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  1. Fishstyc, Thanks, but I want to play them in a computer that doesn´t have SonicStage, I have a big library of Atrac files. I thought the winamp with the pluggin can play them without needing to install SS.
  2. I use Winamp 5.24 Lite (can´tdownload others versions, don´t know why) and when I play the OMA file appears an error "Can´t Render File", but it finds the OMA file, and the plugg in appears in the preferences oprions. I associete OMA file with Winamp as A440 suggested, but doesn´t work neither. I took one file from Sonci Stage directory (Packeges, is the folder I think), one that is in 132 kbs. Could be a DRM problem? I don´t think. Thank for your help. I also confirmed that OMA are associete in Options/Preference as RAINTHEORY said, but doesn´t work.
  3. Hello, How can I use the AtracPluggin for the Winamp? I Have Winamp 5.24 and installed the pluggin in the "Pluggin" folder, copy files (*.oma) to play but nothing happens. Winamp finds the *.oma files, but doesn´t play it.
  4. Hello, Sorry but I don´t understand you use your PDA to hear what is playing in your PC or to play files that are in your PC? Maybe it´s a stupid question, but if you can listen the program that is running in your PC I will suggest to use Sonic Stage as a player, you can create play list, library, etc. Play your colection in Atrac, and don´t need to rip them in another format, again, as MP3, etc. Now if you need to acces the files from your PDA to play them there, I think MP3 it´s the best, but with gap. Some programs have a pluggin to play or emulate the gapless. These day´s appears a Pluggin for Winamp to play Atrac files may be (sadly I don´t think yet) theres something that can work in your PDA to play Atrac directly.
  5. I have a question, if you transfer from an analog recording to the PC in HI-LP, does it keep it as HI-LP or transform to WAV? if the record has marks, does the tranfer keep them? The thing is if when the transfer is made and if it transform to HI-LP, when I send back to a disc it will compress again the recording, I am correct or not? When I transfer it, do I lose anything in the original disc?? Thanks
  6. For the question "Apple Lossless or Atrac3?", Atrac3 is a compression with loss in the audio (even it´s small in 256 or 352) but can´t compete with lossless that gives CD quality back, but some friends that have IPODS told me that Apple Lossless is not gapless (same as MP3), so it´s an issue you must know.
  7. IT WORKS!!! Create the image with Nero (an audio Image), transfer the Image to a Virtual Drive (I use Alcohol 120) and the Sonic Stage thinks is a big CD, gapless. Thanks for everybody helps. P.S. will Simple Burner asumes the same???
  8. The problem I have with Sonic Stage is when you tranfer two WAV files to the HI-MD they have a gap. This doesn´t happend when you transfer from a CD gapless, that´s why I always record to a CD first and then to Sonic Stage. As someone said before, and it didn´t work for me then, but I investigate more about, now I am using a Nero Image (an audio image) and a Virtual CD-ROM. The Sonic Stage reconigze it as a CD, but something I must do wrong because it has gap, but the 2 seconds of silence between tracks, so I must didn´t configure it right. I will try again today, if this works this will be great. But I don´t understand why two Wav files that must be gapless have a gap when they are transfer with Sonic Stage as singles songs? Thank you all for your help
  9. Hello, I extracted some audio from a DVD with as you told me to do it, the problem is they are longer than a CD can hold, so I have to split in two CDs, and after that I transfer they to HI-MD. I did this because it´s the only way I found to make them gapless (except when the CD was changed) There is no way to transfer the WAV files to the HI-MD and make them gapless?? Thanks!!!
  10. Thank you all, I will try and if it works I will tell you.
  11. Hello, Is there any way to create a virtual cd in the PC that can you store more than 700MB (more 1gb) so Sonic Stage think is a CD unit and then transfer it to HI-MD? The thing is I have music with tracks that I want to record in the HI-MD that is longer than the 80 minutes that one CD can have, but I want them to be gapless, I know I can merge them in one track, but then I lose the track marks they have. Anyone who made this before? Or is posible to write marks in the unit when is transferd from a PC? Thanks.
  12. Car unit....may be a HI-MD USB controler (and play via USB also), but will realy convinient to have a HI-MD Car Radio?, of course you can use your HI-MD, but that limits you to use only HI-MD, when with a CD player you can play CD (ofcourse) and when it´s available MP3 and ATRAC3+, so I realy don´t think it´s a very comercial idea. I never try it ¡, because I don´nt have any unit that plays an ATRA3+ CD, but I think it´s gapless and sound like the HI-MD, with a few memory difference. I know some will say "but with the MD you can change the music of your disk" true, but how many people re-record a disk?. A radio car with USB controler for SONY units, so you can see the information on the screen, and control it , that I will try to get one.
  13. Poll Done. I really don´t see anything on this new model that is so impresive to make me change my MZ-NH700, same recording size (1 Gb max), same input (mic, Line In, Optical). If I don´t have my NH700 I will think on buying one.
  14. What I said about the NH-600 and NH-700 was in a ironic way. I know there is no change in gen for that minimal diference (mic or not mic), it was as a example (as joke) of what I think is this RH1, because for me is the same as all second gen, with new recordings feature, but not a change in the technology, in that is what I said you are thinking the same as I am, when you make a joke of NH-600 first gen, NH-700 second and so on. I know you were parodian my statement, but you were parodian a joke, sorry if it make a confusion. For you, instead, the RH-1 is a new gen and you give your reasons, the recording features. May be you are correct and is me the one who desire to much when I want a bigger change in the technology in HI-MD to talk of a new gen.
  15. PS: NH700 2nd gen as it can record from mic? I think that is very strange reasoning (there have always been downloaders/players and recorders within one generation) and if you are using that idea of one added major feature as a basis of separating generations you'd get NH600 = gen 1, NH700/800 = gen 2 (mic), NH900/1= gen 3 (line out), RH710D = gen 4 (MP3-support), RH910/10 = gen 5 (MP3+mic), DH10P = gen 6 (or is a camera no major feature ), M10/100 = gen 7 (mac compatability)... (and I'm obviously forgetting the Japanese player only models here) so that'd make the RH1 what? gen 8? but of course this kind of reasoning would be pretty daft That´s my point, Not for little improvements you can talk of a new Generation, you are just saying the same thing.
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