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  1. I LOVE YOU! One Q-Tip, Tiny bit of alchohol, gently application, careful re-insertion of very funky connectors, computer goes BLOOP-BLAP, removeable disc N appears on the screen, SonicStage reads the disc. Thank you! Curious. One hour later I close SonicStage, with USB connections in place, and drive N goes away and drive H appears, with the dos names of the files. Curious. Oh well.
  2. I LOVE YOU! One Q-Tip, Tiny bit of alchohol, gently application, careful re-insertion of very funky connectors, computer goes BLOOP-BLAP, removeable disc N appears on the screen, SonicStage reads the disc. Thank you! RE-edit: one hour later. Curious. I closed SonicStage, and drive N disappeared and drive H appeared with the files listed. (both music and jpg) Curious
  3. I took a day off to take care of some other things, having tried every thing which has been suggested. And I thought a thought. It always worked on my previous XP machine. I still have the XP (it is in working order but some shortcomings prompted me to get a new one.) I pulled it out from under my desk, hooked up peripherals, turned it on, and then connected the USB plug in question. Got the message about not recognizing. My conclusion is that there is something wrong with the DH10P or the cradle, or even the USB cable. Any comments? And what next?
  4. I hope I'm npt sounding contentious, but you're wrong in that last sweeping statement. Recall that I said it used to work. And the DH10P's dual uses make it necessary for the files/photos be available to see and work with on the computer. When it worked, on this computer in days of yore, I took a picture using DH10P, I transfered it to my computer and I did that by being able to seek via Widows Explorer the files on the Sony. Come to think of it, the attachment here is a print screen of my computer's Explorer with the NHF800 which is showing a MD formatted disc. Anyway. I used to be able to use the DH10P. This computer, which has been through a couple of restorations of the whole disc and a few other problems I don't want to think about, used to show me what was on my DH10P, both as an adjunct to SonicStage and as a camera. I just want to be able to do that again. I'm not a techie, but a reasonably intelligent person who can follow instructions. Thanks to any and all who may help
  5. I imagine if I mention "thank goodness forSYSTEM RESTORE" here, you'll have some idea of what I'm about to relate. OK, I unzipped, I ran SETUP.EXE and waited hopefully. The NHF still worked ok when I had SonicStage running, but it did not show up on the COMPUTER or WIN'EXPLORER screens. The DH10 still didn't show up anywhere. Getting back to the screens, while since the beginning the COMPUTER screen showed C: as being main drive and D: being RECOVERY and E: being CD/DVD, it also showed the four slots for memory cards, flash sticks etc., and back when it all worked it showed my two external hard drives and when I had the MiniDisc plugged in, another letter for each. Thank goodness for System Restore. So I don't think that was such a good idea, but it should have been. I'm going to think about other things for a while, and get back to this at some later date, when it may be more important. Now (OT) I'm wondering if since I have not only a set of recovery discs from my vendor, and thorough Acronis backups, is there any reason not do get rid of HP's Recovery and use that disc space for something else? Since that is off topic I don't expect an answer. Thanks
  6. Trouble is, I unzip and find it has folders for every available editions of Windows up through XP. Nothing for Vista, as far as I can see. I would not be surprised to find I just don't see what you see there. So what next?
  7. First of all, I don't keep my music in MY LIBRARY. and use SS only for putting things onto Hi, and for listening I use Foobar. So I didn't do any conversion. Second, I found on further attempts that while the PC did recognize that the NHF800 is a HiMD creature, but did not find any drivers, the DH10P remained a complete stranger. Now. I did do a complete uninstall - install. When it was all done, I found that everything is happy and connecting with the NHF. bit DH remained a complete stranger. To Arvin, I got the files you mention, but have no idea how to install them. While I'm glad to have the one working, I was really hoping to have the DH deal with MP3s directly, or at least I think it could having seen that info elsewhere in this site. And I have used the photo part on the DH, and I can't get to those pictures/files without recognizing. Again, though, my thanks for your good efforts, all of you.
  8. I checked to see, and I already had that version, but I re-installed anyway, since it had asked me to insert disc. So I re-installed, rebooted, and it offered to look through web and through my files, and then it asked me to browse, which I did, referring it to the Program File. When it looked through the files is when it asked me to insert the disc. Now, it did recognize it as HiMd device. So that's progress. The way to findx what works is to find lots of things that don't work, so we're on the way to the answer. I hope. And thanks for that try.
