beard in homage - I've been clean-shaven for over a year now (kind of brings out my boyish good looks ) Good luck, Michael P.S. You're not using any kind of USB hub are you? As from what is fairly widely reported, that can be a source of problems with hooking up to SS.
  8. Found it...! Here you go... http://www.sony.de/content/attachment/SONIC_Stage_3003.zip Be warned though, it's about 80MB. Hope it brings you SonicStage happiness. And remember, it's likely that if you install SS3.2 over the top of this, that the first install won't "show up" - just install it again after the reboot - at some stage during the second install you may get a prompt telling you an earlier version exists (of SimpleBurner, I think) and do you want to overwrite this - I just accepted this and the second install proceeded fine. Let us know if it works for you... Michael
  9. You mean in the same way that when I hop into my Deux Chevaux, immediately I am wearing a beret, have a Gauloises hanging from my lips, and a string of garlic slung over my shoulder. Zut alors..! Michael
  10. It seems from this forum that a number of users are experiencing the same problem that dogged a lot of users of the full installer for SS 3.1 - namely, that it wouldn't see the HiMD recorder when it was plugged into their PC. I had this problem too. On this forum a user (sorry can't remember too many details) posted a workaround for this issue. It consisted of downloading and installing the German version of SS 3.0 and then installing SS 3.1 on top of this (without any uninstall). In some cases (mine included) you had to install SS 3.1 twice (really!) as the first install wouldn't "appear". Somewhat strangely, this actually worked. So when I tried installing SS 3.2 on my PC using the full MDCF installer, I wasn't totally surprised to experience exactly the same issue - no recognition of my HiMD. So I did a full uninstall of SS 3.2 followed by reboot followed by installing the German SS 3.0 (which I have stored on my hard drive) followed by reboot followed by install of SS 3.2 (which didn't appear on the desktop or in Program Files) followed by reboot, followed by second install of SS 3.2, followed by reboot, and, Yay! it all works. Well, it seems to... so far... I'll see if I can find the link to the German version... Sorry, can't find it using "search"... anyone..? Just a thought for Kurisu and Daijoubu... this does kind of make me wonder if there is still something missing from the full install version of SS 3.2 (for some people's systems at least) which is present in the German version which enables those systems to recognise the HiMD device. Curious... Hope this is of some help. Peace, Michael
  11. For some while I've noticed that the top cover on my NH900 wasn't sitting exactly level - there was a tiny gap on one side. I reasoned that if I backed off one of the screws holding the top cover I could adjust it and I could just nip up the screw again to hold it tight. So this morning I got out my 00 size Philips screwdriver and got ready to back off the screw a quarter turn to adjust the cover. I know the threads of the screws are treated with something (a kind of green Loctite?) so I was expecting a little resistance - but no, the screw turned very easily, as if it hadn't been tightened properly in the first place. Anyways, I was able to fine-tune the fit of the top cover of my NH900, which is good , but I did just check all the other external screws for tightness before putting the screwdriver away - I didn't muscle them down, but I did just give a tiny tweak to be sure they were tight. It's worth a check - the screws were available from Sony service centres (had one similar fall out of a cassette walkman once - back in 1984 I think!) but they charge you an arm and a leg for them. Peace, Michael
  12. Well, I voted for the NH900, because... well... I voted for it a few weeks ago with my hard-earned £££, and apart from a few minor gripes, I've been very happy with it. Sure, I was tempted by the NH1 (specially at the price Amazon were selling it for at the time), but the lack of battery options, the charging stand issue (and lack of standard USB), and the one-line display on the unit all weighed sufficiently against it. Peace, Michael PS. Looking at the results of the poll so far, it seems like quite a lot of forum users have come to a similar conclusion...
  13. Hi, I picked up a NH-14WM from my local Sony Store for a tenner, which wasn't bad. I had a bad experience getting a cheap one from e-bay. The battery arrived fine, but when I charged it up it swelled up and nearly got stuck inside my new NH900. Scared the $**t out of me! I think it must have been old stock - on reflection, it had the "old-style" walkman logo. I paid £7.50 for that one. Got a refund from the vendor, but the battery could've killed my MD so the "saving" wasn't worth it. Take care, Michael
  14. Good news, Ishiyoshi. I'm waiting as patiently as possible... Michael
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