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  1. No need to say more. @ascariss: The A-Series with 8GB was at 299 Euro at the beginning. 50 Euro more than the iPod with 8GB. Okok with worthless video....because of some nice software. hehe. Drag and drop is nice, but without software to sync it is not that nice as the i-solution. Anyway: Enjoy your Sony players! ;-)
  2. Apple is still the loudest i ever heard with a europe cap. ;-) There is no current HDD Product from Sony, but there was. AND they were not cheaper than the iPod. The iPod fatty works. That´s the difference. And as you said: the earphone costs about 40 euro extra. That´s the point. Anyway don´t feel agressive to me. ;-) I know all the situations as a fanboy. I bought all the stuff from Sony including the first MemoyStick Walkman and the second and.... I don´t know how many Minidisc Players. And they were good. No Question. But at the moment nothing can bring me back to Sony except there is a better "iTunes" from Sony and a better Support of Firmware updates. In the 5G iPod Video you also got the Firmware update to get gapless playback. If you had a Sony the´ll let you die with your walkman. Conclusion: I just have ripped my CDs too often because of an Atrac crash. I have learned a lot and i hope that Sony will come back on track. But I think that they don´t have the taste like apple. And the click wheel is one of these tasty things. It´s just a phenomenon. I think that and many other users also like this kind of browsing through music. Sony just don´t have the taste for a simmilar volume regulation like in the iPod. It´s just amazing. I think that and many many people too. So far. Enjoy your Sony players! Bye
  3. The iPod Video 5.5G sounds much better than my Sony HD5 Walkman. Thats a fact. The new players from Sony increased sound quality a bit but anyway iPods do not stress me with bullshxt. The 8GB Flash player from is 50 euro more expensive than the old nano. And the new nano with 8 GB costs 199 Euro. The iPod is in fact cheaper than the Sonys. The advantages of the Sony shrink more and more. But anyway i was the same Sony freak as you but i woke up. bye
  4. I had so many Players from Sony and the HD1 was a joke according to the maximum volume. And this sucks. I don´t want to buy several players to have it good in only one of them. Sony pisses me off. In an iPod all these fundamental things work fine. The Audio Quality is not the problem of the sony but also not in my iPod video 5.5 G. So anyway. Everything else is not interesting anymore at a Sony. And 299 Euro für 8GB flash is a little joke when the ipod costs 249. They have to bleed for all this until they learn. bye
  5. Hello! As is said: Sony has to start from the beginning. The new ipods rock. Again and again. And the battery life is also no problem anymore in the ipods. Sony has lost all their key features. Including gapless. The only thing is now the Equalizer which is much better in the sony. But this is no more interesting for me when the maximum Volume is so low. The Sony time is over for me. Apples gonna rock the house. Bye
  6. Hi All! Gapless playback is not that easy. When encoding a Sound file to Mp3 then the original wave file (Or cd data) is divided in several frames. One frame has 1024 samples. If the file is not exactly x times 1024 samples long then the rest will be filled up with silence. That silence is the gap. What Atrac does, is just to count the samples which are silent at the end (anyway it knows the original length of the file because it is encoding it ;-) and writes that into the Atrac file. The player can glue the actual playing file and the next file seamless together. So it is gapless. That happens during encoding to Atrac. This feature is also implemented in WMA9 or higher and Ogg Vorbis. Mp3 and AAC does not support that feature. What Apple does is: They scan the normal Mp3 and AAC files at the end and count the silent samples at the end. That is the scanning when you import the Mp3 Music to iTunes. So they can make Gapless playback with files which i encoded several Years ago with any CD ripper software which makes normal Mp3s. That is amazing to far and Apple is the only one which makes Gapless with any normal Mp3 and AAC file. (Correct?) Sony has to start from the beginning..... (Well the new EX700 is nice ;-) Bye
  7. Sony is a joke for everyone!! All the people I know are laughing about them. And: THEY ARE RIGHT!!! Podcasts in SS 4.3 will be a joke compared to iTunes. I bet. And no cool new idea. All the old stuff. They need a new user interface like a Trackpoint to scroll better through the lists. It seems nice but it is still a joke.
  8. wgat does that mean?? another 5 hours?? sony is a joke.... that would never happen at apple....
  9. perfect!!! its always to laugh what they do.... 0-1:0-1.... is shown.... perfect....
  10. Hei Guys!! Just found that here: http://www.dandu.be/blog/news-%5Bces%5D-ac...-bt50-1173.html Seems very nice to me. What do you think? Bye Tom
  11. Hi All!! I also have to say that the Album View on the connected Walkman side is the most important thing for me!!! It took for more than a year to fix that bug!!! I tried the new HE-AAC Codec. Ok at 96 kbit/s but my HD5 will not support it. Even my Walkman phone W810i is not supporting it. So Mp3 192kbit/s or Atrac 192kbit/s rules for me. I cannot agree that the transfer to the player is slow!!! I tried with my HD5 and it really faster than ever before!! So far. Bye Tom Edit: What i hate: I imported all my Atrac files into the SS4.2. And it cannot check the compilations allthough i marked them before in SS4.0 as comilations!!!! Is SS not writing this information to id3 tag or what? I allways have to set it again as compilations and that can be a really bad job if you have a lot of music. And the sorting is confused!! I try to sort is by selecting all tracks and the sort it by Cd Track number. I will see. Bye again Tom
  12. Here it is the iPod with Gapless Playback!!! from Keynote: http://www.engadget.com/2006/09/12/live-fr...e-its-showtime/ 10:06AM - "You might be listening to Abbey Road or Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and one track doesn't flow seamlessly into the next. We are going to put this back together as it was intended and offer Gapless Playback for songs encoded with MP3, AAC, and Apple Lossless." I wonder how it works. And nano with 24 hours playback time? The advantages of the Sony players seems to be gone or they are shrinking more and more....
  13. Hello!! I think WALKMAN is the perfect brand! They have to keep it! Everything was said in this thread so far. They have to get color screens in their players. If we like it or not! And these bullsxxxt waiting times after every press on a HD player has to be corrected. Flash memory is the coolest thing if more than 8GB! Please SONY don´t give up!!! Keep Atrac because of Gapless or use ogg vorbis? Give your players the power back!!!! If it supports MP3 than it also could support ogg vorbis... COME ON!!! Apple will possibly release new iPods today!! WHERE ARE YOU???? Tom, who is still thinking about to change to iPod.
  14. well sure but what about video playing? Is it as fast as the psp? such full screen videos? i think its a really cool device!! bye tom
  15. www.engadget.com or http://news.sel.sony.com/en/press_room/con...ease/24061.html This could be really nice thing!!! Tom
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