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  1. Second unit arrived broken, md unit moves to my earlier MD-5, flop! Started working fine, a few days later dead! ...
  2. Mine does the same, is there a service manual?
  3. Hello guys Recently I purchase a Sharp MD-X5 after 13 years I got it stollen from my home. The day I opened the box I was the happiest man alive, I ordered a remote control and plug it. Found an old MD with a John Cougar album on it and all was happiness. The next morning the MD unit stop working. I rushly took it to my technician and said he wasn't able to fix the failure. Refered a servomechanism powered by pulses with computarized system too complex for him Are there chances to bring it back to life? The radio and CD play well. Please help!
  4. I'm also happy after getting back to MD after 3 years using Ipod. My iPod Photo died after 3 years of regular use. In fact I never stopped using MD since I use it as standard for radio broadcasting, but my regular player was the iPod. Now my iPod is not working anymore I got back to my old MZ-NF610 on which I enjoy SP recording and editing while riding on the bus on my way to the office, I enjoy listening to AM/FM radio and trasfering either to PC or my JE630 or my DAT recorder. In order to substitute the iPod Photo I purchase a little OEM mp4 player (it looks as a little iPhone Touch). I'll never buy an iPod again! I have MD decks at home, studio and car so, bye bye iPods!
  5. You're not interested on selling the ZSM35 - personal MD System (BoomBox) separated, do you?
  6. Hello folks! Does anybody own a Sony WX-5000MDX? I need some advise, i just got a used one, it plays cds and MD beautifully but I can't play lots of radio on it, it shows the Japanese FM band and then it skips to SEEK2 and SEEK3 playing just 1 radio station on each 97.5 and 107.7 fm. Will it be possible to make it play all the rest radio stations with the tuner? It has RCA inputs for BUS in but I don't know if it would do as audio input to play a portable MD or iPod trough it? I got no remote to try these features, is there anything I can do without it? I'll appeciate any help with these questions!
  7. Hello guys! I need a remote for my Sony WX-5000MDX, anyone willing to sell please offer! I can paypal or send MO.
  8. I have had the MD-CD2 for 5 years and still working! they are robust products, lately I've experienced short live electronics, as if they were made with an internal life clock which determines how long will they live most of the times less than 2 years. In Mexico MD systems were sold by retailers such as Walmart, OfficeDepot and Sears, but not anymore, Sears carry only portable MD's, old models. Since I've been involved on radio most of my collegues still use (and love) MD.
  9. Everyone would love a HiMD boombox, with USB computer interfase of course. It's crazy how SONY has managed all this MD stuff, Sharp did very cool things, i kept tons of cassette tapes and most of that is speech stuff and radio broadcasts so I needed something to transfer them into MD preferibly on LP2 or LP4 since it's radio. That's the main reason to acquire the SD-FX100. You can still find MD Boomboxes once in a while, I never saw one before in Mexico (where I live) once I purchase a mini bookshelf system with SP and MONO recording capabilities, CD player but I don't recall to have it with cassette deck. The MD-CD2 it's another example of format capabilities, it has AM FM Radio, 3 cd's and 3 MD's charger! plus one cassette deck, as with SD-FX100 doesn't do autoreverse which would be really cool when transfering on MD. MD-CD2 records in SP only and has no CD Text capabilities. I wish SHARP could do HiMD mini systems and boomboxes again. Below is picture of MD-CD2 by Sharp
  10. Yes it does, it synchro to MD great but no autoreverse.
  11. A few months ago I purchased this beauty on ebay, althought the item's description indicated it was not perfect but in working condition I had a bad surprise when I received it and tried to power it on, it was dead! I took it to several service centers, most of them didn't had a clue about the nature of this item. I tried to read the user manual but it's 100% in Japanese! I found out this unit was originally made for 100 Volts, so I got a voltage converter which although was great didn't do a lot for my SD-FX100 the power supply was dead and it needed the transformer to be wired again so I got it done. I just pick it up again and it was brought to life again, great CD, tape, radio and MD (LP2 & LP4) player plus AUX input jack. Watching it working was such a great relief. It has two funny lights (which I still don't know how to turn them off) It plays CD Text and sychro transfers from everything to MD it features Surround soung and my only complaint would be the Cassette Deck is not autoreversible. Now I'm transfering my old cassette tape collection onto MD nice and easy. Remote is in Japanesse but after a few tries I have a good idea about what are the buttons for. This is by far the prettiest boombox I have ever had. It's a real shame I haven't find any useful information for this model yet around. Check out the pictures I took of it.
