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  1. For Sale: Old School Sony MZ-R70 MiniDisc Player/Recorder in good working condition. The unit looks good for its age and has a few little scratches. It plays and records Minidiscs well. Only problem with unit is that it is missing the battery cover but, if you have 3V AC Adaptor (will need one to power unit) then you'll be fine. Great unit to use for recording onto Minidiscs in Stereo mode. I will also tell you where you can get a replacement battery cover. Asking $40 or best offer. E-mail For More Info. Serious Buyers ONLY Contact: prevosj@sunyit.edu
  2. I need one to use on my R70 and N510.
  3. Are all the Sony battery cases universal?
  4. I usually transfer at LP2 but at LP4, I noticed no problems songs. LP4 quality sucks though. Yea, some are low bitrate mp3s. Some are converted WMAs. But, some songs from the same album (group of songs) will give me problems.
  5. I've been having this problem. When making a Minidisc via NetMD (Simple Burner), most of the songs sound as they should but then there are certain songs that have extra sounds in them and sound muffled. This causes the player to have trouble reading these songs. At first, I thought I was just the MiniDisc so I recorded the same songs on another to compare but nothing changed. I just delete the 'problem' songs from a MiniDisc to avoid this problem but I tired of that. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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