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  1. Yes, I've heard of this and like the sound of it. But I don't think I could get it to work with my RH10 MD recorder without spending lots of money, could I?
  2. I was watching Howel's Moving Castle the other day, and was stunned to hear how little mic noise there was during foley sounds as small as fabric moving and skin chafing. How on Earth did they achieve such pristine quality with such minute sounds? What sort of signal-to-noise ratio would you need on a mic in order to record such things with virtually no self-noise or "hissing"? Could someone point me towards the sort of mic I'd need for this?
  3. Hi all Just finished uploading the 'Stock Sounds' section of my site, check it out: http://www.nickbertke.com/stocksounds.html There's quite a few in there that were recorded on holiday in Singapore. Enjoy!
  4. I backup vinyls myself, and I find a good high source volume will ensure you get as little preamp and phono noise as possible.
  5. All speakers sound different, especially when they're in different environments. Unless you have a good pair of studio monitors in a proper mastering room, you'll never get something that sounds perfect accross the globe. Binaural recordings should always be listened to with earphones. This way the sound is injected straight into your eardrum, as opposed to being circulated around the entire ear.
  6. Ah, thanks smkranz. I'll try that out the next time it happens, for now I've just recorded the track again and it's worked fine. It seems these Hi-MD's are picky about what you do when they're writing to disc.
  7. The error is right up there, that's all I was given. My SonicStage is 3.4.01
  8. I get this error when trying to upload a simple PCM recording I made from the TV just now using my RH10. Is there actually a way around this or am I destined to just forget about this recording with this half-ass heap-o-sh*t software?
  9. I've also got an RH10 and the noise isn't that bad. It only happens at the worst when you starting recording for the first time after powering up. After that, it's just light sounds of the temp-data being written to disc when the memory fills up (is that right? I really just pulled that outa my @ss...) But yeah, just stuff the thing into your pocket when recording and she'll be right (assuming your mic is on a lead?)
  10. Does GoldWave not have Normalize? Normalizing looks for the loudest peak in the sound wave and amplifies the entire wave equally until that peak reaches 100%. You could also try Hard Limiting which increases the volume of the wave even without reaching 100% (I think it's just like Normalizing only it operates on a sample-basis rather than a peak-basis)
  11. Quietest mic around ey? Well that's gotta be pretty damn quiet. I'll definately take a looksy into that one. Thanks fellas Oh and um, I don't suppose there are any sample recordings with this mic floatng around are there?
  12. Hi all I've heard some ambience recordings in films that are of SUCH quiet sounds yet there still remains hardly any hiss what so ever. Truely amazing. What the hell mics do these guys use?! Sheit! I have a pair of TFB-2s myself but even they give off some pretty harsh hiss when recording nature/trees in the wind. I guess my other question is, just for fun, how would you go about developing a zero-hiss/hoise mic? Wouldn't that mean a zero-electricity microphone too?
  13. I've noticed this, yes. The treble is significantly reduced. Why this happens I have no idea, perhaps the device is less compatible with the MP3 format but I can't understand how.
  14. I have a good 10 - 15 records on my MD, and Sonicstage crashes when I try to upload any one of them. Why is this? Cheap software maybe? Is there anything else out there which does the same job?
  15. Well I've figured something out. Spectrum Matching is as good as I can get it. Voxengo CurveEQ manages to do a good automatic job, but further manual matching is required. What I did was this. With the mics in my ears, I put on some headphones and recorded them playing an MP3. I then uploaded that recording to the computer and compared it to the MP3 file. Not bad at all. After spectrum-matching between the real MP3 and the recording, I now have a good EQ adjustment which I apply to all of my recordings now. Listen for yourself: http://www.sfhsjournal.com/hdrifiles/Real,...eal,%20mics.mp3 1. Real MP3 2. TFB2 recording 3. Real MP3 4. TFB2 recording This is as close as I can get it so far. I've come to a conclusion that the stereoscopic realism which binaurals give you is far greater when using earbuds than headphones (those which go over your ears.) I don't really know why this is exactly; maybe it's because the sound is more directed into your ear with earbuds where as headphones tend to surround the entire ear with it; I dunno.
  16. Howdy all I'm trying to adjust my recordings to match what it was like to be on the field, but so far I haven't had any good results. I know that each pair of headphones have their own EQ, so that's the biggest problem. So far, I get the best results when listening to the recordings through Sony's pair of earbuds which came with my RH10, and using the on-board EQ on the MD I manage to get a very realistic result. When I listen to the recording on the computer though, it sounds completely different. It even sounds like some of the spatial stereo effect has been lost. Any ideas?
  17. Yeah, what the hell's up with that. I held the mics really close to a power plug and the buzz practically overloaded the preamp! I've tried attaching the Clamp filters to different cables but they don't do a damn thing.
  18. I get this too. Aren't you supposed to clip the remote onto your belt or something? How is that possible when the earphones' cord only reaches your mid-section? Does Sony think we're all dwarves or something? I'll just use my iPod headphones...
  19. Aah, thanks. So the only solution in my case is to either turn off all electronic devices or just not record near them at all. It's funny though, I don't get this buzzing noise when I have the MD in my hands and the mics are in my ears.
  20. Hi all Does anyone know how to prevent this? My guess is to buy a battery box to give the mics their own power, but would that work? This only occurs when next to electronic devices (TV, computer, microwave)
  21. Normalize finds the loudest peak of your sound and amplifies the wave until that peak reaches the maximum allowable volume before overload. My point was that this is useless if 90% of your recording is very soft compared to that one small little loud sound which is keeping everything else down when Normalizing.
  22. The majority of my songs are at a CBR 192kbps. My guess is that SonicStage does something nasty to the MP3s before it puts them on the MD. I know for damn sure it's not the MP3 its self because it sounds brilliant on my iPod.
  23. I get this when in a room that has lots of electro-magnetic fields (ie electronic devices.) When I record sounds in a room, I turn off everything at the wall and bam problem solved.. I guess this is completely useless for someone like you who records band practice... The noise could be from your mic. However, if it's a low buzzing noise, it's something else. My only solution would be to buy a power source for your mics so you're no longer getting power from the MD (possibly eliminating the noise problem and saving batter power of the MD at the same time). I'm thinking about getting a Battery Box myself. It provides a perfectly ideal 9 volts of power to plug-in power mics. I think that'll solve this whole buzz noise thing.
  24. This happens to me too on my RH10. It's actually pretty annoying. I don't want my disc cluttered with tracks upon tracks, I only want one or two with everything on em. I'd really like the RH10 alot more if it only started tracks when I told it too, and not start a new track every time I pause. I mean, I'm pausing, not stopping... This is what I don't like about modern technology; everything is overly easy and overly convenient that it starts to get annoying and does things you don't want it to.
  25. I have an iPod and a Sony RH10 MD. The iPod pumps out greater volume than the RH10 by far, and clarity and richness from the iPod is alot greater than the RH10. The RH10 also puts out less treble than the iPod, and when I use the EQ to crank the treble back up, I hear that the RH10 (or SonicStage) has messed the high frequencies up something bad! I wast listening to a song on the RH10 the other day and it sounded compressed as hell. I'm guessing this was done by SonicStage and not the MD. Stupid software these days... always trying to compress everything. For these reasons, I listen to musc with my iPod and only use my MD to record.
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