  9. I think I've even asked this before here, but now the problem is with both my DH 10P and NHF800, while before it was with one or the other. Especially when it has been a while since I've hooked one up I get a message that it has not been able to find a driver for "this unknown USB device." I suppose I should tell you it is a HP Pavillion running on Vista Premium. It asks me to find the driver. I look in the Sony manuals and find the same advice in both, which comes down to re-installing from the disk. But there have been several upgrades since then. Should I try that, or would it be enough to find the drivers and point them out to Vista? If so, what's the drivers names? I see I didn't mention it, but there have been periods when the PC did recognize one or the other, but not both. The project I was going to use them on was done using another bunch of hard and soft wares, so there's no hurry, but I'd sure like to have them available. Thanks
  10. Parenthetically, I wish I had seen the above message "MZ-DH10P and the CANNOT PLAY error" a month ago, which is before it was written, I know, but ... I might elaborate on my sad sad story at the end, but don't want to bore anyone who might have an answer to my other MZ_DH10P problem, which is this; If I haven't been using SonicStage with the DH10p for a while, Vista or Windows or some cyber-creature tells me that it cannot identify the unit. And it won't give me the chance to suggest where to look (as if I knew that.) Two or three times in the past, after an ever-building feeling of frustration, if I go away maybe overnight and try again, it has worked. But that's not good enough. Any ideas? I also have and use a MZ-NHF800, which always works with Sonicstage. I'll try to short in my sad story, but it began when I sent my suddenly non-working NHF800 to Sony for repairs. It came back, and all was fine, until I tried to play things made on my DH10P and the CANNOT PLAY warning came up. Because I hadn't seen the message above, I called and said that it doesn't work right, so send the 800 back for free, which I did, Of course they didn't find anything wrong, so I figured the problem must be in the DH10P. They said, send it in, and I did, and of course they didn't fnd anything wrong. Here's the part that really gets me _ - I included in the package a disc demonstrating the problem, and a detailed explanation of why I was sending it. When I finally got it back today, their invoice described the problem thusly : MZNHF610 ONLY PLAYS LP AND LP4 CANNOT PLAY HIMD. And of course I never mentioned those formats. Enough. Good night, and thanks
  11. This is a post-script to the message. I just tried a few more things and found that Windows has not trouble finding the driver when I hook up the NHF, but still doesn't find driver for DH. Grrrr!
  12. If I knew what information was the minimum nneded, this would be shorter. Back-story. My MZ-NHF800 stopped working a couple of weeks ago, and since I like the radio part of it, I sent it to Sony for repair, even though I have other HiMD units. I got it back, and it works fine in all regards except it will not play discs I made on my MZ-DH10P while waiting for the return of NHF. (Himd on a 1gb disc) I called Sony, they said send it back with discs it will and will not play. Bothersome, but simple and reasonable enough. Now, why I am struggling to remain calm. To cover all the questions Sony asked, I was making a bunch of discs made on machine a or b and hi or lp etc. etc.. I had finished the first sample on the Sonic Stage, and had removed the disc from the unit (which meant that there was no signal going through the USB) and when I put in a new blank disc and put the unit on it's connection to power and USB and the computer, Windows told me that it cannot find the driver. Searches it suggested got nowhere. I thought maybe I should re-install, but it looks like I'd have to uninstall and all that, but I don't want to unless really needed (Yes, I re-booted a few times.) (I recall a similar situation a few months ago, but it cleard itself up.) The question I hope will solve the problem: Where would SonicStage install have put the driver needed for NETMD & HIMD? And what's its name? All other questions: HELP! tia.
  13. What a neat little utility that is! It could deflate some egos though. When I looked to see whatg I had in both lossless and MP3, I found both flac and OGG copies of the Piazzolla album, THE ROUGH DANCER AND THE CYCLICAL NIGHT. Didn't have it on MP3, but I do have the original CD on American Clave, not the Nonesuch, and I ripped that to get my MP3. In short, I could always distinguish the MP3 from anything else, but I couldn't justify my preference for the flac over the OGG with anything concrete. That answers myn original question then, and a bit more. Thanks!
  14. I have a good ear. Well, I did. I worked in fine-arts broadcasting, with the best audio equipment available, and I knew how music was supposed to sound as I played oboe and english horn in semi-pro orchs from time to time on the side, as well as alto sax and baritone sax in your friendly neighborhood dance bands. So out of habit, I paid attention to such things as FLAC wnen I noticed them. I think I still have a good ear, but at the age of 74 I no longer hear that high whine of the TV set or many other very high frequencies.. So I wonder if I really hear any differences in MP3, FLAC,ATRAC and such, and does it really matter whether I use MP3 or ATRAC? I still listen on good equipment. So, is my interest in no-loss to be only academic? Feel free to doscuss.
  15. I don't see from the titles of the various fora here where I could ask the collective wisdom of this site what could be the problem with my MZ-NHF800, which was working fine on July 3d, as I did use it to kill time in the waiting room. Yesterday, July 4th, I intended to make another HIMD disc of music, but it would not come on. Yes, I checked the manual and let it sit and dry, in case it was moisture. The only thing I can think of that might be involved is that I used the outside power instead of battery, as is suggested. Well, I seem to have posted it here. I'll check in often, so if anyone tells me a better place to check, I will be thankful.
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