  12. Has anyone cleaned up scratches from a portable MD? I have a black MZ-RH710 and accidentally made 2 thin scratch lines around the walkman logo. My MD is black and I just hate these scratches. I have a iCleaner for my iPod, would that work for the MD itself? Thanks for your advice! Fer
  13. Hello, I do transfer from my MDS-JE530 to a Pionner CD Burner using CDR(W) via Optical in Synchro All function. Music transfers perfectly but I can't transfer text I agree with you on the following : CD does its function as backup (I don't really like the idea of filling my little studio with burned CDs but sometimes its necessary.Sometimes you want to share your stuff with somebody else, specially usefull when that someone is not into MDI use CDRW's as a temporal storage media for rip as mp3 without using WinMD or transfering trough HiMD and then using SonicStage. I optically transfer onto CD and I enjoy listening while the transfer is on, for example, I have fixed some pitch on the MD but in order to keep it I transfer it on CD. Best regards! Fer
  14. Then it's yours. please give me your address and I'll send it from Texas, by mid February, in order to use USPS Airmail. Once you'll get it you can either paypal or mail me the amount of the stamp or send me anything else. Fer
  15. I have a NetMD MZ-N420D, with No Disc Error problem on it, I got it refurbished and I never really worked, it had a downloading problem since the beginning, therefore I'm giving the unit away maybe somebody would be interested on using it to replace parts, buttons, screws. I'll ship the unit alone, without cables, battery, software CD, etc. Please feel free to ask Ferzala
  16. Hello, I recorded a full concert of the Rolling Stones Live in Monterrey, MX last year on March 2nd. If anybody has any classic rock live recordings are welcomed, also have from my original recordings : Mark Farner Live in Monterrey '05 (First song missing) Julian Lennon Live in Dallas, TX '97 transfered form micro cassette Ringo Starr Live in Vegas 2001 (90% of the show, first 2 songs missing) Denny Laine (Former Paul McCartney and Wings) Live in Dallas 2000 full show with Wings hits I can ship Maxwell clear in LP2 Any inquiries please ask!
  17. In fact, there's no bitrate limitation, I just wanted to know which format they recorded. and it would be good to know if tregate has any specific deadline to get this task done. I'd gladly can do it for him, I have a MDS-JE530 (w/ optical in-outs), NetMD and HiMD, so technically I can do it whatever the bitrate is. I don't have RH yet Do you know how many recorded hours we are talking about? Another thing, do you think they would need any special editing job, divide, title, etc, or it's just matter of putting the tracks from your MDs onto DVD? Regards to you all! Fer
  18. Have you already sold it? Do you have it complete and fully functional?
  19. What format did you originally recorded them? PCM? LP2? LP4 NetMD? If they are PCM or LP2, LP4 I can help, I already do it form myself since I have plenty of MDs with stuff from cassette tapes and vinyl records.
  20. - - - Thanks, for watching, I already got what I needed, thanks again! Anyone selling a used Mini Disc Bookshelf or mini system? I'm looking for one, it can be sharp or sony but I receive all offerings to ferzavala1@yahoo.com I need it for my office. Thanks!
  21. I download it, installed and been working with for a few days with satisfactory results. I've never been too keen to SonicStage but it has been working well.
  22. I live in Monterrey (North Mexico) and it's pretty easy to find Hi MD blanks at Sears and other similar retailers they are around 15 usd, but they can be found, I just got a MZ-HR710 at Sears with 70% off at an equivalent to $90 usd while. Office Depot offers some NetMD units but basically nobody know what are these MiniDisc stuff for.
  23. Hello guys! I'm looking for a working remote control for my MDS-JE530. Anybody interested on selling one, please contact me. Best regards
  24. It's working now, now you can buy it and get it activated. Yesteday I activated and worked perfect! Fer
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