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  1. djtodd

    Caveat Emptor!

    Took nearly a month, but the refund has been received.
  2. djtodd

    Caveat Emptor!

    FWIW, MDC finally did respond to me a week later, and offered a refund without me having to send back the battery. Unfortunately, they haven't actually applied the refund and are back to being unresponsive. Sadly, at this point, they've lost me as a customer.
  3. djtodd

    Caveat Emptor!

    Could very well be. Another reason/rumour to think twice before ordering from them.
  4. djtodd

    Caveat Emptor!

    It would appear that Minidisc-Canada.com is a wee bit unresponsive. To either emails or voice mails. They're certainly not answering thier phones. I'm trying to return a defective/counterfeit battery for my RH-10 and I just plain can't get a hold of them. Sorry guys, this one is going to have to be disputed with my CC company. Dealt with them for years, this is the first time they've gone AWOL like this. (If there is a more appropriate sub-forum this should be in feel free to move it there.)
  5. Yeah, the unit is fine thankfully. There's no circuit board above or below the battery, so since it didn't leak and there was no board to flex, everything turned out OK. I'm sending the duff battery back for a refund, and I ordered a GP gumstick online. I'm going under the assumption that the entire stock of 14's this place has are fakes, so I'm not exchanging it. You learn something new every day. Like for one, sony stores and sonystyle (in Canada) don't carry gumstick batteries!
  6. Yeah, it expanded like a mofo. I maybe shoulda guessed as it didn't look *exactly* like the one it replaced. Luckily I have the tools here at work and service manuals online so I was able to get it out without messing anything up. Here's a couple of terrible cameraphone pix: Note the nice oblong shape.
  7. Possible, but unlikely. Bought it from minidisc-canada.com not some random store.
  8. My poor MZ-RH10. The battery that came with it back in 2005 finally gave up the ghost, and I ordered a new Sony 14WM replacement. The damn battery has exploded, bulging the entire casing and making the battery un-removable. Emailed the retailer and Sony to see about warranty repairs. I know it's long out of warranty, but I'm hoping that the exploding sony part kinda nullifies that. Anyone else had similar experiences?
  9. Gah. You know, I upload my radio shows to MD as backups. It'd be nice if Sony finally got over it and allowed us to use our MDs the way they should be used. Portable media. Not locked down DRM devices. I want to upload my show (sure, transcode it from WAV to ATRAC) and be able to download it again and convert it back to WAV. I'd like to be able to do this with 8 years of my recordings from SP to NetMD to HiMD. From my perspective there's nothing here. I'll stick with my MZ-RH10.
  10. Yeah, I've been keeping them as MP3s as well, and transferring them is actually my last resort. Over the summer I transferred them all back manually and boy that was a pain.
  11. Alright. Last dumb question. So does this mean that if I have .wav files that I have transferred/converted to HiMD via SS, I can transfer these files back to the PC? I do a radio show, and the end result is a big wav file on my PC. I then transfer the wav file to HiMD for safe keeping, and I'm wondering if I can now transfer them back. I'm assuming that all the old discs that I have in SP and NetMD can't be transferred still.
  12. Yeah, not possible and quite annoying. I'd like to leave mine on track remaining and track properties, but alas...
  13. I'm just leaving it in it's cloth bag. This may be the first MD unit where I actually use the remote.
  14. Oh man, this is one sweet unit. Maybe it's just the new toy feel, but I still think it sounds better than my "old" NH-700.
  15. The day they make me look like a pikey for having MD is the day I buy an iPod! Seriously though, the above changes would make all the difference in the world.
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